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Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine Review


The Janome Coverpro 1000CPX is a type of specialty sewing machine that can work with up to three needles at the same time, and uses up to four spools of thread in one go. This particular machine has been designed to assist home sewers everywhere with achieving the best kind of professional results with plenty of ease.


Even though the 1000CPX isn’t meant to perform the usual functions found in the average sewing machine, it has now gained so much popularity with homeowners everywhere.

The Coverpro 1000CPX has been specifically created to provide home sewers everywhere with a great amount of versatility. It lets you save plenty of time and energy intro your works, and allows you to stitch and sew new clothes, home décor items, and accessories with a bit of added flair and give off a finished and professional look to your sewing projects.

Coverstitch machines are pretty much a brand new thing in regards to home sewing rooms. In the past, these machines have mostly been utilized in either industrial sewing centers, or inside sewing factories. But much like the average home serger, so many home-based sewers are now learning that the coverstitch machine is actually one of the better assets you can purchase for your sewing room at home.

Coverstitch machines are the best kind of time-saving options. They are meant for topstitching, along with pintucking a limited amount of decorative stitching choices for your project. Coverstitch machines are also much easier to thread as compared to a sewing machine or even a serger. In fact, plenty of serger models out there also provide the same qualities and features mostly found in coverstitch machines.

Even though plenty of high-end sergers found on the market today make it completely possible for you to finish off that same effect, these machines are completely recommended for the most advanced kinds of sewers with a broad amount of serging experience. That’s because there are plenty of steps needed to assemble a serger, just so it can perform the same amount of tasks and carry the same amount of energy specific to a coverstitch machine.

If you use a coverstitch machine, you’ll soon learn that it’s not really that important to take out the blades or even any of the unique rethreading techniques that are deemed necessary for a serger to achieve the best kinds of results.


A quick look at the 1000CPX shows that it is actually a combination between a serger and the traditional sewing machine. It’s got four thread spindles with its own extension rod, to handle thread cones as well as individual tension dials. This gives off the impression that it is a serger – However, the working table makes it seem like a regular sewing machine.

But upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the 1000CPX actually contains three separate needles – Another trait of the average home serger.


However, there’s one thing about the 1000CPX that has left a good impression on its owners everywhere – You can find easy to understand graphics on the front side, and all of them provide some really detailed interpretations on how the machine can perform several variants of stitching options. This isn’t associated with the amount of needles or thread cones, or the machine’s identity of whether it’s a standard sewing machine, a serger, or some sort of weird hybrid combination of the two machines. This is the reason why the Janome Coverpro 1000CPX stands out from the remainder of the competition.

The typical features that come with the 1000CPX are all created to further improve the general home sewing experience. This makes it highly possible for every home sewer out there to create some highly professional-looking clothes, accessories, or home décor pieces with pure simplicity in a short period of time – And without exerting much effort.


The features of the 1000CPX include three types of stitching options. The first one involves a singular needle with two thread chain stitches. The second deals with two needles and three thread cover stitches. And finally, the last one has three needles and four thread triple cover stitches.

There’s also a free arm, an additional large working table for bigger projects, a differential feed, an exclusive seam tightening system, and a built-in thread cutter.

So many of us were pleased to find out about how easy it is to thread the 1000CPX. It’s not really that complicated to do this task, as compared to any other serger that has been released so far. Threading with the 1000CPX is twice as easy since Janome was kind enough to include a color-coded threading guide, as well as a setup guide found on the inside of the looper cover. You can also find this on the front side of the machine itself.


These handy guides will not only inform the users on how threading the machine works – But it also teaches you how to set up the tension dials, as well as the needle positions that are supposed to be meant for a certain function.

Naturally, this information can also be found on the instruction manuals that come with the machine, but the entire process is made much easier since these instructions are now right in front of our fingertips.

STS, also known as Janome’s Seam Tightening System, is an exclusive feature found only inside their sewing machines. It utilizes a spring instead of a looper tension dial that gets rid of the additional looper thread looseness. This makes it completely possible for you to obtain a completely flat and tight stitch on normally thick fabrics, including wide wale corduroy and denim.

The main controls meant for this function are conveniently found right underneath the coverstitch tutorial guide, right on the front side of the machine. This feature, is, by far, one of the best and most user-friendly machines we have had the pleasure of working with. Whoever came up with the concept of the Janome Coverpro 1000CPX deserves a reward.

And despite the fact that we weren’t actively trying to find this specified feature, we were delighted at the fact that there was some additional space found underneath the needle.

Since a sewing machine requires you to change the position of the needle too often, or to change from one type of needle to another to be able to complete stitching options, this is one of the best things about the 1000CPX since changing needles is a dangerous task. However, there are still a couple of extremely dexterous sewers out there that are still very much skilled in moving a bunch of needles from one position to another.

Apart from that, the aforementioned large sewing space, which measures 4” x 5.5”, makes it completely possible to create top stitches and perform a whole variety of coverstitches right inside the middle of the garment with pure ease.

We also liked how Janome even considered the positioning of the presser foot lifter when the 1000CPX was being made.

After having to work with dozens of sergers and sewing machines, so many owners were pleased at the fact that they finally gained access to the presser foot lifter on this machine, without having to feel around it using their feet, or to temporarily move their attention away from their project to try to locate it physically.

This is also applicable for those handy dials that allows you to change and control both the width and length of the stitch itself, just right above the power switching.

There’s also an exclusive Janome Superior Needle System that informs you that Schmetz ELX 705-type needles are meant to be used only with the 1000CPX. In case you don’t know what those are, the Schmetz ELX 705 is a needle that is only meant to be used by industrial machines. These needles are created specifically to be sturdier as compared to the other sewing machine needles which are designed for pure usage in coverstitching machines, and with longer grooves on both the needle’s front and back sides.

You can only use the 1000CPX on the following materials: Natural fibers (like cotton, wool, and linen), fine pieces of fabrics (velvet, satin, silk, taffeta), knits, synthetic kinds of blends and fabrics (such as polyester and rayon), upholstery, twill, and canvas.


The accessories that come with the 1000CPX are all meant to assist the user in completing the best kinds of results for their projects every single time they use this machine. The accessories include a hemming guide, an adjustable seam guide, three types of presser feet, additional needles, elastic gathering attachments (a narrow one and a wide one), a pair of tweezers, a screwdriver, and a needle threader. There’s also an instructional DVD and a casing for said accessories.

As much as the Janome Coverpro 1000CPX is considered to be revolutionary, some users would be completely remiss if they heeded the warnings posted by Janome in the instructional manual.


  • Quick and easy to thread
  • Creates specialty stitches
  • Simple to understand on board tutorial graphics


  • Not much options for usage
Janome     $500+

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