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Janome HD3000 Mechanical Sewing Machine Review


Ah, the sewing machine. Never has a small type of equipment been so efficient, capable of repairing rips and tears in all kinds of fabric in a matter of seconds. With the sewing machine, you can create and fix clothes, curtains, rugs, hats, and what-not, without much effort – All you have to do is to place the thread in the proper position, and there you have it.

The Janome HD3000 might not be the cheapest sewing machine on the market right now, but it’s definitely worth the money. A top-range model, this particular model has been created to last long, after years and years of heavy-duty usage. With the Janome HD3000, you can be certain that there’s no other sturdier model out there. This particular model can last for years and years on end – And this is most likely the reason why it’s one of the best choices out there for fans of sewing, or those who rely on dressmaking and repairing clothes to earn an income.

At first glance, the HD3000 looks pretty much the same as plenty of the other sewing machines found on the market. There’s a board stitch guide that shows the various stitching options the machine can use, alongside the sliders that have the ability to handle the stitch’s width and length.





This is a machine that’s just teeming with a whole assortment of amazing features – Features like adjustable tensions, built-in stitches, a handy drop-feed, and many sizes of buttonholes. This machine is so sturdy, it can handle pretty much every type of fabric out there, even the toughest and most fragile ones. The Janome HD3000 might look like a very complex kind of machine and made for professionals, but even those who are new to the sewing game can use this. And since it’s a completely mechanical sewing machine, this is a model that’s easy to use.



The Janome HD3000 also happens to be a monogram machine. What’s that, you ask? A monogram machine is pretty much a good entry point for those who choose to do their sewing businesses at home, or those who want to venture into the world of commercial dressmaking. Monogramming deals overlaying symbols and texts over fabric, in order to create a type of representative image – However, nowadays, monogramming is frequently associated with a person’s initials being woven into the fabric – And this is the perfect point for a rookie to start up their upcoming embroidery or dressmaking businesses.


Since it carries the Janome brand, this machine holds the reputation of lasting for a very long life – As long as you take good care of it, that is. The machine has a hard-shell cover which allows you to take it with you wherever you go, which can definitely come in handy if you take dressmaking, sewing, or embroidery classes.


You can find a board tutorial panel right above the machine. Also located here is the oversized reverse button, found on the lower side of the front panel. A quick look at the needle plate shows the seam guides pasted on two sides of the needle. The drop-in bobbin is encased in a transparent plastic cover, letting you easily see the amount of thread that you’re using with the bobbin.


And when it comes to general usage, the Janome HD3000 has its own dial which allows you to pick which type of stitch you want to apply to the fabric. And with its aluminum casing, the machine is highly durable and can withstand plenty of scratches and damages.





As compared to other sewing machines from the same company, such as the Janome HD1000, the HD3000 has its own built-in needle-threader, a snap-on presser feet along with a foot pressure adjustment, and a reverse stitch lever. You can choose from at least eighteen stitches in total. It also has its own one-step buttonhole.



With the HD3000, you can find the following features: A one-step buttonhole, a seven-piece feed dog, a push-pull bobbin winder, a reverse stitch lever, a horizontal full rotary hook bobbin system, a foot pressure adjustmment, and a stitch selection dial. With the dial, you can pick from at least eighteen different stitches (which is similar to the Brother SE400 sewing machine)

As much as possible, try taking good care of the machine by lubricating it on a regular basis. Wipe its head with a soft damp cloth, or maybe just a soft cloth. You’re also supposed to clean the feed dogs and race hook at least once a week. But if you’re a novice and you’re still unsure how to clean the machine, then take it to a sewing machine repair professional, who can assist you. The more you use the machine, the more you should clean it.



Other features that come with this mechanical sewing machine are push-and-pull bobbin winders, and an additional high-presser foot left. It comes with its own light, if you plan to use this during night time – Although it’s only got a manual needle threading system.



In total, the HD3000 measures 15” from top to bottom, with a maximum stitch of 6.5 mm. Overall width on each side measures 19”. Meanwhile, its overall depth from the front side to the back is 10”.


However, as much as we like all of the HD3000’s amazing features, it does come with a couple of drawbacks – With most of them involving the machine’s buit-in light, located right by the needle. A lot of people who have purchased this product have discovered that its lighting system wasn’t aligned properly. This resulted in the built-in light being rather dim, and not good enough to be used in a pitch-black room. Because of this, the machine was only used during daytime. Apart from that, owners have also reported about the work table size being too small. Thanks to the table’s size, you can’t do much projects with the machine, especially when you’re handling big pieces of fabric. Despite all that though, the HD3000 is still considered as one of the top sewing machines on the market today.





You can fit all of your tools into this nice compartment, which you can attach and detach to the machine if needed.

