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Brother LS2125i Easy-to-Use, Everyday Sewing Machine Review


The Brother LS2125i is every rookie sewing machine owner’s dream. Not only is it very lightweight, it’s completely user-friendly as well. This is a lovely sewing machine which is very nice for those who are about to start their sewing, dressmaking, or embroidering careers for the very first time. This is a lovely sewing machine that’s inexpensive, and easy to operate – Everything you could ever want in a sewing machine. The LS2125i is able to finish any type of sewing task you throw it: Such as alterations or making clothes, creating pieces of home décor items, or other exciting crafts.


This purchase comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual, so you can get your sewing career up and running in no time at all. You can also learn how to wind up that bobbin, so using that free arm is a breeze.


This gorgeous sewing machine for beginners includes loads of great features not only meant for rookie sewers, but also for those who are experts and have been sewing for a very long time. Whether you’re a professional or a newbie, you need to read up on the LS2125i’s features so you can learn how these machines can be highly flexible to use for all of your basic and comprehensive sewing needs.


There are ten stitches included inside the machine. This lets you do stretched out, delicate fabrics like satin and silk, elastics, straight, zigzags, as well as blind hem stitches in no time at all. You can also do automatic buttonholing in four simple steps. This lets you pick buttonholes made for certain buttons to fit inside. You can change the daily presser feet with a quick snap on, letting you to switch quickly from button sewing to buttonhole sewing to zippered feet.


The Brother LS2125i also has its own foot pedal meant for controlled operations, together with fast stitching speed and quick bobbin winding purposes. There’s a lever for both reverse and forward stitching options. The machine comes with an adjustable thread tension, along with an intuitive dial control.


The following accessories come with the LS2125i, apart from the foot pedal: 1.) A needle pack, 2.) A darning plate, 3.) An extra spool pin, 4.) Bobbins, 5.) Screwdrivers which are all stored inside the machine’s storage compartment. This compartment can be found inside the free arm. Additional accessory feet include a button fitting foot, a buttonhole foot, and a zipper foot.

The LS2125i has a 25-year limited warranty. If you’re having problems with your machine or just have a couple of burning questions, then you can call them up. The customer support through telephone is completely toll free. Much like most of Brother’s sewing machines, there are two manuals included: In English, and Spanish. The machine also has a soft cover carrying handle made for pure portability, allowing you to take it wherever you go.


The machine has its own free arm that you can use as a type of convertible flat bed. There are decorative and heirloom stitches both connected for your own usage. The density of the stitches is completely assured on each of the buttonhole’s own sides. Decorative stitches are also easily done thanks to the two needles found in the machine. There’s also built-in lighting meant for illuminating the sewing area. The LS2125i has its own light switch and safety power, plus it also comes equipped with a power cord.


There are six feed dogs included in the machine. In total, it weighs at least 13 pounds. The dimensions measure 15” x 6” x 11.8”. UL and CSA listed.


  • The machine is fairly easy to operate.
  • It gives off high-quality performance, even if it’s meant for simple tasks like basic sewing and clothing alterations, or fixing home decorations such as table linen and curtains.
  • This is a sewing machine that its owner can learn new sewing techniques with over time.
  • The LS2125i has a free arm whose convertible capability can help in the organization of sewing accessories made especially for the user.
  • The portability of the machine lets the user carry it around everywhere they want to – And it’s lightweight as well.
  • Perhaps the most convenient feature of the Brother LS2125i is the threading feature.
  • Even the most professional of sewers will be able to enjoy the plentiful features that come with the machine, as mentioned earlier.
  • The value for money purchase meant for a sewing machine completely lies in the machine’s class.


  • There have been a couple of owners who have reported problems while they’re in the middle of a sewing project. That’s because the thread has its own tendency to lock and get stuck on the top, or even beneath the fabric.
  • A couple of people have also mentioned that the bobbin doesn’t wind up correctly at several points.

A lot of rookie sewers are fully aware of the fact that the Brother LS2125i is both a simple and regular sewing machine at the same time. It’s not expected to work or contain loads of features, as compared to its counterparts (such as the Brother SE400 sewing machine) which are mostly meant for embroidering projects. So many owners have completely agreed that this certain model is one of the best ‘value for your money’ purchases that they have made so far.

The pricing of this sewing machine was very much appreciated by customers who want to purchase their own sewing machine but don’t have the means to do so because they run on a tight budget. The LS2125i is a high-quality machine, but very affordable too. You can even give this as a gift to someone and go through the specifications and features with them. If you have kids or students, you can get them to learn the basics of dressmaking or stitching with the aid of this machine. They’ll be sure to learn things right away. You can also pair this up with an excellent beginner’s sewing book and you will surely be amazed at the things it can do.


Even the most skilled and professional sewers have found that this simple beginner’s sewing machine fits their sewing and embroidering needs as well. They are able to quickly fix their craft projects, make pants, and dresses in a cinch. So if you happen to know someone who is a rookie when it comes to sewing, then this machine is most likely the best one for them. It’s also highly portable and light, so it’s very easy to bring it with you if you have your own dressmaking boutique, or if you attend a sewing class.

If you happen to be on a budget or don’t need a sewing machine with plenty of additional features, then there’s nothing more suitable or better for you than the Brother LS2125i. This is the best choice for anyone who wishes they knew how to sew clothes.

But if you need a type of sewing or embroidering machine that can turn out appliques, embroidery techniques, and anything related to that, then you might have to forego this particular brand and get yourself another Brother sewing machine instead. That’s because the LS2125i doesn’t include the features which allow you to work on heavy-duty projects, like quilting.

So should you purchase the Brother LS2125i? The answer is a definite yes. This is a sewing and embroidery machine meant for those who have honed their sewing skills or have mastered the basics of sewing. It’s also completely affordable, especially if you consider the amount of features and accessories that it has. The machine is also portable, easy and quick to operate, and can be used by both experts and newbies alike, with a good dose of convenience and pure ease.

This is a lightweight and portable sewing machine that will completely suit the needs of those who are looking for the most basic type of sewing machine available. It’s got a vertical bobbin case, so loading up the bobbin has never been so quick and easy. This machine is good for those who want to do quick stitching jobs around the house. However, people shouldn’t underestimate the machine’s grand potential based on its pricing alone.

Apart from its contemporaries like Janome, Juki, and Singer, Brother has already built a reputation as one of the main leaders of the sewing machine industry. That’s because they are good at making excellent products that can handle and fit all sorts of households.

There’s no home available that won’t be able to benefit from the usage of the Brother LS2125i along with its dozens of stitching options. Do you want to create a gorgeous zigzag pattern in various colors? All you need to do is to turn the dial and pick the stitch and width that you want. Make colorful costumes for the holiday season, or curtains that can beautify your home. Everything is as easy as 1 2 3, thanks to the sewing machine itself.

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