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Brother cs6000i Computerized Sewing Machine Review


Sewing machines only have one purpose – To repair or create clothes and other types of fabric, piecing them together with thread. The sewing machine was invented during the height of the first Industrial Revolution, to lessen the amount of work and effort done in the first clothing companies. It was first invented in 1790 by Thomas Saint. Perhaps the sewing machine is one of the remaining inventions out there whose look hasn’t even changed throughout the years. The sewing machine is considered to be one of the best inventions of all time, since it has greatly improved the productivity and efficiency of the entire fashion and clothing industry.

Sewing machines, especially handmade ones, were specifically created by someone to stitch and sew individual pieces of fabric, while sticking to one type of stitch. In the case of modernized sewing machines, fabrics tend to glide very easily outside and inside of the machine. You no longer have to use a thimble, a needle, or other types of tools required for sewing by hands. The entire process is automated, and saves plenty of time as well.
In contrast to domestic sewing machines and handheld sewing machine, its industrial counterparts are quicker and larger. Not only that, they’re also expensive.

Sewing machines can create tons of stitches, both simple and complex. There are four versions of the simple stitch, namely: Coverstitch, lockstitch, overlock, and chainstitch. Before the sewing machine was invented, the average time it would take to create clothes would be ten to fourteen hours, depending on its size. But thanks to the sewing machine, this has been reduced to at least an hour long. Women now have time to relax and do other jobs after making or repairing clothes. More sewing machines also resulted in the production of more clothing, so the price of fabrics steadily dropped over time.



The Brother CS6000I is one of those modernized sewing machines, capable of producing at least 850 stitches per minute. This is probably one of the fastest sewing machines that we have ever reviewed. This machine is so high-powered, it’s only recommended for professional sewers and dressmakers, especially those who already run clothing businesses. This is not a sewing machine for beginners.


The CS6000I has its own adjustable speed, allowing you to either speed up or slow down the machine, depending on the pacing you prefer when making clothes.


The best types of monogram machine can contain features which you’re free to adjust at any time – It all depends on your current sewing project. The CS6000I contains a bobbin winder, an automatic needle threader, and a thread cutter. You are free to use the machine to complete your tasks in a matter of minutes. By doing so, you can save enough time and have plenty more hours to relax or do your other activities.


Even though the Brother CS6000I automatically adjusts the string’s length and width, you can still change them to your preference so you can get the type of stitch that you want for the clothes. Its maximum stitch length is five millimeters, while the width is seven millimeters.


There are also plenty of features that can help you design your own clothes. This can come in handy if you’re a dressmaker who’s looking to start their own fashion business. The machine comes with a singular-step buttonhole operation, as well as seven kinds of buttonhole styles, each one fitting a certain type of fabric. You can even stitch twin needles, allowing you to make great hemlines.


Even though the CS6000I’s functions are mostly automatic as compared to other Brother sewing machines like the Brother 1034D, you can still control the tension with the dial, located at the back of the machine. The tension will all depend on the type of stitching and fabric used.


The Brother CS6000Ionly weighs 13 pounds, which is pretty light for a sewing machine. You can also bring it everywhere with you. The throat size measures 6.5 inches, so it’s not a good idea to use this when you’re taking on huge stitching projects, or making big pieces of fabric like quilts.


This machine has its own LCD screen that shows the number of stitches you have made, as well as the pattern. It also has the ability to show the error references, which you can look up in the manual in case the machine stops working or malfunctions. And apart from that, you will also be able to handle the sewing machine using a start and stop button, or a foot pedal, both of them containing adjustable settings.


You can also find plenty of standard features normally found in your average modern sewing machine. First, the machine has its own bright sewing light placed right above the needle. This allows you to operate the machine during nighttime, and lets you take a closer look at your projects. Other features include a drop-in bobbin, which is actually easier to place inside the machine as compared to your typical bobbin holder.


The machine also has its own changeable extension table, in case you want to tackle a huge project or a heavier type of fabric. The CS6000I also lets you perform arm-free sewing.


