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Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine Review


This is a review about the latest sewing machine from Brother, called the XR9500 PRW. It also goes by the name of the Limited Edition Project Runway machine.



The Brother XR9500 PRW contains 100 types of utility, heirloom and decorative stitches, all built into the machine. This is a machine that is filled with lots of features, allowing you to use it for embellishing your clothes, fabric, or other sorts of items made for home decoration. It also lets you create the most beautiful patterns for quilting, if you’re into that sort of thing. The XR9500 PRW is also a computerized sewing machine, containing a large LCD screen at the back, for quick and simple stitch selection.

This heavy duty sewing machine is pretty much perfect for nearly every sewing level out there – No matter if you’re a beginner, or an expert. In fact, it’s so easy, you can start using it as soon as you take it out of the box. And on the other hand, some of the more seasoned dressmakers and seamstresses will be able to enjoy and appreciate the XR9500 PRW’s fully-automated features, its assortment of automatic buttonholes, built-in stitches, as well as a quilting table made for quilts and other sorts of larger projects you want to tackle.

We have actually read plenty of raves coming from those who were lucky enough to use this machine – This includes parents who have taught their children how to sew, or professional dressmakers, or even young teens who want to teach themselves how to make clothes for a potential future career.



The Brother XR9500 PRW contains lots of accessories and features, as mentioned earlier – Typical of most Brother sewing machines. This machine has at least 100 types of unique built-in stitches, including at least 55 variants of alphanumeric stitches either for simple monogramming and lettering.

A good thing to remember when using this particular machine is that it’s actually one of the more affordable sewing machines out there to include a letter font.

There are 100 stitches built in together with the XR9500 PRW, so you can have plenty of choices for each and every sewing or stitching need you might have.

The machine holds a wonderful combination of decorative, utility, and heirloom stitches. It’s got a nicely-lit LCD screen that lets you pick the type of stitch you prefer for your project, thanks to their unique flip-stitch.

Found inside these built-in stitches are eight various portions of one-step automated size buttonholes. In case you’re not too familiar with how a one-step buttonhole works, this is actually a convenient feature found in most Singer sewing machine models. It allows you to build buttonholes as fast, accurate, and as simple as possible – Every single time.

You just need to attach the buttonhole presser foot then modify the size to your liking to build customized buttonholes, which are all taken after whatever type of button you intend to use for your project. This is one of the Brother XR9500 PRW’s best features, and allows you to create a buttonhole in under a minute.

The presser feet with this machine include the zigzag foot, the overcasting foot, the buttonhole foot, the button sewing foot, a zipper foot, a blindstitch foot, and a monogramming foot.

Over the years, Brother sewing machines have had built-in presser feet which you can get for other techniques when it comes to collecting fabric, which includes bias tape binding, attaching invisible zippers, and so much more.

The accessories that come with the machine include an accessory pouch including a needle set, a twin needle, a huge oversized table made especially for quilting, a ball point needle, three bobbins, a spool pin, an additional spool pin, a seam ripper, a screwdriver, a hard cover, an operation manual, a power cord, and a cleaning brush, among others.

Simply put, the machine is littered with lots and lots of amazing accessories, including its own hard cover – A perfect addition to a machine such as this one. This cover can help you protect the XR9500 PRW and bring it with you wherever you go.

People who will use this machine will love its versatility – It’s the best option for daily sewing projects, as well as more advanced types of quilting projects too.

One more thing that they will love is the machine’s simplicity, making the XR9500 PRW one of the best sewing machines for beginners. However, another thing that impressed us was the technology and quality that made it perfect for seasoned dressmakers.

We also have to mention how quiet the machine is, which is another advantage.

To sum it all up, the Brother XR9500 PRW is a good machine for those who want to save up and purchase the sewing machine of their dreams – But at the same time refuse to spend at least $200 bucks something so small. Its also the best choice for sewers who want to replace the old, clunky machine that they have and instead want to go find a more modern one with all of the whistles and bells put into it.



Not only is the XR9500 PRW highly affordable for a sewing machine, but it’s also got some wonderful features too. This includes good needle positioning, an automatic needle threader, speed selection, 100 variants of stitches, quilting capabilities, both numbering and lettering fonts, and its own carrying case.

People who have used this machine can’t imagine outgrowing it, especially since they have been using it for so many years.

You can purchase the XR9500 PRW on the official Amazon Website – But if you happen to be a member of Amazon Prime, the machine will be delivered to your door in a span of two days.



We actually do recommend you using this machine, especially if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime. It’s got loads of benefits found above the two-day free shipping on plenty of other items from the Amazon store.

One more advantage when it comes to ordering from Amazon is that you may sometimes encounter a box deal on household objects, including sewing machines (although some of them are used but in excellent working condition). Buying one can save you at least $20 up to $50. We ended up purchasing an old sewing machine (the Brother HC1850 to be exact), and we’ve never had encountered any issues with it.

Amazon is filled with plenty of reviews from the XR9500 PRW, which allows you to make the ultimate decision of whether you want to purchase it or not.

A good alternative option to get if you find this machine too expensive is the Brother CS6000I, which contains the same number of features as the XR9500 PRW. It’s got 30 built-in stitches, no speeding control, no quilting board, and can save you up to $30.

The Brother CS6000I can help you enjoy the plenty of benefits of being able to sew right in the comfort of your own home, without having to shell out too much cash. This is an entry-level machine that is commonly used inside sewing classes, since it contains a good advantage of becoming one of the most lightweight sewing machines in the market right now. When it comes to the attached stitch designs, the XR9500 PRW carries two times the amount of stitches as the brother xl2600i and the Brother Project Runway C55055. And what’s great about this is that it comes with a whole array of features such as a huge table for bigger projects, including quilting.



The XR9500 PRW is, without a doubt, one of the most popular sewing machines out on the market today – Although it does have a few disadvantages. There are a couple of users who discovered that the light was a tad bit too dim for them to use inside a darkened room. There were also issues regarding the adjustment of the tension’s setting, since one wrong move ended up in the creation of poorly-formed loops. We even read a review somewhere in which the user complained that the thread kept getting jammed up and made weak and poor quality stitches – But thankfully, this is only an isolated case. Apart from those three major drawbacks, the machine has received generally positive reviews from the rest of its users.

This machine weighs at least 9.9 pounds. It’s also one of the lighter ones found in the market today – Allowing you to carry it around easily, wherever you go – Making it handy to bring with you in sewing classes. Apart from that, the XR9500 PRW measures at least 20.3 x 12.7 x 17.6 inches, so it’s small. You can carry it with you and utilize it in nearly every single room of your house. You can even place it on a coffee table if you want.

Apart from the fact that it’s small and compact, the machine is also sturdy and doesn’t move a centimeter even while in use. This ensures a comfortable and smooth sewing motion.

Pros: Changeable sewing speed, has its own hard cover, alphanumeric font is included for monograming, contains a broad assortment of needle position, has automatic needle threading.

Cons: Not suitable for heavy-duty sewing.

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