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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing Machine Review


There are plenty of good and bad things worth mentioning about the Janome 12000. After a quick look, you might assume that the Janome Memory Craft 12000 looks the same as any other typical sewing machine out there. But upon closer inspection, you will notice something unique placed right on top of the needle itself – A small magnifying glass.


Also included with the machine is a gigantic working area which you can remove to show off the machine’s free arm. There’s an accessories case that you can open up without having to take away that working table, as well as a whole series of easy-to-find function buttons: Including a start and stop button, a reversal stitch, a presser foot upwards/downwards, a button for snipping thread, a needle that goes upwards/downwards, and a pattern stop. And right above those buttons is a speed control slider, just located a little over to the right.


Each time you lift the top of the machine, you can gain access to the bobbin winding mechanism, as well as the threading feature of the 12000. There’s a very quick reference for your stitching selection guide.

Underneath this section, right on the front side of the 12000 is a light that pops out and illuminates the needle plating or the etched seaming guide. This, placed together with the huge seams, are just a couple of the many reasons why the Janome 12000 is known to be one of the top-notch sewing machines on the market at the moment. It’s so easy on the eyes, you might even be tempted to set aside those glasses and continue working on a project without them.


The Janome 12000 is filled with lots of features that so many people can only imagine of having in their own sewing machine. The usual ones that come with each and every produced Janome machine include: 425 kinds of built-in utility, embroidery, and decorative stitches, along with 13 variants of one-step buttonholes, 338 built-in embroidery designs, 10 fonts that include European characters, and lastly, 2 and 3 letter monogramming functions.


Other features include a built-in needle threader, an AcuGuide automatic cloth guide, an automated presser foot lift, a seven-piece feed dog, a Stitching Composer stitch creation program, drop feed, a start and stop button, a speed control slider, a retractable high light and AcuView Magnifier, and an automated adjustable hoop positioning, among others.

Much like all of the other Janome sewing machines out there, threading the 12000 and winding up the bobbin is potentially the easiest when it comes to a lot of user-friendly systems released to the market, no matter if they happen to be new or old.


Apart from the pop-out light and the addition of the magnifying glass feature on top of the needle, this whole thing makes threading and sewing twice as easy. The same can pretty much be said for picking up those stitches. Users will get the choice of just touching their preferred stitch setting with the LCD screen.

If you want to gain access to stitches that you can’t find anywhere else on the touchscreen, all you have to do is to utilize that digital dial just by moving a finger right inside a red circle located at the bottom side of the touchscreen, until you have found the stitch that you want for your project.


The quality and type of stitches produced by the Janome 12000 is just outstanding. We’re not too sure if we have seen stitches of the same quality on other sewing machines. And in the same vein, the quality of these stitches look a tad bit similar to the stitchwork found on vintage machines that are only capable of rendering the simplest zigzag and straightened stitches.


You will easily marvel at the simplicity of creating a scalloped stitching pattern on a piece of fabric. Storing those personalized stitches inside your machine’s memory is just as amazing: Users will get the option of saving the stitches that they like, the ones usually found on the machine’s hard drive, or even on a USB memory stick that you send through your computer.

Each time you get the option of saving a stitching sequence right into the memory of the 12000, you will either get the option of saving it using your own preferred file name, or assigning the machine to name it instead.


Among the dozens of presser feet found inside the 12000’s accessories kit is a border guide foot. When you lock this foot into place, it could build uniformly-spaced rows of endless stitches in one go. The first thing you have to do if you want to achieve this is to pick a stitching pattern. Next step is to sew the first row, the second, then the third. The third step is to put in the guide channel over the row, and place it right in between the two red lines.


The machine’s border guiding foot includes its own guide channels found on both right and left sides of the needle. This provides you a never-ending amount of flexibility in regards to building evenly-spaced rows filled with beautiful and decorative kinds of stitches.


Apart from the 338 variants of embroidery stitching patterns, you can gain access to a whole heap of embroidery stitching choices thanks to the Janome Digitizer MBX software. This feature contains photo imaging, plus an unlimited amount of choices through clipart plus lots of other embroidery patterns located online.


Sometimes you do get tempted to question why anyone in their right mind would even want to utilize their own stitching patterns, apart from the ones already pre-loaded into the machine – Especially when there’s hundreds of them in there. You get to pick between 338 variants of embroidery designs. Sometimes we find it very difficult to believe that you would still feel the need to incorporate additional stitching patterns in there, especially since you can use the Digitizer MBX option to modify the original patterns, put together elements hailing from two or more designs, and throw in some text with only a couple of clicks from your mouse.


The entire process is made quick and easy thanks to Corel’s own brand of technology. Even though there haven’t been any attempts to utilize this kind of technology on the Janome 1200, learning how the entire process works is simple and easy. Practically everybody who has had little to no experience when it comes to Word Art, Bitmap images or software like Photoshop will still be able to enjoy the Digitizer MBX, in case they want to construct their own set of gorgeous embroidery designs in a matter of minutes.

And if that doesn’t satisfy you, the Janome 12000 even carries one of the largest embroidery hoops made especially for home usage. Janome is known to be one of the very first sewing machine makers to provide its clients with a real kind of embroidery feature, both useful for businesses and home sewers.


Even though other sewing machine makers do provide top-notch machine embroidery capabilities with the aid of another embroidery table connected to the machine, this is solely meant for embroidery purposes. Plenty of embroidery and sewing machines normally cannot handle basic sewing tasks when a feature meant for embroidering has been included in.

Janome’s own patented embroidery system isn’t meant to interfere with all of the 12000’s other features.

The embroidery arm located on the machine itself is one of the biggest one there is. It allows users to build their own personalized embroidery designs measuring up to 9.1” x 11.8” without feeling too concerned about the fabric either shifting or slipping.


Here are the accessories equipped with the Janome 12000. Keep in mind that these are actually twice as impressive than its usual extended list of features: 43 kinds of presser feet, an inch seam measuring 1/4 inches, a straight stitch option, a flex also measuring ¼ inches, ditch quilting, flex dual feeds, a flex holder and foot, two kinds of flex holder feet (a singular one and a twin), a standard zipper foot, an invisible zipper foot, and a flex foot (singular). Other accessories include an applique, an automatic buttonhole, two kinds of beading feet (a narrow one and a wide one), a binder, a blind hem, a button, a border guide, and a cleaview quilting foot, among others.

Both the quilting and embroidery projects made with the Janome 12000 are nothing short of phenomenal. Plenty of quilting trends have come and gone, but the ones created by sewing machines like the 12000 are a definite cut above the rest. It works wonderfully with all sorts of thread, even metallic ones – As well as pretty much every specialty thread coming from the best thread makers.

The 12000 is practically one of the best embroidery machines on the market today.


  • Connects to your computers in real time
  • User-friendly software
  • Can work alongside those huge embroidery hoops


  • A tad bit on the pricier side
Janome     $500+

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