You can freely adjust the feed dogs to whatever position you like, so you can sew and stitch without any repercussions.


The Brother CS6000I also contains lots of accessories that can help the machine tackle any type of stitching project. The machine has seven presser feet, allowing you to use it to cover lots and lots of sewing projects. These accessories include a seam ripper, a needle set, a cleaning brush, and a screwdriver.


Despite the unit not containing a dust cover, there’s still a transportation case that you can use as a cover, preventing the machine from rusting and catching dust.

The Brother CS6000I contains plenty of warranties for its many different parts. For instance, its accessories, parts, and labors all have a warranty of one year. Its components and circuit boards have a warranty of two years, while the sewing machine itself has a warranty of 25 years. Should you end up facing problems with the machine, the Brother website has a FAQ section in which you can easily find the right answers to the most common issues connected to the machine.


When it comes to its accessories and features, the CS6000I provides the same kind of abilities that most modernized sewing machines possess. This tiny, lightweight machine has the ability to create big quilts, blankets, clothes, and lets you complete nearly every type of sewing project with plenty of ease. Its adjustable speed, coupled with its advanced features, is most likely the reason why it’s considered to be one of the best kind of sewing machines today, especially for rookies.

Despite the fact that you can control the fabric’s tension with the help of a dial, this is still an adaptable and versatile machine through and through, albeit a little bit challenging to use. This machine is perfect for both experts and professionals.



Pros: The CS6000I sewing speed allows you to power through the most complicated sewing projects in a breeze. You can create the most consistent type of stitches with this machine. It has nine presser feet, seven types of buttonhole styles, and a one-step buttonhole. It is also equipped with its own table attachment, which is suited for bigger projects.
Cons: Even though it’s chock-full of helpful and advanced features, the tension is still manual, and you have to adjust it using a dial instead of buttons. No automatic embroidery functions included.


The machine’s modernized look and automatic features make it wonderful for newbies to learn the basics on how to operate a sewing machine, or making their first piece of cloth. The machine has also been adopted to fit the toughest kind of sewing projects. The CS6000I has loads of features and accessories, which can help the machine adjust to its user’s own skill level. It contains seven different kinds of buttonholes, and sixty stitch patterns. Also included are seven extra types of presser feet, allowing you to make all types of sewing and stitching projects.

When it was first released, a lot of people couldn’t believe that such a sewing machine existed. At $150, it’s one of the cheaper sewing machines on the market – But it has the strength and power of an industrial sewing machine. Those who own this also like its advanced features. The CS6000I has consistently garnered loads of high praise since it’s so simple and easy to use – Even those who are new to sewing, or have stopped sewing but would like to rekindle with their hobby, will attest that this machine is perfect for their sewing projects since you can figure out how the thing works right away. This machine is durable, and performs really well. It also contains plenty of stitches, and lots of advanced features that you can use at any time. The only downside here is that it doesn’t have an automatic embroidery function – Even though those who have used it will claim that it doesn’t require one.


When you use a computerized sewing machine, much like the Brother SE400, you can expect lesser mistakes, as well as better, more consistent results. People who have purchased the CS6000I has often described this machine as a powerful workhorse.

You can pick from up to sixty types of stitches, all of them carrying various types of patterns, and sizes. Also included are nine variants of presser feet. The presser feet lets you perform a whole assortment of tasks, from embroidering, to stitching. Another popular feature is the walking presser foot – Although it’s only supposed to be handled by the most experienced sewers and dressmakers. Due to the CS6000I’s modern way of operating, the garments produced have little to no errors included, and have garnered plenty of excellent results.



For instance, if you open up one of its buttonholes or end up misplacing one of its parts, the machine will flash an error message. This can come in handy when you’re still assembling the machine, since it can possibly save you from botching any one of your garments. Meanwhile, other people who have reviewed this machine have mentioned that whenever you change your stitches, the machine itself tells you which presser foot to use. We found this feature really nifty.

