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Brother LS2125 25-Stitch Function Free Arm Sewing Machine Review


The Brother LS2125 is a 25-stitching function free arm sewing machine. This is a machine that’s both lightweight and compact, and comes with its own built-in handle made for pure portability. The LS2125 also contains an easy-to-use automatic 4-step buttonholer. There’s also a bunch of built-in stitches included here, which includes zigzag stitches, straight stitches, blind hem stitches, and elastic stitches. The width and length adjustment of these stitches are immediately set for you, once you switch the machine on. The machine’s presser feet also feature Brother’s simple and easy change snap-on designs. The LS2125’s got its own handy sewing surface that lets you utilize the flatbed that’s mostly meant for sewing and repairing garments. It can also be used for flat sewing. Meanwhile, the free arm is normally set for sleeves and pant legs. The LS2125 is very easy and simple to thread out, and also includes its own quick-bobbin winding system. Like most of Brother’s manuals, it comes in both English and Spanish.


The Brother LS2125’s an excellent starter machine meant for mending, and constructing garments. This is a sewing machine from Brother that does contain 25 types of built-in stitches. These can go from shell tucks, to zigzags, to even blind hem stitch settings. There’s also an automatic four-step buttonhole function if you want to add buttons right into your garment. Apart from that, a twin needle setting allows you to sew up a dual line with two different colors of thread to give it a more decorative and creative look and feel. The machine’s features and overall design are fully straightforward, not to mention, completely user-friendly. It’s got some settings incorporated into it, such as the width and length of the stitches. These have been automatically set for easy operational purposes. And what’s more, the Brother LS2125 can also sew in reverse. It’s even got its own dial-adjusted tension, guaranteeing tidy work. The most sophisticated or experienced dressmakers or tailors will find this machine a tad too basic for their own liking. But rookie and occasional sewers will sure find this machine handy, without experiencing much frustration.


Threading the machine is fairly easy, and the same is true with winding the bobbin. The sewing machine’s working surface can be switched from free arm to flat arm meant for pant legs and cuffs, while the interchangeable feet contain a snap-on construction. There’s an integrated storage area that lets you keep all of your bobbins, needles, and additional feet in one place. This machine is built with its very own handle, as well as a work light for pure convenience and ease. The sewing machine’s also got it's own zipper foot, a button-sewing foot, a buttonhole foot, a twin needle, a set of needles, a darning plate, and a set of bobbins. A one-year warranty is also included, which is normal for all Brother sewing machines.


There’s no home here that can’t benefit from the usage of the Brother LS2125 as well as its dozens of stitching options. If you want to create a zigzag pattern on your fabric that incorporates two different colors, then just turn the dial and pick the width and stitch that you want. Making brilliant costumes for the holiday season, as well as curtains for your home will be just as easy as 1 2 3, all thanks to this machine.


There’s 14 built-in stitching options that come with the Brother LS2125. This goes from a tiny and straight stitch, to a bigger one – And you can switch between the two with just the flip of a dial.  Much like plenty of other Brother Machines out there, this one is just chock-full of accessories, so that you won’t have to run to the nearest store and buy missing supplies. You can get started on your stitching project right away, as soon as you take the machine out of its box.


The Brother LS2125 is just excellent for homes that don’t contain too much spacing, and is portable enough to be hidden right inside a tiny closet. The portability and light weight is definitely one of its bigger advantages. Take the machine to your family or friends, and assist them with repairing their clothes or making some pieces for them. It’s really amazing how many things you can find in this machine that allows you to build whatever you want.

There are certain people out there who always have trouble fixing the bobbin and putting it in its proper place. The easiest type of bobbin to load onto a sewing machine is the one that carries a vertical style. Vertical bobbins are easy to load up, and Brother is very certain that the machine’s got its own set of bright lights that can help you see whatever you’re doing.

A thing that’s pretty much difficult for most users is being able to get the thread to stay put on the bobbin in case you want to reload it. The thread just keeps on coming off, so it’ll take you multiple attempts before you finally lock it into place. There are also instances in which the thread ends up breaking, because it gets wrapped around the bottom part of the thread holder while in use. This needle doesn’t work too nicely on thicker fabrics like velvet or leather. So it does take a while to sew. You must also keep a watchful eye on the needle itself while doing so, to prevent it from breaking. Pieces of fabric that get stuck in the middle of the bobbin and the needle must be carefully wedged out from its place – Forcefully pulling it out will cause the fabric to rip. But this isn’t too hard of a task – You just need to be very careful when it comes to watching the fabric, and make sure that it gets moved back with each stitch. The peddle doesn’t actually rest on the floor very well, since it’s got a tendency to move around because of its light material. The cord isn’t too long either so you have to sit closely to an outlet, or resort to using an extension cord.


The Brother LS2125 comes nicely packaged with polystyrene with its own designed edging. This is guaranteed to fit around the circumference of the machine. The machine also comes with a plastic bag that houses the two manuals, as well as the accompanying DVD. The box itself had all of the usual advertising hype that came with the average Brother sewing machine, or maybe just sewing machines and electronic products in general. There’s some delicate fixtures located around the machine’s heavy casing, so you might have to exert a bit of effort in pulling it out, or get someone to help you with the task.

The sewing machine’s dimensions are typically standard. It’s got a width of 39 centimeters, and a height of 32 centimeters. This fits very nicely on top of a wooden sewing table. In fact, it does leave loads of room for you to maneuver around in case you have to adjust its components.


It’s also quite easy to utilize the machine’s Quick Change Clip on Feet feature. A lot of owners might disregard this important piece of tool, but it’s actually quite simple to use. You have to rest the machine on a 45 degree angle to find the small metal clip that rests underneath the machine’s foot. This ensures that you’ll slide it carefully beneath the small 1cm bar. It only takes a couple of moments to replace and remove the entire thing, but it does require a bit of a steady hand to do so. You have to familiarize yourself in removing the sewing machine’s foot for the times you have to alternate between the zipper foot as well as the buttonhole. This is accomplished by raising the needle as high as possible, by manually turning over the right side of the wheel located on the machine in a counter-clockwise direction. This job also raises the pressure foot. Afterwards, it’s now easy for you to lift up the lever, release the foot, and reverse the technique, which completes this highly delicate task.


  • The machine is very easy to use.
  • Both portable and lightweight.
  • The features are highly convenient, much like an automatic buttonholer. There’s also a preset length and width regarding the stitches.
  • There are also plenty of stitches and functions with the machine – 10 and 25, respectively.
  • The machine comes with an easy stitch selection, as well as tension adjustment with a clear kind of stitching labelling.
  • 25-year warranty.
  • Comes with a built-in work light that makes it easy for you to see the task you’re doing.
  • Easy to change the snap-on presser foot.


  • Not meant for heavy-duty projects, such as quilting or dressmaking.
  • The thread tension does take plenty of time to get used to.
  • Apart from that, several users have also reported problems while they’re sewing, since the thread does have a tendency to lock on the top side, or beneath the fabric.
  • Bobbin doesn’t wind up correctly.

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