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Brother PE770 5x7 inch Embroidery machine Review



The Brother PE770 is a machine that’s only suited for embroidering. It provides its users with a gigantic working area, as well a wonderful LCD display screen. This machine is definitely one of a kind, since it gives you the ability to import your own designs too. Brother, a Japanese-based company, is truly innovative when it comes to producing the best kinds of sergers and sewing machines, and the PE770 is no exception. The model provides lots of designing features and options – Every user is sure to be impressed with its work, from rookies to expert sewers.

But here’s the million-dollar question: Is the PE770 the best embroidery machine on the market today? This review aims to find out more.


Like most Brother sewing machines, the PE7700 includes an advanced LCD display screen, as well as a 5” x 7” embroidery hoop. Included in the machine are 136 different variants of embroidery designs, as well as six types of lettering fonts. There’s a built-in memory that lets you import your designs coming from a USB drive. This machine is truly advanced!  Other features include design editing, rotating, and allowing you to create a mirror-image of your project. You can also make a couple of design size adjustments to it. Lastly, an auto-thread cutter has also been included, letting you remove stubborn stray pieces of fabric easily.

It is a high-quality type of embroidery machine, and works the best especially for home embroidery, as well as for those who are looking forward to opening up an embroidery business. Because it’s only priced for $600, you no longer have to save up too much to be able to buy this thing.

The PE770 is known for being very easy to use, which makes it perfect for newbies. It’s got an automated needle threader machine – One of the best ones, in fact. Together with the auto thread cutter function, embroidering can now be a highly fun experience for you.


Despite it being mostly suited for embroidering, the Brother PE7700 is still wonderful when it comes to performing stitching duties, thanks to its durability, amount of features, as well as the quality of its stitches. Thanks to this model, the amount of design options are endless. Its backlit display can not only let you browse through its array of designs, you can also edit them to your liking before you can begin your embroidery tasks.

Unlike other popular sewing machine models, like the Singer 4423, the PE770 is only made for embroidery projects. It provides a huge field measuring 5” x 7”, so you can handle creating bigger designs and lettering. A bigger amount of space also lets you place together designs without having to constantly rehoop. It doesn’t matter if you want to create monograms for a scarf, or build a handkerchief from scratch, you’ll definitely have loads of space to finish the whole job.


The machine is also loaded with over 136 types of embroidery designs, and six kinds of lettering fonts. Thanks to this machine, you’ll be able to discover floral designs, quilting patterns, scrollwork, border styles, and frame shapes, together with various kinds of quilting patterns – All for your enjoyment. And you’re not just limited to these designs either. We think there’s plenty enough for you to work on all sorts of projects, but if you’re the ambitious sort and want to achieve more, then you won’t have any problems trying to expand your collection as a whole.


A USB port and built-in-memory card is attached to the machine, letting you both import and export your new looks, as well as enhance your creativity skills. There’s also the choice to use a built-in embroidery card, which allows you to pick and use designs coming from Brother’s own line of embroidery stitching cards. You can purchase these cards from your local hardware store. These cards are easy to use, and will let you easily expand your collection of designs as you continue to use the machine.

Apart from the built-in stitching and embroidery looks, the PE770 is also equipped with 180 decorative sewing stitches. This includes shell tech stitches, smocking stitches, drawnwork stitches, scallop stitches, heirloom stitches, and so much more. Although this machine isn’t suited for ordinary sewing projects, its array of decorative designs are still great for adding a little bit of character to your quilting and embroidery projects.

The machine also has at least ten one-step, professional-looking button holes that fit a specified button.


In addition to being able to pick your very own design for your projects, the Brother PE770 also has its own LCD display. This feature makes editing designs a breeze. You can create a preview, make a mirror image, or rotate your design around. There’s also the choice of increasing or decreasing the size of the design – It all depends on your liking.


One of the more popular features found in this particular machine – As well as other sewing machines such as the Janome HD3000, is the customized stitch option. Brother’s own take on this feature lets you build your own types of stitches, and save them to the machine’s memory. So if you’re the type of person who enjoys creating new kinds of stitches, then this feature is just for you.


There’s also a sideways sewing feature that has the ability to construct applique and cylindrical sewing, allowing you to create horizontal stitches without having to move the fabric around.

If you want to start up a brand new embroidery project with the PE770 or a mini sewing machine, one of the last things you should do is to manually change how the machine works just to get the thread working properly. The machine has a simple threading system, as well as an automatic needle threader, so you can start and finish off your sewing projects immediately.

And if the sewing machine’s bobbin system has long frustrated you, then you’ll definitely enjoy what the PE770 has to offer. Just drop in your bobbin, place the thread through its slot, and begin the embroidery.

The machine has its own automatic thread trimming feature, which saves you plenty of time trying to cut off both the lower and upper threads just by pressing a single button.


When you compare the Brother PE770’s features to other sewing machines, you’ll also get the choice to control the machine’s sewing speed, and prevent the embroidery work from happening with just one click. A small lever found on the side of the machine will let you handle the sewing speed of the machine itself.

The PE770 is compatible with the iBroidery – This is a device that lets you buy and create your very own embroidery designs, or designs made by other users. Your kids will also love the designs offered by this Website since it includes characters from popular children’s networks, such as Nickelodeon and Disney films. Brother has formed a partnership with iBribery, and is ready to offer their latest embroidery designs to their clients, so they can truly expand their whole design collection.


The machine is equipped with loads of accessories. It comes in a beautiful protective carrying case, as well as eleven types of sewing feet. Aside from that, there’s also four bobbins, an embroidery foot, twin needles, an embroidery thread spool, a needle pack, a kneelifter, and a storage compartment.