However, this machine has had its own fair share of bad reviews. A couple of them complained how the stitches looked uneven, and that despite being as quiet as a whisper, it still vibrated a lot. Others have ranted about the needle breaking after a couple of tries, which could be dangerous. String has also bunched up inside the machine, especially when it involved stitching through coarser and thicker fabrics.

The amount of praises for the CS6000I outweigh the complaints though, since plenty have said that the machine performs really smoothly and nicely, no matter how complicated the task might be – Ranging from clothes, to crafts, and blankets. Like we mentioned earlier, the machine has no automatic embroidery function. However, you can still utilize it nicely to fix or create your very own designs.



Both new and experienced users have all agreed that the CS6000I is very fun and easy to use. A lot of people have praised the LCD screen found on the side of the machine. They also liked the detailed look of the manual, and the fact that it practically answered every question they had regarding the machine. Those who specialize in making quilts also appreciate the fact that the machine came with a huge table, allowing them to work on bigger pieces of fabric, and not just your typical quilt.


Other people have mentioned that the light could’ve been a little brighter, but apart from that, it’s just alright. The CS6000Ionly weighs 13 pounds, and comes with a steel case, so it’s highly portable. You could possibly lose the last stitch setting if you switch the machine off (much like the Brother PE770), since it doesn’t even have a memory function. If you want to resume your project with the same stitch, make sure you write it down or remember it carefully.

You can switch the machine on or off with the touch of a button on its chassis, so leg or foot mobility isn’t required too much.

The CS6000I has been around for quite a while, but those who have been using it since it first came out on the market haven’t had any complaints regarding the noise, or its functionality. The only thing that people noticed is the lack of durability of the casing, although this only comprised a small percentage of the complaints. The machine is very quiet, and only makes a low purring sound when you place it on the maximum speed setting.

Those who have owned the CS6000I have all confirmed that the machine is low-maintenance, and doesn’t need too much cleaning. Despite the dust particles found in your house, alongside other types of dander like pet hair. Normally, sewing machines have to be cleaned regularly but the CS6000I only requires cleaning attention once every six months.

If you’re into quilting, then this machine is excellent since it has a wide throat. You can stuff in the material you need for your quilt while creating it at the same time, so you won’t run out. Sewing machines with smaller throats limit a person’s ability to make any type of free motion.


Just looking at the box outside already makes you think that the CS6000I contains loads and loads of excellent features. We honestly found the ‘sew’ themed puns a bit humorous. Brother has been making these sewing machines for the past couple of years (not to mention they’re currently the world’s leading manufacturer of sewing machines), so this particular model should not disappoint.


So many people have heard lots of great things regarding the CS6000I. This, along with the Janome HD3000, are probably the best when it comes to computerized sewing machines. Those who have purchased it weren’t expecting much when they first opened the box that contains it. They were actually feeling quite skeptical regarding the fact that the machine was cheap, but highly efficient.

 On average, the CS6000I is priced at $150. And with that, you’re already getting yourself a sewing machine filled with lots and lots of attachments and features – Features normally found on a pricier sewing machine, or even an industrial-type sewing machine. You no longer have to purchase one more attachment when it comes to the C6000I, as pretty much every presser foot and accessory that you need is right here. Plenty of sewing machines only contain the machine’s basic features and will ask you to buy the rest of the attachments at a store (which will cause you to spend even more cash) -That is not the case when it comes to the CS6000I.


The machine has push-button sewing, an LCD screen, automatic needle threading, and plenty of speed control options. It can produce around 850 stitches every minute. Nine types of presser feet are available, as well as 60 types of built-in stitches, already including the decorative ones. The machine has a warranty of 25 years, as well as free phone support. There’s also a start guide and fully detailed instruction manual with the package, so you no longer have to go through sewing machine repair. An extra wide table comes as a bonus, made especially for those who enjoy making quilts and blankets.

Also included are a hard-shelled carrying case, a one-step button hole style, and a quick-set bobbin that can resist the biggest of tangles. If you’re having problems with the machine that isn’t covered by the manual, you can contact the official Brother website for support.

