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Brother PE500 4x4 Embroidery Machine With 70 Built-in Designs Review


Brother PE500 4x4 Embroidery Machine Review: 

Not a long time ago people were using manual embroidery machines, but as time passed and with the help of technological advancements, new appliances came in the market and changed the landscape of embroidery completely. We have always enjoyed writing about different embroidery machines, and when someone like Brother offers it, then the interest and excitement go on the whole another level. We were looking for an embroidery machine that can make things better for someone who is at the beginning stages and found Brother PE500 as the perfect fit. The Brother PE500 is easy to learn and use the machine, and it has a lot of features that make it an ideal buy for the users. The versatile Brother PE500 not only allows you to recycle our old clothes but also add a touch of elegance to the new ones. Yes, we can argue that there are several machines in a similar price range including Consew, Juki Mo654de, Juki HZL-F600, Singer 7285Q, that offer great features, but not all of them have everything.

The Brother PE500 is not only affordable, but it also offers some great things with it. The machine comes with 4-inch by 4-inch embroidery area that allows your creative juices to flow in the right direction. It also offers 70 built-in designs, 120 built-in frame patterns and five font styles that you can work with. There are many things you can achieve using the Brother PE500 because many of the features that it offers come with expensive embroidery machines. 

brother pe500

Product Overview: Brother PE500 4x4 Embroidery Machine

Product Dimensions: 20.2 x 15 x 15.1 inches
Shipping Weight: 21.9 pounds
Item model number: PE500
Brand: Brother

brother pe500 embroidery machine

The Box

The box of Brother PE500 looks like the one shown in the picture above. It has a beautiful image of the embroidery machine. The package also has the list of features that come with it and even the accessories. For someone like us, who love embroidery machine, we were more than excited to open the box and look at the things inside it. We can also take a look at the warranty sign on the box that says 25 years (which is a long duration). Now, that’s something we look forward to while purchasing a new machine. 

The box is easy to open, and it comes with perfect packaging on the inside. Everything from machine to manual and accessories is covered in plastic bags. It may seem that the machine embroidery is just a few years back, but the first computerized embroidery machines came into the picture in 1980. Since then, the embroidery market took a huge leap forward. 

brothers pe500 accessories

The machine has a lot of things that come with it inside the box. The accessories list is long. So let us name them one at a time. The carton includes seam ripper, needle set, cleaning brush, spool cap set, touch pen, accessory bag, sewing, and embroidery threads, scissor kit, centering ruler, hoops and stabilizers, and three lace embroidery design collection.

pe500 brother

Now, this was confusing for us too. The Brother PE500 comes with several user manuals (look at the picture that’s a hell lot of manuals). The instruction manuals showcase almost everything you need to know about the machine and how to get started. Yes, some of the manuals are similar to each other as they are just in different languages. The instruction manuals are not quite thick because the machine is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box and everything is easy to understand.





Now, let us take a look at the other things that come with the PE500.

The 4-inch by 4-inch embroidery area is detachable as it happens with most of the machines. All we need to do is attach it according to the space provided. This 4x4 area is the most significant advantage for anyone who is just starting to learn embroidery as it offers extra space and things can be carried out with ease. It also helps you to combine different designs. Even if you face any problem, the starter kit will be there to improve to set up the machine
brother pe500 software

Other than the instruction manuals, we also get connectivity cables. As the Brother PE500 comes with computer connectivity feature, wires are required to import the designs from the computer directly. We also checked and downloaded the design from the Brother embroidery design website to check out some of the coolest designs. The feature works brilliantly. 

The machine uses .pes files for digitizing design and .pen ibroidery files, which are the standard file types used in the industry. The connectivity cable also allows downloading the update. We were also able to import designs from external USB and different sources available on the internet.

brother pe500 reviews

The Brother PE500 also comes with 70 built-in designs that come with five fonts. These designs and fonts are easily accessible via the touch LCD screen. So, even if you don’t import the blueprints from the computers, you will have 70 built-in designs to work with. Thus, the creativity level will increase. 

brothers pe500

The biggest issue while performing embroidery back in the days was the uncertainty of how the artwork will look. But now, the technological advancements have taken over, and there’s no need to worry about such things. The Brother PE500 comes with LCD Touch Screen. The screen can be used to take a look at the designs before starting stitching. Other than this, accessing of built-in models, controlling the design editing features. We can also look for embroidery tutorials using the LCD screen. It is indeed a great feature for the beginners because it helps in building confidence and no mistakes are committed during the procedure. 



