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Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine Review


Do you want to find a sewing machine that’s highly efficient but won’t place a dent in your wallet? Then the brother xl2600i is perfect for you. If you’re still a newbie when it comes to operating or handling a sewing machine, it’s no surprise that you’re feeling a bit hesitant about spending lots of cash when it comes to buying the best sewing machine – Especially if this sewing machine is your first. At the same time, you want to make a decent investment and not spend plenty of cash over a shoddy machine that breaks down after five uses.

And if you’re still a novice when it comes to sewing, you most likely don’t want to feel too overwhelmed when it comes to a sewing machine’s dozens of options and features. So it’s always great to keep things simple at first. Pick a machine that only does occasional work, especially if you don’t even plan on completing big-time tasks every single day. But you must not compromise on quality too much.

Maybe you need a sewing machine that you can take anywhere with you. You probably want to enroll, or have already enrolled, in a sewing class, or maybe you have a dressmaking shop and want to bring your machine with you to be able to create new clothes wherever you go.

You’re also probably too excited to check if your brand new sewing machine is highly durable, and will be able to handle any type of stitching task you assign it. You obviously don’t want to purchase a machine with hard-to-find parts, easily breaks, or is very high-maintenance.


The brother xl2600i is one of the more affordable sewing machines on the market today. This basically means that you’ll able to receive all of the amazing advantages found in Brother’s sewing machines, without placing a huge dent in your wallet or bank account. For those who aren’t too familiar with the brand, Brother, a Japanese-based company, is known as one of the leading manufacturers of sewing machines from around the globe, alongside Singer and Janome. Brother has gained a huge reputation for producing top-notch sewing machines, such as the Brother SQ9185.

The XL2600i has a very simple look –However, it’s filled with loads of features which allow you to operate it as soon as possible. You can pretty much do all sorts of stitching jobs thanks to this machine, and there are absolutely no restrictions whatsoever. You don’t have to deal with lots of complex interfaces as well. In short, the XL2600i is a machine that lets you focus on your sewing projects from start to finish.


This model has easy-to-use controls. Complicated tasks are easier thanks to this machine, such as using the bobbin, or slipping the thread inside the needle.


The model comes with everything you need to perform a basic type of sewing project – So you no longer have to go to the nearest crafts store and spend money on additional needles, bobbins, thread, etc. Some of the accessories that come with the XL2600i are needle sets, bobbins, and five types of sewing foot.


Some users are pleasantly surprised by the number of features that this monogram machine contains. For instance, there’s 25 types of built-in stitches, allowing you to receive a decent selection of design patterns that you can affix onto a current or future sewing project.


You can pick the best stitch of your choice by rotating a selector dial. Pick your favorite stitch just by turning it around –This can be quite a decent change, especially if you’re so used to sticking flash drives inside a machine’s USB portal to upload your own stitch creations.

Another great advantage of the brother xl2600i is the fact that it’s absolutely lightweight – Weighing only 11 pounds. This allows you to carry the machine around, wherever you may go. This is great if you’re the type of sewer who’s always on the go – And want to take your machine with you to different locations. Its light weight also saves you from potential backaches when you want to store the machine somewhere.


This model comes with lots and lots of advantages. Apart from its affordable price which allows you to save your cash to buy anything else you want, there’s another feature in the XL2600i that people like – Its simplicity.


In general, the brother xl2600i is fairly easy to use, allowing you to save plenty of time to do other things. One of the main features for this heavy duty sewing machine is the singular-step buttonhole stitch, as well as the buttonhole foot. These two will let you build button holes in whatever size you prefer, and in turn, allow you to attach these buttons to your clothes.


And you no longer have to worry about messing the needle or the bobbin itself, since the machine does everything for you.

When you compare the brother xl2600i to other models from the same company (like the Brother PE770) or made by other sewing machine giants, it’s not hard to see that the former contains twice the amount of features. You’ll definitely get more than whatever you’ve bargained for, and you no longer have to go to your nearest crafts store to look for spare parts for your machine.

You’re probably thinking ‘there must be a catch here somewhere’. Why is the XL2600i so affordable and good at the same time? We all know how that feels. But when you’re an experienced sewer, you definitely know that an affordable machine doesn’t always have to be of bad quality, and this particular model is concrete proof of that statement.



Not only is the machine lightweight, it’s highly durable as well. It lasts so much longer when compared to other pricier, bulkier models. It’s also capable of stitching through the toughest fabrics. Feel free to sew through leather, denim, or velvet without any hassle of jammed needles. And if you don’t rush too much, the machine can do a wonderful job of stitching things.



Since this handheld sewing machine is super lightweight, you can move it around with you – This is excellent if you’re currently attending, or want to attend a sewing class, or if you want a change of scenery while finishing a project. And if you’re too concerned about the machine getting dents and bumps while you’re on the move, then you can place it inside a durable carrying case. This case comes in handy when you’re planning to travel via bus or plane.

The XL2600i is truly one of Brother’s simplest, yet most high-performing machines. When you compare it to other models such as the Brother CS6000I and the Brother HC1850, you’ll discover that it doesn’t carry too much features. But this is actually a great thing for new users, since you won’t feel too overwhelmed while using. It’s also the best machine for home projects. And at $100, this particular model is one of the better options around.



Also included is a top drop-in bobbin, as well as an automatic needle threader – A feature that elder sewers will most likely appreciate. That’s because this completely removes the pain of threading, and you can start doing your projects immediately.

And finally, this Brother sewing machines is sure to represent an excellent value for your cash. Whenever you think about the fact that the XL2600i can do plenty of things for only a small amount of cash, you’ll find yourself answering the question as to why it’s such an affordable machine in total.


Firstly, there’s the brand name – Brother is known to be one of the most trusted sewing machine manufacturers ever. The machine is also perfect for both newbies and experts. And not only that, there’s already a bunch of accessories that come pre-packaged with the machine itself, so you no longer have to purchase them from somewhere else.

Second, the machine is durable and can stitch through the toughest fabrics and perform the toughest stitching tasks, or sewing machine repair tasks. It’s lightweight, allowing you to transfer it around to wherever you like. So not only is the XL2600i excellent for brand new users or those who are new to stitching, it’s also recommended to those who want just a tiny bit of simplicity when you’re sewing something. This is a must-buy if you’re looking for those traits.


Highlights include the 25 stitches available for all of your sewing needs – Including garment, heirloom stitches, decorative stitches, and quilting stitches.


Pros: If there’s one thing that we really like about this model, it’s the fact that it’s highly affordable, as compared to other sewing machine for sale – A typical sewing machine from Brother can cost a pretty penny. It’s definitely worth the price since it produces firm and great quality stitches. And not only that, it comes with lots of accessories, and a detailed manual.


Cons: Several users thought that the machine was too simple for them – Since it utilizes a dialer if you want to select a particular stitching or pattern type. It doesn’t even have a display screen. This gives the impression that this model follows the style of ancient, traditional sewing machines. 

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