The CS6000I has plenty of usage, and someone who is new to sewing and stitching can use it in no time at all. So many people are wowed by how the machine works, especially if it’s their first try. Even someone new to sewing will be able to learn how to operate this machine in no time at all. The manual and box that come with the machine is filled with loads of information, and provides you with all of the knowledge you need for finishing whatever task might that be. We were really impressed by the amount of instructions and details given when it comes to maintenance, and how to fix minor problems that the machine might encounter. In fact, it doesn’t even come close to the instruction booklets that bigger sewing machine models have. People who enjoy creating quilts will also like the huge sewing table.



This machine works at top-notch speed. Its needle can pass through practically every type of fabric there is. It’s very quiet too, and sews with plenty of precision. Some of the cheaper sewing machines out there produce lots of noise, but the CS6000I was just the opposite. You can also fix the pacing of the needle – Older kids can enjoy the machine and learn the basics of stitching when the needle is fixed to the slowest setting.

Another great feature is the computer control and its matching LCD screen. The CS6000I comes with plenty of buttons, which control the needle’s pacing, the width of the stitches, and the reverse button. This machine is very nice and definitely worth the money – No wonder it’s been around for so long and has earned plenty of rave reviews here. Those who are new to sewing will discover plenty of included features, which make this machine truly enjoyable to use. After you have managed to learn how it works, you can start tackling on bigger and better projects and have all of the available options so you need to create your dream garment or cloth. This is highly recommended for both newbies and experienced sewers. You can never really go wrong with the CS6000I, and the 25-year warranty and added phone support is just another one of its advantages.

Beginners are sure to enjoy this machine. It’s highly innovative, modern, and versatile. Its LCD screen and computerized options will guarantee that you’ll be thrilled at what this machine can do. You’ll feel loads of confidence while using the array of accessories as well. Sometimes the idea of using 60 types of stitches could be very overwhelming, but don’t worry too much – Those who have already used the CS6000I have mentioned that thanks to the machine’s advanced features and dozens of stitching options, it’s pretty much the best kind of learning tool for those who are only planning to sew.
So it doesn’t really matter if you want to create a huge quilt with lots of designs in it, or just practice your sewing skills on an old piece of fabric – This machine can give you the chance to achieve lots of sewing activities, even as a newbie. The CS6000I’s quilting foot guarantees the right kind of thread tension, and also determines the amount of thread that you need when it comes to making a quilt. This is especially applicable when you’re dealing with thicker types of fabric. The quilting foot must be used to prevent thread buildup, fabric bunching, and jamming. Sewing, quilting, mending, stitching, and other types of crafting can be a breeze thanks to the CS6000I.

Those who are new to sewing are always too excited to try out their skills in sewing and crafting. It allows them to hone their dressmaking and repairing skills, to possibly create garments for businesses or personal usage.

The CS6000I comes with three types of attachments for crafters and quilters alike. These are the quilting guide, the walking foot, and the quilting foot. The walking foot lets you feed multiple layers of fabric through the feed in one go. The quilting foot, together with the guide, works to keep your stitches from being misaligned or placed unevenly. These features allow you to work on your projects with the precision of an expert, as you try your best to achieve perfect results.

This is a completely computerized machine with a nice design. All of the basic features found in a sewing machine are in here, with a couple of extras placed in. This includes reverse and forward sewing, overcast stitches and zigzag stitching to prevent the fabric’s edges from wrinkling and fraying. There are also a bunch of advanced features thrown in, and this can benefit lots of new users.

And as you gain plenty of experience in using the machine, you can now get to use its other accessories, such as the decorative stitches, the button holders, and its specialist feet. Keep in mind that these three only come with the most advanced types of sewing machines or industrial sewing machines – And the CS6000I carries them all. Accessories include overcasting, buttonholes, zippers, and the feet for monogramming fabrics. These accessories ensure the right kind of thread tension, and the type of fabric feed used for sewing fabrics.

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