If you’re planning to use the machine in the long run, make sure to use the best kind of thread for your stitches. In case of thread jamming, make sure to completely remove the part where the jam occurred. Re-thread the whole thing if there’s a snag. Occasionally check the bobbin casing and the upper threading system, before using. And lastly, make sure you change the needle each time a jamming occurs, because the old needle can bend if you end up using the same one over and over again. For bigger issue, make sure to bring it to the sewing machine repair shop, and let the experts handle it properly.


A bright light located right above the needle lets you work even in the late evenings, or in dimly-lit spaces. This lets you see your embroidery work at all times. There’s plenty of things to love about the Brother PE770. And as this review has mentioned, there are loads of good features that are sure to please every experienced or rookie sewer out there.

Additionally, we recommend that you purchase the 4 x 4, 5 x 12, and 2 x 3 created by brother especially for this particular machine. The 2 x 3 and 4 x 4 hoops were designated for smaller projects, allowing you to save up on other features, such as a stabilizer. Meanwhile, the 5 x 12 hoop lets you work on larger embroidery projects, without any need for rehooping.

There’s also a built-in memory system that lets you bring in as much embroidery patterns as possible, if you plug in a USB flash drive. Thanks to this innovative feature, you can purchase plenty of embroidery patterns found on the Web. It’s also highly possible for you to purchase loads and loads of machine updates, just as long as it’s one of the latest designs, and is associated with the machine’s newest digital features. Your kids are sure to enjoy this machine.

You can choose from a whopping 136 various types of embroidery designs for the PE770. But buying the machine only because of these designs isn’t really recommended, since you can already import lots of them using a single flash drive – And you can also download several of them from the Internet. A couple of these built-in embroidery designs are lovely, for sure, but if you browse hard enough on the Internet, you will also discover loads of fantastic and purely creative designs by skilled artists. And best of all, you can just download them and load them to your sewing machine – Absolutely free. Move these designs to a thumb drive, connect them to the PE770, and you’re all set to create that embroidery pattern of your dreams!


Unlike other embroidery machine or sewing machine boxes, there’s not much to be seen when it comes to the PE770. For instance, it doesn’t contain any details, or the features that you can expect when you start to use the machine – Just the name of the model, the brother logo and slogan, and a drawing of the embroidery machine itself. We think the amount of features that the machine currently holds does make up for the lack of basic information found in the box.

The machine has the capacity to produce at least 650 stitches every minute. Creating a simple design will take you around fifteen minutes to accomplish. If you think about it, that’s not too much work, since the machine itself is computerized. This means you can do other non-stitching related tasks while the machine finishes your work. But if you want to finish your embroidery project right away, you have to pay plenty of cash for a machine that contains the same amount of specifications.


There are three manuals that come with the machine – All of them are highly detailed, and will surely answer all of the pressing questions that you have regarding the machine, the type of stitches it can achieve, the USB feature, and how to upload embroidery patterns in the machine itself, for future usage. It’s almost like having a real-life tutor beside you, ready to teach you loads of stuff about the machine. And with the amount of manuals there, you’ll surely learn plenty of things not just how to operate the PE770, but the excitement of embroidering itself, as well as how a computerized machine works.


Pros: The PE770 is packed with plenty of aspects, including the ability to import brand new designs coming from your own site, or from the official Brother Website. A simple threading system is also included, so you won’t have to struggle through the steps of placing the thread in the right area. A whole host of new accessories also come with the machine, as well as a sturdy carrying case. It can also let you stitch and sew horizontally without needing to change the fabric’s positioning.

Cons: Unfortunately, as powerful as this machine may seem, you can only use this for embroidery projects only. If you want to find a decent enough sewing machine that has the ability to work on all sorts of fabrics, then go get another Brother sewing machine, a serger, or a die cutter like the Cricut Explore Air 2. Other types of sewing machines can provide at least up to sixty variants of sewing stitches, and nearly seventy kinds of embroidery designs. So this means you’ll pretty much get what you bargained for.

Similar to other computerized sewing machines, it’s quite difficult to use the machine’s LCD display, especially if you’re using this kind of sewing machine for the very first time. You’re going to be forced to browse through the pages in order to look for the design of your choice, and this task in itself can be very tiring. That aside, there hasn’t been a way to make the whole scrolling process easier and quicker. In fact, nearly every computerized type of sewing machine out there carries the same issue, according to their owners.

There have also been plenty of issues reported regarding the threading and winding features, with some people claiming that the threads had snagged and formed a giant knot while using the machine. Some beginners might also find the machine’s LCD screen too complex, especially if they haven’t used a computerized LCD sewing machine before.

But if one ignores these types of issues, you’ll soon discover that the PE770 is one of the best types of embroidery machines you’ll ever own. It’s a machine that provides plenty of design flexibility, not to mention the stiches are in perfect quality and are also highly durable – People have expected so many things regarding this machine, and we’re proud to say that it does not disappoint, especially from a commercialized and professional sewing machine. It also comes in a highly affordable price that people can easily save up for. It’s just a wonderful addition to your home or office, not to mention highly useful and definitely worth the price.

The cons for this machine are completely overlooked, and you’ll surely enjoy how flawlessly the machine works. After you’ve gotten used to seeing the LCD display and learning how it works, you’ll be able to appreciate it more, allowing you to change your own fabric’s designs a little bit, and browse through all of the embroidery patterns. A lot of users also liked the accompanying carrying case, since a lot of sewing machine manufacturers have no longer decided to include this feature in their newer models.

So if you want to find a good embroidery machine for both your work and your home, then the Brother PE770 is the best one for you, and is highly recommended to everyone who wants to achieve their dreams of embroidery making, and so much more.

Brother     $500+

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