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Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing Review



Brother is known for being one of the leading sewing machine brands – Not just in its home country of Japan – But in the entire globe. Their machines are typically known for being high-quality. Brother has created loads of sewing machine and serger models for both novice and experts sewers, tailors, and dressmakers, at a very affordable price. Perhaps one of their better models out there is the Brother SE400 – A mixture of an embroidery machine and a heavy duty sewing machine.

The SE400 is one of Amazon’s best-selling sewing machines, much like the ever-popular Brother CS6000I. A lot of people have actually given this sewing machine a try out of sheer curiosity, and needless to say, they weren’t disappointed at all.


The SE400 is filled with plenty of highly usable features, typical of a Brother sewing machine. It’s got computerized sewing, five types of lettering fonts, a back-lit LCD display positioned right above the needle, seven point-feed dogs, a free arm design, and a whopping seventy variants of built-in embroidery designs. There’s also 67 kinds of built-in stitches, an automated need-threader and thread-cutter. You can also import patterns right into the sewer from the popular embroidery Website, iBroidery.




The box is very detailed, and contains information regarding the stitches, the embroidery designs, and all of the available functions that the machine can readily perform.

The machine is truly filled with plenty of high-powered features – So it’s not exactly hard to learn why this machine is very popular on the market right now.

Plenty of features found in sewing machines aren’t exactly considered as adequate. While using other machines, we have eventually discovered that a decent number of them actually do lack the amount of working space that its users might need in order to finish the most comprehensive projects in no time at all. This is actually something that Brother is completely aware of – So they wanted to solve this issue when they released the SE400.

The workspace itself is lit brightly, so you can look at your sewing project closely while it’s happening.

The area itself measures around 4 x 4, allowing you to construct complex squares, which you can stitch together later on. While the light fills in the needle, you’ll soon discover why it’s so much fun to stitch and create embroidery projects on the machine itself.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys doing embroidery projects by hand, then you’ll know that finishing these projects take plenty of patience and time. You’re going to have to do a little bit of research when it comes to the project itself, or even visit your nearest sewing store, if you want to purchase a pattern. If you want to start your sewing or embroidering project right away, then the machine is not recommended for you. Once you have picked the pattern of your choice, you’re going to have to do these things by hand. Hand embroidered projects are fun, but they can take ages to finish – And you can only do so much stitching in one day. This is one of the reasons why the SE400 is highly recommended.



The SE400 is a computerized sewing machine, like most of Brother’s sewing machines. It already comes with pre-assigned embroidery patterns that let you pick the patterns that you want. You can also finish your tasks right away. Perhaps one of the best things about this machine is that you’re no longer restricted to using those built-in patterns in your designs.

Incorporating designs from iBroidery allows you to download or buy hundreds of embroidery patterns and designs. All of these can be loaded straight to the SE400 – For free! However, iBroidery’s designs are only limited to Brother users.

If you take time to browse through iBroidery’s design, you’ll discover plenty of patterns that you and your children will love, ranging from simple looks, to limited-edition patterns, to Disney-themed ones. In fact, the only time-consuming thing about this is deciding which pattern should you be using in your upcoming projects.

The official iBroidery Website is a dream come true for those who are willing to finish up advanced embroidery projects. You can use your Brother sewing machine to create an adorable Frozen or Avengers-themed design for your children. The possibilities are endless. Or you can even turn it into a kids sewing machine and teach them how to create their own clothes at an early age.

But always remember that despite the Brother SE400 machine being completely computerized, it’s still possible for newbies or beginners to use it to their full extent. You’re all set to begin creating patterns within minutes of starting up the machine itself. Assembly time only takes around five minutes.



The LCD display is the main highlight of the machine itself – Its display screen contains a touch-sensitive screen, and will serve as the main hub of all of your designing, embroidery, and stitching choices. This is where you’ll get to pick your patterns, stitches, and plenty of other amazing features.



The screen also lets you pick between 67 types of stitches – More than enough options to finish the most advanced types of embroidery projects, with the right kind of precision and style. There are also seventy highly unique patterns that you can choose for your next design. All of these designs are varied, which makes the embroidering process much more fun! The machine is laden with loads of cute options, allowing you to personalize nearly every project out there. If the pattern of your choice is missing, then not to worry – You can always look it up on the iBroidery Website.



You can find all 67 options on the right side of the SE400, along with a tiny diagram of each stitch. When you’re in the process of choosing the perfect embroidery design for your project, you can just quickly browse through the design and pick the one that looks the best. The machine can display two designs at a time, so there’s just a decent amount of room to look at each of these options, as well as the design on the screen. All in all, you can select for up to 120 frame pattern combinations.

