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Janome 8077 – An Honest Review


When looking at different sewing machines, do you find yourself confused at the more advanced one? Or perhaps you’re looking for a kids sewing machine? While there’s the Brother PE770 and Brother SE400, even though Brother is a trusting brand, we cannot seem to look past the Janome brand. In this particular review, we’re going to take a close look at the Janome 8077 sewing machine – if you’re  a beginner, then this machine is definitely something you should consider. Even if you’re an experience sewer, the machine is still for you …

This computerized sewing machine is for people of all walks of life, beginners and advanced.  Looking at reviews, we find many reviewers taking a sewing machine and classifying it as only for beginners – this is a lot like going up to a first-time homeowner and saying “here, here’s a starter house for you.” If you already have plans to get something bigger and expensive later, it’s only a beginner house or machine.

If the first house or machine you purchase is capable of fitting your needs for many years to come, then it’s not considered a starter home or machine, is it?

Is the Janome 8077 going to be a good fit for you? Regardless of how long you have been sewing, we personally feel that this might just be your next sewing machine …



Most seamstresses, and we can relate to this one, don’t exactly look forward to having to take time in order to set their machine up for a new project – they like doing the project though. The technical stuff, like threading the needle, winding the bobbin, adjusting the tension, grabbing the bobbin thread, and all of that not-so-fun stuff just gets in the way of all the fun of actually sewing.

That’s what we like about this sewing machine – with it, all of those startup tasks will be easy.

Bobbin Winder


You’ll be happy to hear that this machine right here has an automatic bobbin winder – isn’t that good news? All you have to do is push the bobbin winder to the right – the auto-declutch mechanism will automatically stop the needle. From there, it winds the bobbin and when the bobbin is full, it stops.

With this machine, you will receive a total of four bobbins – this means you will be able to load four different colors or types of the thread, without having to take time to manually unwind one of them in order to reuse it.

Bobbin Thread

After you have taken time to thread the bobbin, you can place it in its correct location, then put the see-through cover on.

If you would like to draw up the bobbin thread, all you have to do is raise the presser foot lifter, then turn the power switch on. From here, make sure you hold the needle thread with your finger as you’re pressing the Up/Down needle button two times to pick the bobbin thread up.

To bring up a loop of the bobbin thread, all you have to do is draw up the needle thread. In the end, slide around 4 inches of both threads under the presser foot. 

Do you see how simple it is?

Needle Threader

 When you’re threading a needle, normally, you would have to strain your eyes in order to try to fit that super thin thread into the eye of the needle – some people simply cannot do this due to various reasons. With this sewing machine, you don’t have to worry, because it has an automatic needle threader ….that is good news.

How does the automatic needle threader work? First, pull down the needle threader. From there, you place the hook and pass it in front of the needle. Once you pull back, it will almost feel like a magic trick when you see that your needle is threaded.

Transparent Bobbin

The Janome 8077 comes with a transparent bobbin cover – this cover gives you the opportunity to see exactly how much thread you have left. If you are able to keep an eye on it, you’ll never have to worry about running out of thread again when you only have a couple of inches left to go on your project. On the same note, you won’t start a new project only to find yourself left with little to no thread on the bobbin. So yes, the transparent bobbin does come in handy.

Horizontal or Vertical?

For top threading, the instructions are easy to follow. There’s a horizontal top thread delivery methods, which is useful for eliminating the number of times the thread breaks. Many prefer the horizontal method over the vertical delivery due to the fact that thread feeds through more smoothly.

Bobbin Jam Resistant


Beginners and experienced sewers have started out with other sewing machines, only to run into their material jamming up in the machine – the end of the fabric is always the catch, which causes a major headache that we all want to do without.

Here’s the good news! The Janome bobbin system is jam proof. Do you know what this means? This means you won’t have to waste any more of your precious time, sitting there in order to unclog your fabric from the machine.

LED Screen Size

The screen size on the Janome 8077 is a tad bit small, but it’s bright enough so that you can read what pops up on the screen. The biggest reason you’ll need to look at the screen would be to select and set one of the built-in 30 stitch patterns.

Stitches Available


Okay, so this sewing machine may not have hundreds of built-in stitches, like some of the other more expensive sewing machines currently on the market, but personally, we feel that the 30 you get are good enough.

There’s also six one-step buttonholes that you will be able to choose one, so you don’t have to worry about your size not being there.

There are also a couple of decorative satin and quilting stitches that you will be able to work with Of course, you also get the most important utility and garment construction stitches also.

Selecting the Stitches

When it comes to selecting which stitch you want, it’s pretty easy. Basically, to select the stitch you would like to work with, all you have to do is choose the number (this is what shows up on the screen). On the screen, you will also be able to set the length or the width of your stitch. After you press the “mode key,” which will bring up this option, from there, all you have to do is push the “plus” or “minus” button, which will increase of decrease the size of your stitch. As you see, the machine was built to make sewing a breeze.

As for the width and length of the stitches, you can have a width of 7 millimeters and a length of 5 millimeters – this is for certain stitches.

Free Arm


With the free arm, you will be able to do shirt sleeves and pants legs. We know many of you like this feature.

The Buttonholes

As we mentioned before, there are a total of six buttonholes available. In this section of the review, we’re going to take a look at the type of buttonholes.

Square Buttonhole – If you want the square buttonhole, simply select stitch number 16. This is great for medium to heavy weight fabric.

Round-End Buttonhole - Stitch number 17 will give you the round-end buttonhole. This is great for children’s fabric (mostly fine to medium weight).

Keyhole Buttonhole - Stitch number 18 will bring up the keyhole buttonhole. This is good for thick buttons on denim or medium to heavy weight fabric.

Stretch Buttonhole – Stitch number 19 will give you the stretch buttonhole.

Knit Buttonhole – Stitch number 20 offers the knit buttonhole.

Antique Buttonhole – Stitch number 21 can be used to make an antique buttonhole.


The Downfall


Unfortunately, this machine does not have an automatic thread cutter, but personally, we do not feel that is too big of a deal, because cutting thread is pretty easy. There’s a manual cutter located on the back of the machine, on the left. If for some reason you need to have an automatic thread cutter, there are other machines on the market that offer this, but they may lack some of the other features the Janome 8077 has.



If you’re currently looking for a good sewing machine, then we highly recommend the Janome 8077. With the 30-built in stitches, 6 buttonholes and automatic threader, you really cannot go wrong. The money you will spend on this sewing machine is well worth it.


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