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Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine Review



Despite coming from an obscure brand, the Consew 206RB-5 might look familiar to some. A quick look at some of the previous reviews have shown that this machine is actually a bigger version of another model, the Consew 206R.


This model, the 206RB-5 is heavier, bigger, and therefore, much more equipped to deal with a tougher and challenging task – Including repairing boats, automobiles, and furniture upholstery. This includes tents, sails, tarpaulins, sports equipment, camping equipment, umbrellas, awnings, shoes, luggage, purses, and other things. This is also a great option for repairing coats and apparel.


A quick look shows that the machine is big enough to be placed on top on a full-size table. The 206RB-5 contains plenty of features that aren’t available on the portable 206R. A couple of these features can be found on the Consew 206RB-5 mainly because it can be mounted on a table.


These features contain a separate bobbin winder as well as a bobbin storage compartment. This compartment is located on the right side of the machine itself. There’s also an on-board ruler and a lamp together with a cone thread stand. The stand is meant to hold up to two additional cones of the thread simultaneously.


Apart from those enhancements, the Consew 206R, which can only perform straight stitches, has a space for an extra-large bobbin which you can affix onto the machine. There’s a huge reverse stitching lever, a changeable stitch length measuring 10 millimeters, and a centralized lubrication system that can surely make regular fixing and maintenance sessions fast and easy.


The changeable length of the stitch is located on the left side of the column. The gigantic reverse stitch lever is directly located under the stitch adjustment control. The closeness regarding these two controls not only makes it efficient, the full design is ergonomic too.


Features of the 206RB-5 include an extra-long stitch length that measures 10 millimeters (that’s roughly 2 and a half stitches per inch), a giant bobbin, an extra high presser foot, a safety clutch, centralized lubrication, a gear-driven type of hook mechanism, changeable forward and reverse lengths. There’s also a changeable feed dog and needle plate, a locking stitch regulator, and a drop feed.


Accessories that come with the 206RB-5 include a set of presser feet and needles. These can both be interchanged with Consew’s other models, including the Consew 226R-2, and the Consew 255RB-2.

Threading your 206RB-5 and winding that bobbin up isn’t too much of a difficult task for those who are used to working on the industrial-type sewing machine, or any other older version of sewing machine. This entire process is actually easy to learn. The 206RB-5 runs on a whisper-quiet Server motor that carries a full advantage over a machine that operates on a clutch motor.

Thanks to the motor installed on an industrial-type sewing machine, the noise level inside a workroom is lessened that it’s really quite possible for you to hear a pin drop when it’s switched on or on idle mode.

Much like other Consew sewing machines, when the 206RB-5 is engaged, there is plenty of noise produced: But not to the point where people would consider it to be highly bothersome and too loud for their liking. The machine also vibrates, but not so much that it ends up interfering with how it runs, or any of its finished products.

The quality of the stitches produced is very superb. This is most likely expected when you decide to work with a singular function machine. Whenever the machine does just one thing, you should probably expect it to do that one thing really well. This is definitely the case for the Consew 206RB-5. That’s because every stitch, no matter what type of length you choose, comes out with pure perfection and accuracy.

The 206RB-5 can work on the following fabrics: Denim, upholstery, suede, leather, natural fibers (such as wool, linen and cotton), fur, canvas, twill, reptile skin, plastic, rubber, and additional layers or thick types of fabrics. Do not use the machine on knits, synthetic fabrics (like polyester, blends, and rayon), or fine fabrics (examples include velvet, silk, satin, and taffeta).

Accessories include additional needles, additional bobbins, an oil dispenser, three types of screwdrivers, two double-headed wrenches, a spool pin, two kinds of hex keys, a knee lifter, extra screws, parts manual, and an owner’s manual.

The Consew 206RB-5 can pretty much deal with all sorts of materials, including heavy weight and lightweight fabrics, suede, leather, and multiple layers of thick or heavy fabrics. It can also power through canvas, upholstery fabric, sail cloth, twill, fake fur, and all weights of laminated and vinyl fabrics ranging in size.

Sewing through a project with the help of the 206RB-5 is lightning fast, not to mention, comfortable. It’s got a sewing speed capable of producing more than 3000 stitches every minute. This idea can be quite intimidating to those who aren’t too accustomed with working on an industrial-type of sewing machine. There are dozens of sewing machines out there built for industrial use, but they don’t really work as fast as this one does.

The heavy-duty walking foot and the giant bobbin makes it possible for you to work for longer periods of time without having to frequently stop and change the position of the bobbin itself.

Pairing up the table-mounted bobbin winder with the bobbin storage tray with it is a bigger type of advantage since it allows you to wind together multiple bobbins while you sew. You can have as many bobbins as you like, depending on the magnitude of your task.

The truth is that working on a project with the help of the 206RB-5 isn’t that much of a challenge, especially for those who are more used to working on manual sewing machines. The instruction booklet that comes with the machine isn’t really that much of a help either, which is a tad bit disappointing.

Just like all of the other manuals written for Consew’s line of sewing machines, as well as other sewing machines manufactured in Asian countries (like Japan), the manual has been written down by people who are not exactly fluent in English. The spelling, the grammar, and the sentence structure can be challenging for some, to say the least.

Once all of this has been said and done, we’re pretty certain that the 206RB-5 is still a highly dependable, reliable, and purely industrial sewing machine that is a definite asset to any business, workroom, or home.

If you want to create shoes, luggage, handbags, or if you specialize in sewing fabrics for upholstery (for automobiles and furniture), the Consew 206RB-5 is the best sewing machine that can fulfill all of your needs. The fact that it can even power through sailcloth and all weights of suede, leather, and vinyl is one of the reasons why this is a must-buy.

The machine’s got a highly affordable pricing and its quiet Servo motor makes it the best choice for any busy sewing room – In particular, a very busy one in which noise can become too much of a distraction for the user. The perfect quality of its stitches, as well as the fact that the machine can create stitches measuring 2 and a half inches in length, makes it the best choice for those who are more into large-scale sewing tasks.

Even though these aforementioned two-inch stitches aren’t necessarily required for all sorts of dressmaking or sewing projects, especially at home, they still happen to be an absolute necessity for those who want to work on special projects instead. It can also be used for businesses who are more into manufacturing certain kinds of specialty products.

If these sewing projects happen to be a tad too bulky or large to be tackled by sewing machines at home, then you must take a closer look at the 206RB-5 because it’ll surely handle tasks such as these.

And if you run a business that requires these kinds of sewing machines, and can power through at least 3000 stitches each minute, as well as sew through extra thick layers of canvas, leather, suede and vinyl with pure ease, then you have to take a look at the official Consew dealer or pay a visit to your nearest Consew store to request for a demonstration of the machine the next time you happen to be searching for a brand new sewing kit that you can add to your workroom.

One thing you have to be careful with when it comes to using this machine though is to be sure that you’re comfortable with using a machine of this sort before you buy it. The instruction booklet, as mentioned earlier, won’t do you any good in case you want to take a look at it while setting the 206RB-5 up, or if you want to operate on it or maintain it. Any problems might occur while this machine is running, so you have to be prepared.

Consew     $500+

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