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Brother Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine - LB6800 Review


When it comes to both sewing and embroidery, not a lot of machines will be able to perform both the functions of embroidering and sewing, and still be able to churn out the best kind of work. One of the exceptions is the Brother LB6800. Plenty of high-end sewing machines, which are excellent in embroidery and sewing work, are pretty pricey, since they better fit the commercial side of the sewing machine market. And what’s more, you might have to save an additional year so that you can purchase even just a small one. But rest assured that the Brother LB6800 will be able to fulfill both of those needs without asking you to shell out additional cash.


If we were to judge by the sales, then we can be certain that the Brother LB6800 is one of their more popular brands. People who have owned this model can be assured when it comes to the quality of the machine’s embroidery, along with the sewing machine itself – Since it’s made by the popular Japanese sewing machine manufacturer, Brother International Corporation.


This brand has been on the market since 1908. They are known to be the pioneers of both embroidery and sewing machine productions. The LB6800 in particular contains loads of high-end features which allow you to produce the best kind of working quality, and with plenty of ease as well. It lets you incorporate the best kind of embellishments on both your fabrics and clothing. If you want to find a machine that has the ability to do embroidery and sewing tasks with ease, then the LB6800 is the best one for you.


The LB6800 contains 67 types of stitches, as well as 98 sewing and embroidery functions. There are 70 kinds of inbuilt designs as well, and 120 variants of framing patterns. Also included are five lettering fonts. There’s a USB port that lets you bring in lots of designs coming from other sources.


The LB6800 is equipped with a project running bag constructed from top-notch material. It’s also got its own LCD backlit display screen.


The machine has an embroidery area with the best kind of embroidery arm and an excellent lighting system. This is also a sewing machine that comes with a whole heap of accessories, which include:

  • A soft cover
  • Built-in tutorials for newbie users
  • Automatic needle threading and a thread cutter
  • 25-year warranty
  • Bilingual manual
  • An embroidery hoop that measures 4 x 4 inches
  • Free phone-based support systems for the product



The embroidery hoop, which measures 4 x 4, is probably large enough to accommodate plenty of the LB6800’s users. The bobbing system is completely high-tech, since the only thing you have to do is to thread the bobbin and click on that start button. The thread will begin to wind evenly, and perfectly. If you’re not exactly an expert and are only new to the world of both sewing and embroidering, and don’t know where to start first, then not to worry – The machine comes with its own set of built-in tutorials. The LB6800 comes with two manuals: One in English, and one in Spanish. The instructions in both manuals are clear enough and simple to follow. You will still be able to utilize the machine’s LCD display screen if you want to read up on the tutorials and learn how the machine works.


The Brother LB6800 contains 70 kinds of inbuilt designs which are sure to provide you with the option to pick the kind of stitch or embroidery that you prefer for your project. Whenever you want to pick the stitches, you can utilize that LCD display screen. And with the help of this tool, you will be able to shift from one kind of stitching to another one in one swift move. That’s because the machine’s own LCD screen is completely responsive. You can load up the stitches and embroidery designs that you have downloaded from the Web, straight to the machine. The several kinds of lettering fonts included inside here are sure to assist you in case you have to work on a project that deals with placing names in the fabric. This gives you the freedom to pick the best kind of font that looks great for your project.


The machine contains a nicely-lit sewing and embroidery section. This means you will be able to use the machine while inside a dark or dimly-lit room without any problems. You won’t be able to experience any accidents including pricking your finger with a needle, since you will be able to see how well you are doing on that project of yours, especially with the embroidering and stitches.


Another thing people like about the LB6800 is that it’s fast and easy to import the several kinds of embroidery designs you have picked from the computer, all the way to the sewing machine itself. The only thing you need to do here is to attach the machine with the aid of a USB cable to the computer. And when you open up the computer, the Brother LB6800 will show up as a drive. The next step here is to copy and paste a design straight to the machine.

But this innovative machine also contains its own set of faults. For instance, there have been reports of the needle breaking when you’re attempting to change them – So be careful. This is the end result of a thread getting wrapped around the spool pin whenever the thread is unwinding. To avoid this dilemma, all you have to do is to simply use the pre-wound bobbins that come with the set.

You might get the threader to stop working when you press it to the bottom. This causes the needle to not stitch the thread automatically. If something like this happens, then you might want to utilize the sewing machine lubricant found on the threader itself. Work it gradually, until it functions normally again.

Managing to create a combination of an embroidery machine and high-end sewing could be a long and involving process, since it deals with doing plenty of research. The Brother LB6800 comes with a whole set of features that can assist you in doing your embroidery and stitching projects easily, even if you’re a rookie.

You can unleash your skills in both embroidering and designing thanks to the Brother LB6800 sewing machine. This is a machine that provides you with a whole heap of embroidery and stitching options to pick from. This popular Brother sewing machine comes with 67 kinds of built-in sewing stitches, as well as 98 stitching variants, in case you want to build a dress with intricate patterns on it. Apart from the 70 kinds of built-in embroidery designs given by the LB6800, you will also be able to import the designs coming from your computer. It is also equipped with an advanced form of needle threading system, which is only exclusive to Brother’s line of sewing machines.

Because of the Brother LB6800, you will be able to explore the creativity and enjoyment of embroidery, sewing, crafting, and quilting at a very affordable price. It’s a computerized sewing machine, and comes with 67 kinds of built-in sewing stitches as well as 98 variants of stitching functions. There’s also a built-in embroidery design library, which comprises of 70 types of decorative designs. There are also at least 120 frame patterns included here, alongside five kinds of lettering fonts. If you connect your machine to the computer, the LB6800 will let you import your designs straight to your computer, or bring in the ones that you have purchased from the official Brother Website, as well as a host of other embroidery Websites.

Thanks to the LB6800’s superb performance, you will be able to enjoy the supreme versatility of the machine’s seven sewing feet. This includes a buttonhole, a set of zippers, overcasting, button fitting, zigzag and blind-stitching feet, and monogramming. There are also features such as a built-in push-button thread cutter, as well as an advanced-needle threading system and a backlit LCD display touch screen that’s so easy to view. All of these features are set to provide a heightened level of convenience to your embroidery and sewing.

This machine is the best one for more advanced sewers and beginners as well. The Brother LB6800 contains a built-in tutorial that you can also take a look at in the machine’s LCD display screen. Also includes a super-fast starter guide. There’s also a full manual in both English and Spanish.

So many people have decided to purchase this machine thanks to its pricing. The fact that it’s got all of these amazing features one would want from a sewing machine like this one without having the bulk and cost is pretty much the ultimate reason why this machine is for you. No matter if you have plans to work on a quilt, or fix up a ripped pair of jeans, you can do just about anything you want with the machine.

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