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Janome 30 Stitch Computerized Magnolia 7330 Sewing Machine Review


We have used so many of these Janome sewing machines over the past couple of years – But have actually only owned a few. An expert sewer is expected to find either one or two of the following sewing machines right inside her home: A PE700 embroidery machine, a Janome 7700 sewing and quilting machine, a Juki serger, as well as a Janome Magnolia 7330. The final one in this list has been used for years, and has contributed to a whole variety of sewing projects including tablecloths, clothes, quilts, and pillow cases, among others. Thanks to this, we’re pretty certain that the Magnolia 7330 is a durable machine and there are plenty of experts out there that can provide you with the best kind of advice in regards to this machine. But before we could head on over to the review, here are a bunch of features that are included with the Magnolia 7330.


The Janome Magnolia 7330 includes the following features:

  • Six types of automatic singular-step buttonholes
  • Both LED and LCD computer screens
  • 30 kinds of built-in stitches – Not a lot going on
  • A stitch speed control slider
  • An option that lets you change the width and length of your stitches
  • 15 types of needle positions
  • An additional high presser foot meant for thicker kinds of fabrics
  • A built-in automatic needle threader
  • Great feed dog system
  • Up/down memory for stitches
  • Start and stop sewing buttons – You no longer have to depend too much on the foot pedal

The Magnolia 7330 is sturdy, and weighs an average of 18.2 pounds.

Can a mere rookie utilize the Janome Magnolia 7330? This particular machine is one of the more advanced models in Janome’s Magnolia sewing machine series. This series is highly popular amongst both intermediate and rookie sewers. Not only are the machines from the Magnolia series known for their quality, power, and reliability, they’re also known for being user-friendly. Rookie sewers would have no problems with learning the basics of stitching, sewing, or dressmaking thanks to this machine. The computer that comes with the 7330 is also quick and easy to set up. Meanwhile, its LCD screen can inform you exactly the type of selection you have made for your upcoming project. The bobbin-winding, automatic threading, buttonholes and the feed dog system features are also very easy to use, and you can do it all with just a singular push of a button.


How exactly does the Magnolia 7330 work? The machine may look nice, but it’s not a delicate flower. In fact, the Magnolia 7330 carries a very powerful motor that has the ability to push that needle through many layers of thick fabric. People have used this particular model on several kinds of upholstery fabrics without encountering a single problem, or even getting the feeling that the machine was on the verge of breaking down because of too much usage.


One of the nicer things about the Magnolia 7330 was that you no longer have to use a foot pedal. There’s a plain upwards/downwards button, as well as a start and stop button that is in charge of the needle itself. The only thing you have to do is to position that fabric beneath the presser foot, and lower down that needle with the button of your choice. The next step here is to lower the foot. Then you just press ‘start’ and off you go.


The machine also comes with a whole heap of decorative stitches. You no longer have to purchase an additional embroidery machine in order to obtain gorgeous sets of embroidery or create your very own embroidery work on one of your past or current projects. The Magnolia 7330 several stitching options that make it super nice and exciting to play with.


Of course, we really can’t do a review without telling you how the machine works. It’s pretty much obvious by now, but the only thing we can say about the Magnolia 7330 is that it does a pretty spectacular job. Not only is the machine whisper quiet, it can an excellent set of stitches (both embroidery and regular ones). All of the projects created using the machine have looked like they were made by professionals.


How does the machine look like? There are dozens of Janome sewing machines out there that are always ready to complete the job. However, only a handful of them will look good as they finish up that current project of yours. The Magnolia 7330, much like the other sewing machines in the series, carries a beautiful and stylish look to it. Its general layout looks highly functional, while the design of the case is gorgeous with all of the right grooves and angles. There are slight touches of pink and yellow found in the machine’s flower design, while the word ‘Magnolia’ is etched onto the side. The word may be written in a rather fancy, feminine font, but not overly so. In fact, the machine itself looks wonderful on a sewing table.

This machine is excellent for both intermediate and rookie users, as we have mentioned earlier. The Magnolia 7330 incorporates dozens of features, and has a speed control that lets you grow with the machine along with your knowledge and skill in sewing. There’s not a lot of things we dislike about the machine itself. Perhaps the only complaint here is that it doesn’t come with its own carrying case – But other than that, it’s a beautiful machine nonetheless. Another advantage here is that the Magnolia 7330 isn’t that pricey either, and you can purchase your very own Tutto sewing case that could serve as a home for your machine.

So to sum everything up, the Janome Magnolia 7330 is highly dependable, does the best kind of superior stitching work, and comes in a highly reasonable pricing for both its features and the quality of stitches it produces. A machine of this caliber priced at less than $400 is just purely astounding. If you do decide to purchase a machine like this, then you will not regret it.


One of the very first things that is sure to catch your eye about the Magnolia 7330 is the gorgeous floral motif. The machine itself is completely embellished with three yellow flowers that surround the word ‘Magnolia’.


Found on top of the machine are several thread guide decals, as well as a speed slider. There’s also a clear-colored bobbin cover together with a start and stop button, an upwards and downwards button, and a stitch lock button. The Janome Magnolia 7330 also contains an on-board LED lighting, as well as an LCD screen that could show off the numbers of the stitches. Also included is a stitch guide located on the machine’s front panel.


Guides for winding up the bobbin and the on-board threading feature make up the full set process meant for the Magnolia 7330. Everything is completely easy. The see-through bobbin cover, as well as the drop-in bobbin, are perfect for user-friendly sewing techniques.


The entire process of choosing the stitches is also very quick and easy. The machine’s menu button will bring you over right away to the stitch selection guide, or the width and length adjustment options. The stitches are fully shown on the frontal panel alongside the accompanying number shown on top of the stitch display, and the presser foot identification number underneath it.


The stitches that were taken as a sample during this review are all faithful to the Janome brand. Each of them came out wonderfully – Clean, perfectly formed, sturdy, and not to mention well-defined.


The accessories that accompany the Magnolia 7330 are all kept inside the board casing which you can take off to show off the machine’s free arm. Apart from that, removing said accessories case is perhaps the only way here for you to reach the machine’s drop feed slider, which can be found at the backside of the free arm.


We think it would be great if the people at Janome who decided to move this function from the front side of the machine will be able to get the hint that the new positioning is much worse than the previous one.


It’s actually impossible to attach a singular button without having to pass through all of the unimportant steps of getting rid of the accessories tray, having to reach all the way to the back of the machine for the free arm, then going through the whole process in a reverse order once you’re done.


  • Meant to be used by beginners and intermediate sewers
  • The stitch speed controller is also one of the best options meant for rookies as well
  • High clearance of the machine’s presser feet
  • Completely durable and reliable
  • Machine is powerful and strong
  • Comes with a giant working area
  • Stylish and pretty outer appearance


  • Doesn’t have its own carrying case

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