If you prefer monogramming instead, you will surely be pleased to learn that there are at least five versions of fonts found in the machine. These can provide an excellent touch if you want to give that project of yours as a gift, or sell them to customers.

Believe it or not, there are some people who just can’t seem to get used to the idea of a computerized sewing machine, no matter what. For them, the concept of repeatedly tapping on a somewhat tiny LCD screen can get quite annoying – So in order to solve this woe, Brother has decided to include a tap pen, allowing you to pick your settings without having to leave smudges all across the screen itself.



The length and width of the stitches themselves can be picked using the display. Also included is a threading tension feature, for those who prefer to sew tightened stitches in bigger projects.

So in general, the LCD functionality for the Brother SE400 is generally easy to use – Not to mention proof that this monogram machine is completely modern and keeps up with the times. Those who use this won’t find any difficulty learning how it works, while newbies are sure to enjoy the simplicity of the machine itself.



While stitching, sewing, or embroidering, you might want to start off your projects as soon as possible. And obviously, getting an injury while trying to complete your work is definitely no fun – So to ensure your safety, the SE400 comes with an automatic intuitive needle threader. This feature works really fast, is highly dependable, and easy to assemble. Also included is a thread cutter, which functions similarly to the Silhouette Cameo 2. This makes slicing through thicker pieces of fabric really quick and easy, providing newbies with plenty of ease.


The SE400 comes with eight types of quick-change sewing feet, including: The zipper foot, blind stitch foot, free-notion monogramming foot, zigzag foot, button fitting foot, an embroidery foot, buttonhole foot, and lastly, an overcasting foot. You can snap these feet right into position, and detach or replace them in less than twenty seconds.

Other accessories that come with the machine include a drop-in bobbin, and a top bobbin. These can help you start up your project in a matter of minutes. It also comes with a singular-step buttoning hole, which assures you that you can attach buttons to the fabric without any trouble at all.



Editing isn’t a problem at all, since the SE400 also contains plenty of editing features, which you can easily select using the display. If you’re handling a computerized sewing machine for the first time and are overwhelmed with its modernized features, you’ll soon discover that using the SE400 is a breeze. That’s because its digital display screen also contains a built-in tutorial, which teaches you how to use the machine properly – All it takes are nine easy steps. The same nine steps – Albeit in more detail – Are also found in the machine’s set of manuals, and instructional CDs.

Pros: The computerized LCD screen allows you to easily switch in between two, three, or more projects. The SE400 also comes with a whole bunch of stitching, embroidering, and designing choices, allowing you to tap into your creative side. Threading is very quick – You can start working in less than ten minutes. Eight types of presser feet come with the machine, with all of them including attachable mounting. You can clip or remove the feet onto the machine easily. There are also two ways for you to learn more about how the machine works – First is through the manuals and instructional CDs, and the second is by the machine’s advanced LCD screen. The SE400’s free arm design also throws in some added sewing functionality.

Cons: Since there’s too many options that come with the machine, picking the right stitches for your project can actually wear you out. That’s because you have to scroll down through twelve screen (with each slide showcasing two patterns or designs). The machine’s bobbin case will also require plenty of cleaning, thanks to its attached sensors built inside the machine.

There are two things that must be discussed about these cons: Although it might be easy to clean up the bobbin case, this is something that is not required when you use a manual sewing machine. This isn’t really considered to be a big issue either, since the cleanup process doesn’t take a while to complete. However, we must mention this con since it’s a task that you have to do on a regular basis, especially when you use the machine daily.

Not only does the LCD provide excellent help for the user, you can also flip through various designs and patterns easily using the machine’s stylus. However, it does take a while to pick the stitches and designs that you really want for your fabric. And it’s just unfortunate that Brother hasn’t done anything to solve this dilemma – Since with six types of stitches shown on a page and 67 stitches in total, you’re going to have to flip through twelve pages worth of stitches when you’re deciding which one to pick. The same type of problem has been reported in regards to picking the designs.

This isn’t just limited to Brother’s own computerized sewing machines – Other brands and models, such as the Juki DDL 8700, all experience the same issue – But this is to be expected when the machine has an LCD screen. Hopefully these sewing machine companies will be able to find a solution to this problem very soon, so it won’t be too much of a hassle.