While using the machine, we had our very own reservation when it came to stitching a set of buttons to fit into buttonholes. The machine’s sleek feel also gives it a nice look, and adds a bit of a modern feel to every room. And not only does it look great, it’s also user-friendly as well. If you’re looking for a brand new sewing machine, then the HD3000 is for you. It’s so versatile, it handles every type of user out there, no matter if they’re new or an experienced sewer or dressmaker.



The HD3000 is definitely not a light machine – It weighs at least 19 pounds. It’s actually heavier and bulkier as compared to the Janome 2212. However, people should already expect this because the machine comes with plenty of features, and is considered as one of the sturdier industrial sewing machines out there.


And because of its hefty weight, the HD3000 is far from small. But the good news is that it comes with a pristine white hard-shell carrying case made from pure aluminum steel. This makes the machine easy to carry around wherever you go, allowing you to bring it to your dress shop, sewing classes, etc. The case also comes in handy when you’re travelling by vehicle.



The HD3000 comes with a set of detailed instructions, which gives you the basics regarding the different parts of the sewing machine, the eighteen stitches you can use with the HD3000, as well as which stitches go well with which type of fabric. The instruction booklet comes in two languages. This makes the HD3000 the perfect type of sewing machine for beginners.



To enhance your sewing experience, the HD3000 comes with the following tools:

A blind stitch hem foot, a seven snap-on presser foot, an automatic buttonhole foot, a zigzag foot, a zipper foot, a transparent buttonhole foot, a hemmer foot, and lastly, an overedge foot. Other accessories include additional needles, a lint brush, additional bobbins, a manual, a hard cover case, a screwdriver, and a seam ripper that is excellent for easy stitching jobs.



The packaging is filled with tons of accessories, much like your typical sewing machine. This includes the Quilting Bar, the Lint Brush, the Blind Hem Foot, the different kinds of screwdrivers, the seam ripper, the spool pin, the needles, the spool holder, and so much more.


You can purchase these darning foots and convertible even feed foot set at a hardware store near you, in case you’re still having trouble with the pedals.

Those who are using the HD3000, or a sewing machine in general, for the very first time will be delighted to learn that the machine is completely mechanical. That’s because you won’t have to deal with all of the complex options which normally come with the average sewing machine. The HD3000 allows you to navigate your thread throughout the machine, allowing you to start on your sewing project as soon as possible.



There are eighteen stitches to choose from with the HD3000. You can enhance this through using an easy-switch knob, allowing you to browse through all eighteen of these stitches. Each one comes with its own unique design. To gain access to these stitches, you just have to rotate that dial knob, and it’ll directly go to the stitch of your choice. It’s that simple.


The second easy-to-use feature for this machine is the easy-thread lever. Sometimes, placing the thread around the entire machine can be a challenge, not to mention dangerous, especially when you get to the part of inserting the thread through the eye of the needle. So instead of having to struggle hard with this task, you only have to press down the lever to be able to switch on the mechanism, which easily slips the thread right through the needle’s eye.

The HD3000 is equipped with a rather huge lever, which you can find right in front of the machine. A lot of users actually do enjoy this feature, since they can use it to enforce the various kinds of stitches that come with the machine. One more advantage that comes with the free-arm lever is that you can easily use it to stitch and sew sleeves, legs, cuffs, hems, and other hard-to-reach areas. And if that’s not enough, you can also utilize the HD3000’s foot control, which is perfect for handling tougher fabrics, like leather and velvet.




With the HD3000, you no longer have to struggle turning the hand wheel, which was commonly found on old-school sewing machines. If you like sewing or dressmaking, you can use the machine to its complete potential, especially its auto-declutch bobbin winder – This was built to replace the hand wheel. So if you want to use this machine, you just need to move the winder over to the machine’s right side. This simple gesture can immediately stop the bobbin winder from functioning.


Yet another one of the machine’s excellent aspects is the precise control setting – This feature is actually found on most of Janome’s newest designs – A sign of their professionalism throughout the years. The control setting gives off a more modern and polished look to the machine itself, as well as with your projects. Just like most of the HD3000’s features, it’s got the advantage of being really accessible to the user.

In short, the HD3000 is one of the  best sewing machines currently on the market. Not only is the stitiching excellent, it also works efficiently. Even older children can use this, as long as they know which direction the thread is supposed to go.

The HD3000 can handle the following fabrics: Cotton, linen, wool, natural fabrics, silk, taffetta, satin, knits, upholestry, rayon, polyester, blends, suede, and fur. Do not use the needle on velvet, leather, plastic, reptile skin, canvas, rubber, and twill. It’s also not applicable for multiple layers of fabric.

Pros: Excellent stitch quality, easy to use and good maintenance, can last for several years, and works fast.

Cons: You have to adjust the tension manually.

So when you compare the HD3000 to other types of sewing machines, such as the Brother, the former falls flat especially in regards to the types of stitches. But thanks to its huge size, modern design, and assortment of features, you can be sure that this machine is always ready to perform every type of stitching and dressmaking activity. 

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