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Brother SQ9185 130-Stitch Sewing and Quilting Machine Review


Brother Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, sewing machines included. It is a Japanese company first founded in 1908 as the Yasui Sewing Machine Co., and its headquarters are located in Nagoya. They opened up their first overseas branch in the US in 1955. Through the years, Brother has acquired plenty of other sewing companies, such as the Jones Machine Sewing Company. Some of Brother’s other products, apart from sewing machines, include machinery tools, fax machines, desktop computers, and even old-school typewriters.


Since Brother’s sewing division grew in popularity, especially around Europe, they decided to open up a division in 2010 called the Brother sewing machines Europe GmbH. As of this year, the company has a turnover of at least 60 million Euros. The Brother sewing machines Europe GmbH is the fourth largest company in the Brother Industries Ltd. Company.


Have you always wanted to possess your own sewing and quilting machine, one that has all of the features fitting of a high-end model, without spending or saving tons of cash just to buy it? Then the Brother SQ9185 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine is for you. This is probably one of the best sewing machines for beginners. It’s filled with plenty of features that can handle all of your sewing needs.


It’s got a whopping 130 types of sewing stitches (similar to the Brother 1034D), which includes decorative stitching, utility stitching, quilting stitching, and heirloom stitching. Also included are at least eight different types of one-step buttonholes. The machine can easily determine which kind of buttonholes, and what size is applicable  for the fabric when in use. Another included feature is that singular built-in sewing front, which has fifty-five additional variants of alphanumeric stitches, which can come in handy for even the most basic types of monograming and quilting.


As mentioned earlier, there are at least 130 types of built-in stitches with the Brother SQ9185. This includes the eight styles of auto-sized buttonholes. There’s a huge LCD backlit display, so you can work even while in a dark room, or at nighttime. And not only that, this backlight is super bright as well. The working area itself is also nicely lit with an LED light.



This heavy duty sewing machine comes with a very easy and modernized type of needle threading system, so you no longer have to go through the painstaking process of moving the thread around the entire machine.


The Brother SQ9185 is so advanced, it comes with different types of speed control, allowing you to create stitches in either a fast, moderate, or slow pacing. You can easily turn the machine on or off, thanks to its button. There’s a type of smooth fabric feed that can handle up to seven feed dogs in one go. A drop feed is included for free motion stitching and quilting. The SQ9185 also comes with its own huge table.


The machine’s easy bobbin winding system is very handy – Although perhaps our favorite feature of the machine is its needle position button, which completely guarantees your safety while using it. There’s also one sewing font that includes fifty-five more types of sewing stitches, which is perfect if you plan to create monogrammed outfits, or bags.


The most basic features for the SQ9185 include an LED-powered stitch selection, with a matching LED light background. There’s an automatic needle threading system, so you no longer have to do all of the required work. Other more advanced features for the machine include that signature Quick-Set Bobbin, which is available in plenty of Brother’s sewing machines, including the Brother CS6000I. There are some downgrades that came with this machine, no matter how advanced it might have seemed – This includes the lack of a thread sensor, as well as cutting for lower and upper threads.


The Brother SQ9185 can power through at least a maximum of almost 900 stitches every minute. There’s no knee lifter included, however, it does contain a total of seven feed dogs. Take your pick from the eight available types of buttonhole styles, which can come in handy for different kinds of fabric. Its built-in sewing stitches, which includes the buttonhole styles, amount to 130 types. Each stitch length measures an estimate of 5 millimeters, while the width is seven millimeters.


Accessories that come with the Brother SQ9185 are a button sewing foot, a quilting foot, a zipper foot, a zigzag foot, both a 1/4 quilting and a regular quilting foot (with an accompanying quilting guide), a blind stitch foot, an overcasting foot, a walking foot, and lastly, the monogramming foot.


Purchasing the SQ9185 is worth the cash since you also get twin needles with the machine, an accessory bag with loads of extra needles included, a cleaning brush, an eyelet punch, four bobbins and a bobbin clip, a ballpoint needle, a seam ripper, a screwdriver, and additional spool pins. Other features that aren’t connected to machine usage include an operation manual, and an extra DVD.


The machine weighs 9.9 pounds, while its shipping weight is around 16.1 pounds. Machine dimensions include 11.48”, 6.69”, and 16.02”. Shipping dimensions include 14.25”, 12.38” and 19.38”. At a quick glance, it looks really similar to the Brother PE770.


Unlike the traditional sewing machine, it comes with its own compartment which lets you store in the necessary tools you will need to start, resume, or finish up your work, like those extra needles, a pin cushion, a thimble, etc.


Like plenty of modern sewing machines nowadays, the SQ9185 relies on technology for it to work. And not only that, it’s also a handheld sewing machine. It’s very lightweight, allowing you to bring it with you wherever you go. This just adds to the machine’s versatility. The machine’s LCD display is just amazing, and is perfect for being used during nighttime. The machine lets you take a closer look at the stitch of your choice, including its official number, how long the stitch is in general, as well as its width. You can adjust the settings of your stitch with the help of a push button.

Its stitch machine has its own quick-set, jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin, making it fairly easy for you to transfer the thread around the machine. You can easily fix ripped or torn clothes using a blind hem stitch, or build a nice home décor project, thanks to the dozens of features you can find in this lovely sewing machine. Its sewing and quilting features are highly useful as well. This is a machine that has at least 130 built-in types of stitches, so you can never run out of options every single time. Some of the included stitches here are heirloom, decorative, and utility.


Thanks to its array of accessories, including eleven types of feet, the SQ9185 can handle both the simplest and toughest projects you have ever faced.


A free arm is located right at the back of the machine, excellent for handling sleeves and cuffs.


Not only that, it comes with its own working table in case you need to handle bigger projects like fixing or stitching gowns, quilts, or blankets. The various types of speed control let you work at a pacing that’s more productive and comfortable at the same time.





Just the box alone is already filled with loads of info regarding this machine. And not only that, it also comes with a very detailed manual that’s sure to answer all of your burning questions about the machine. If that’s not enough, you can also get to see how the machine really works through the instructional DVD. Setting up the machine is a breeze. Despite the SQ9185 being one of the lighter sewing machines out there, it completely solves whatever task you may have regarding clothes. In fact, its so powerful it can stitch through several layers of quilts. This is probably the most perfect type of sewing machine since it only weighs nine pounds, allowing you to bring it wherever you go. It’s also got a warranty cover of 25 years.


These are the 130 variants of stitches that you can use for the fabrics. The motor has enough power to produce at least 850 stitches per minute. And like we mentioned earlier, the needle can pass through many layers of fabrics. There’s also a wonderful variety of stitches that come with it.


An additional space comes with the working table, which can be helpful when you’re dealing with large quilts or dresses. Threading using the SQ9185 is easy to use. Despite passing through various layers of fabric, or tougher types of fabric, the stitch quality remains top notch – Just make sure you use the right kind of needle when handling it. There is an accessory package included, which has its own walking foot.

The only drawbacks that come with the SQ9185 are the lack of the presser foot adjustment, as well as the monogram being too small for some users. There’s also no option to fix the monogram stitch size. But the types of stitches, the excellent stitch quality, the modern look and feel, and its dozens of features make up for it.

Pros: Plenty of features and stitches, all which have excellent stitch quality. Children as young as twelve can also use this.

Cons: Only creates small monograms. There’s no pressure foot adjustment. 

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