Not only is the SE400 affordable, it’s very useful too. It pretty much holds all of the advanced options that you need when dealing with large or comprehensive projects. At the same time, the machine is very easy to learn, if you’re a beginner. If you really lie the idea of a machine that has the ability to both sew, stitch, monogram and embroider in one go, then this machine will surely satisfy you.

The SE400 is perfect for both regular sewing projects, and quilting. According to most sewing machine review Website, this particular model is one of the top machines out in the market today. It carries a high-enough rating as well, and there’s actually a good reason why this is possible. It contains loads of complex stitching, sewing, and embroidering options. And what’s even better is that this model carries the advantage of being both easy and simple to use. This is the reason why a lot of newbies like this model, since it teaches them to sew, while at the same time they can learn more about how a computerized sewing machine – Or a sewing machine in general – Works. It has a great mixture of features that are perfect for both beginners and experienced sewers as well. The machine lets you familiarize yourself with the different kinds of strategies and tips that are normally associated with quilting, monogramming, embroidering, and sewing.

The SE400 is also known to be one of the more affordable Brother models out there. The value for money here is just great! Not only does the machine let you finish complex projects in a day, but it’s also filled to the brim with loads of features, which can all help you in performing said tasks. Not one feature goes to waste here. For instance, the machine includes a huge table, which can serve as space for bigger types of fabric such as tapestries, gowns, tablecloths, bedsheets, etc. And not only does the machine come with loads of embroidery patterns and designs made for both kids and adults, it includes pretty much everything required for embellishing and decorating projects once they’re done.

But the SE400 does have a couple of drawbacks – Some of the newer users, or those who have never seen a computerized sewing machine yet, noticed that the LCD screen was quite fiddly, and had a bit of a difficulty browsing through the types of available embroidery designs and stitches. Other users have also complained regarding the machine’s thread cutting feature, mentioning that it took a couple of adjustments before it could actually work properly. There have also been reports about the bobbin consistently jamming while the embroidering process was taking place. But all of these incidents only occurred with a handful of users, so this should not discourage you from purchasing the machine itself.

But in spite of all this, the Brother SE400 is still an excellent purchase. We would recommend this to those who don’t have any other pieces of sewing equipment in their household. This allows you to take full advantage of the machine’s dozens of features.

The machine contains an embroidery area measuring 4 x 4 inches. Even though it’s still smaller as compared to what the other computerized machines have to offer, you can still fit in huge pieces of garment quite nicely. Its price range is definitely appropriate for the machine itself – Brother always makes sure that their models fall into the right kind of price range. A couple of users have also utilized the SE400 to be able to create loads of items made from fabrics, ranging from clothes to decorations for the house. But despite its smaller size, the machine can tackle lots of embroidery projects and stitching designs through rehooping.

You can access plenty of the machine’s features with just the touch of a single button. This button allows you to see the machine’s five types of lettering fonts, the seventy embroidery patterns and designs, and finally, the 67 sewing stitches just by navigating correctly through the LCD screen.


When you’re busy sewing, the machine’s free arm motion feature allows you to stitch through hard-to-reach areas, such as hems, cuffs, and collars. When it comes to ease of use, sewers can take advantage of the quick and easy bobbin preparation technique, which helps build a good winding system. This lets you enjoy your machine as much as possible. It gets rid of the possible snags and jams that usually occur with bobbin systems, more frequently on lower-quality machines or manual machines. The SE400’s quick bobbin system also stops you from having to constantly fish around in the case when you want to find the thread.


A lot of users will be delighted to know that the SE400 is very high-tech, and even comes with a handy USB port for easy connectivity. This lets you move around different types of embroidery designs, from your computer, to the USB flash drive, to the machine itself. There’s a quick type of computer connectivity that is sure to come very handy when it comes to sewers, since it allows them to quickly download the latest updates regarding the machine, as well as the newest embroidery designs.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of threading or simply have bad eyesight, then the SE400 can surely solve your problems through the automatic needle threader. All you have to do is to swipe the finger right across the touch screen – And presto! The thread automatically goes through the eye of the needle! A lot of people will surely enjoy their feature, especially the elderly. And thanks to this same LCD screen, sewers can also access the machine’s extra features, including the editing, the control panel, as well as the built-in patterns. There’s even a tutorial feature made especially for rookie users.



Because of its smaller size, the machine is lightweight enough to be moved around. You can also place it in any part of the house. The Brother SE400 only weighs 10.9 pounds. This is great if you want to carry your machine to and from sewing class, or your dress shop. The packaging comes with a beautiful plastic casing, which is very durable. 


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