Another thing that impressed us was the worry-free automatic needle threader. Most of us suffer from the problem of threading the needle, but it is not the case with PE500. The machine comes with the automatic needle threader. To add a thread to the needle, all we need to do was touch. So, forget the magnifying glasses and all the other things that you used to do to insert a thread into the needle. 


The machine also offers easy bobbin preparation. It is just for the sake of ease of threading that makes a user’s work more efficient. Having a secure bobbin-winding system helps in preparing bobbins quickly and efficiently. It is another positive about this machine and why we are attracted to it. The reason why bobbin is easy to set up is because of the smooth sailing, jam resistance drop-in. There’s no need to worry about bobbin pe 500 monogram

The biggest problem with most of the embroidery machines is workspace light. It is not the case with PE500. The Brother PE500 offers bright lit workspace to carry out the embroidery tasks with ease and perfection. The brightness not only allows you to work in a better manner but also helps in not committing the mistakes. The floodlight is also helpful when there is no electricity. 

The complete starter kit helps to use the machine straight out of the box. There’s no need for extra equipment to make things work. It comes with three spools of embroidery thread and three medium-weight sheets stabilizer, so no need to worry about design. 

brother pe500 embroidery

Maintenance of Brother PE500:

One of the things that we need to keep in mind is that the Brother PE500 is an electronic and computerized machine, so it is essential to maintain the functions of the appliance. So, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Before using the machine, clear the workstation. Make sure that liquids like water or tea are away from it. 
Another critical thing to take care is overheating. If the machine starts to overheat, power it off and unplug the chord. Try not to use the electric extensions, according to the user manual; the appliance needs to be connected directly to the electrical outlet. Try to use neutral detergents to clean the machine.

brothers embroidery machine pe 500

Pros of the embroidery machine:

- The 4x4 inch working area for doing things with perfection.
- The PE500 helps you to showcase your creativity by embellishing new designs. However, it also comes with computer connectivity feature that makes it easier to import prototypes. The connectivity feature also allows us to keep it up-to-date. 
- The starter kit makes the machine usable straight out of the box. So, no need to wait for using it. 
- The appliance is lightweight and portable, but still, you can do embroidery on different clothes ranging from silk to cotton. It can be used as a go-to embroidery device by experienced users. 
- The backlit LCD screen allows access to different built-in designs and even edit them before starting embroidery.
- It comes with an automatic needle threader, so there’s no need to worry if you have shaky hands. 
- The brightly lit working area makes it easier for the users to work in day or night time. 
- Another best thing about the machine is 70 built-in designs, 120 theme patterns, and five style fonts. 
- It is excellent for starters/beginners because it is affordable and offers features that are mostly found in high-cost
- It is simple and easy to use. Users can embellish used or new clothes for gifting purpose too. 

Cons of the embroidery machine:

Looking at the features and things this machine has to offer, it is hard to find even a single negative. Though, the only issue is that it is only an embroidery machine. This means you cannot perform functions like sewing and this needs to be taken care of before purchasing it. Though, it must be kept in mind that the machine can perform heavy tasks including embroidering denim or leather.

The final verdict on Brother PE500:

Brother PE500 has a lot of things that you can look forward to. We had a great time setting up this machine and looking at its competitors including Consew, Juki Mo654de, Juki HZL-F600, Singer 7285Q to find out the best one. During our use, we were excited with the results it provided. The machine is not only easy to use but also affordable at the same time. There are a lot of things that you don’t have to worry about when starting embroidery. The machine is suitable for anyone regardless of the experience. It means the PE500 can be effectively used by beginners as well as the experienced people in the field of embroidery. The features of the machine are also tempting, and the accessories it offers make it a worthy investment. Although it only performs the embroidery function, the machine does it with perfection. It can embellish home decor or clothing with ease. 
To make things work correctly, we need some time but the time is worth investing. We have never seen such a great embroidery machine that offers so many features at an affordable price. The advanced and automatic features also amazed us because they work brilliantly. The PE500 is durable, and despite that, it is offered with a 25-year warranty. But, the machine is also prone to damage, and we need to take care of its parts. If the machine’s parts somehow don’t work or gets damaged, then they can be purchased easily via the Brother’s official website. If there is any simple problem, then the instruction manual can be used to fix the problem.
Our final thought would be - purchase this machine if you want to make some of the coolest embroidery designs. It is perfect, and we found it easy to use. 
Check out some more pictures of Brother PE500

We had a great time while using the embroidery machine to create some fantastic designs, and we are sure you will also have fun. We will be using it for a long time, and we hope you enjoyed reading this review too. And, if you find the machine perfect for you, then consider buying it. 


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