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Janome 1600P-QC Straight-Stitch Machine Review


The Janome 1600P is exactly what you expect it to be – A sewing machine for your house with all of the added benefits of a powerful industrial machine.

But after you read all about the machine in the official Janome Website, you will soon learn that this is, in fact, a sewing machine capable of producing straight stitches designated for pure home usage. It contains all of the outward appearances that come with the typical industrial sewing machine. This includes features like cone thread stands, heavy-duty type of metal construction, and it’s a purely singular-stitch sewing machine.


But there are certain 1600P owners out there that have seemingly noticed that the machine also possesses features found on the average home sewing machine. Namely: On-board threading guidelines, an automatic thread cutting feature, needles that move in an upward and downwards direction, as well as stitch-locking buttons. There’s also a variable speed control slider located on the top and a gigantic reverse stitch lever. Also found is a thread-cutting button located on the right side, together with a stitch-length adjustment dial.


The Janome 1600P contains the usual features that are only exclusively found on industrial-type sewing machines, together with features that so many home sewers have come to purely depend on.


Features include:

  • Memorized needle up/down
  • High-functioning needle
  • Side-loading industrial rotary hook
  • An extra large working area measuring 8.85” x 5.5”
  • Two LED lights
  • Industrial-type thread take-up lever
  • No oil holes found on the bed
  • Sealed bearings found on the shafts
  • There’s at least eleven pounds of pressure coming from the presser foot
  • Industrial pretension threading
  • A thread diagram printed on the machine’s front side
  • A diagram for bobbin winding printed on the top of the machine
  • Liquid-response footing control – You won’t experience any stalls here
  • A synchronized thread tension lever
  • There’s also a variable stitching length measuring up to six millimeters
  • Quiet operation without any external motors
  • A metal attachment setting plate is included here too
  • The length of the stitch can go up to six millimeters
  • Synchronized thread tension lever

It’s actually easy to thread up the Janome 1600P, and the same can be said for winding the machine’s bobbin. These two tasks are simplified thanks to the easy-to-follow diagrams found on the machine itself. These will bring you throughout the entire process from the very beginning, to inserting the bobbin inside its case and mounting it on top of the race hook.


Changing up the length of the stitch, as well as adjusting the machine’s tension are just as simple as fixing the tension dial located on top of the needle, or moving the stitch length slider towards the right side of the machine itself.

What makes the Janome 1600P different from the other machines out there is the fact that it runs similarly to a heavy-duty industrial sewing machine – Meaning the machine works super quickly, faster than other kinds of home sewing machines out on the market today. Its motor is also quiet, and you won’t feel too much vibration while you’re using it.

Because the Janome 1600P can only produce straight stitches, the sampling stitches made for this review were also very simple. We have adjusted the variable speed slider, as well as the stitch length adjustment dial. The long and short stitches were both tight, well-formed, and had a very sturdy finish to them.

The machine can work on the following fabrics: Natural fibers (like cotton, wool, and linen), Fine fabrics (example: taffeta, velvet, satin, silk), knits (medium and heavy ones), synthetic types of fabrics or blends (such as polyester and rayon), and upholstery. Other applicable fabrics include canvas, twill, fur, reptile skin, suede, leather, rubber, plastic, and additional layers of fabrics or extra thick fabrics.

The Janome 1600P is a single-function workhorse with no frills or other fancy, hard-to-understand features. People who have purchased this machine aren’t disappointed with the set of accessories that come with it.


These accessories are: Bobbins, two sets of presser feet, a hemmer foot, a straight stitch foot measuring 1/4 inches, a set of industrial needles, a lint brush, two kinds of screwdrivers (one big, one small), a spool cap, a spool holder, a spool net, a knee lifter, an owner’s manual, and an accessories casing.

Apart from those items, the 1600P also has its very own extension table for larger projects.

The Janome 1600P isn’t meant for rookie sewers and mere beginners. This sewing machine works very quickly. Even though you can change the speed to produce over 800 stitches every minute, this was purely meant for high-speed types of sewing. And by keeping these things in mind, the machine isn’t recommended to be used by those who are a tad bit intimidated by its power.

Even though it’s still very easy for you to learn how the machine works, we do not suggest this machine for use of anyone who is still trying their hand at sewing or dressmaking. Despite all of that though, the on-board threading and the guides for bobbin winding are both completely useful.

Once in a while, even the most seasoned home sewers do require a bit of teaching, especially in regards to learning how to thread a machine they’re not even that familiar with.

A sewing machine that only produces straight-sewing stitches, much like the 1600P, is perfect when it comes to working with the most heavy and durable kinds of materials such as canvas, leather, and thick variants of vinyl. Some of us can actually picture the machine inside a sewing room in which the owner enjoys creating things crafted from leather, like bags, shoes, jackets, or wallets.

If this is your thing, or expertise, then you might want to find a machine that is able to deal with these specialized kinds of heavy-duty jobs. The Janome 1600P is most likely the machine for you.

But if you’re still searching for a machine that is willing to give you loads of decorative stitches or perform dozens of other different things, or if the spacing located inside your sewing room is limited, then you might want to go searching for other machines instead.

The Janome 1600P is a nice and heavy-duty machine, encased in a metallic body. This is a machine that can only produce straight stitches. Unfortunately for some, it only has the capability to perform one stitch. Still, it does a very good job at producing those straight stitches. Because it only stitches in a singular direction, the needle plate only has one tiny hole in it for the needle. So it’s very likely that the fabric will be pulled down right into it.

This machine works very quickly – It’s one of the qualities that people love about it. There’s three speed settings available: The names are sitting bunny, turtle, and running bunny (not kidding!). The machine can produce around 1600 stitches each minute. Those who love to sew a lot (and those who like fast-paced sewing machines) will surely love the 1600P.

Another favorite feature here has got to be the separate bobbin winding motor, as well as the thread path. You no longer have to resort to un-threading any machine or stop right in the middle of your project in case you want to wind up a brand new bobbin.

According to most owners, the most commonly used presser foot for the 1600P is the 1/4 foot, which comes with its own removeable guide. There’s also a narrow straight stitch foot available with the machine. This particular foot is really small, and is best used for topstitching tasks. The next foot on the list is the walking foot. Not only is it sturdy, it does its job really well. And lastly, there’s the adjustable zipper foot, which you can move to both sides of the needle itself.

These owners have also mentioned that they never really took advantage of their previous clunky industrial-type sewing machines, not even using some of its simplest features. However, they have been taking complete advantage of them thanks to the 1600P. You can use the machine’s automatic thread cutter for practically everything. One thing that’s enjoyable about the machine is how this feature lifts up the needle when it’s done cutting through the fabric. This could really come in handy when you want to stitch together two pieces of fabric.

Because the Janome 1600P is known to be a semi-industrial machine, it does run pretty loudly. Placing it on top of a folded quilt can probably help lessen the amount of noise it produces. Or you can just purchase an MP3 player and a pair of wireless headphones to wear when you decide to use this machine.


  • Can create stitches of a professional quality while still bearing the look and feel of a home sewing machine


  • Can only produce one type of stitch (straight stitch)
Janome     $500+

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