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Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine Review


It’s pretty much a known fact that Janome is one of the best sewing machine manufacturers at the moment. This Japanese company has gained a very good reputation for creating good quality products. A highly popular option for this company is their famous Janome Magnolia 7318 sewing machine. This is a machine with its own arrangement of features, which could prove beneficial to some users. The machine weighs 17.2 pounds, and is perfect for quilting, sewing, and creating lots of home crafts.


The Magnolia 7318 has 17 stitches in total, and a four-step buttonhole. The types of stitches are all made with the simple turn of a dial. This dial can also be used to adjust the length of the stitch too. The maximum length you can reach with this stitch is at least 4 millimeters long. The Magnolia 7318 also sports a front-set reverse leather in case you want to lock those stitches in place. The machine features a manually-activated thread tension control. There’s also a handy thread cutter that you can find beneath the face plate. This particular model comes with a 25-year warranty.


There are a couple of reasons why the Magnolia 7318 does stand out amongst other Janome sewing machines, such as the highly-praised Janome HD1000. You can place the bobbin beneath the plastic covers, which will greatly come in handy if you constantly run on a tight schedule. You can take a look at how much thread is left on the bobbin at any time you like, without having to open up the case. The bobbin winder is also very easy to use. A lift of the presser foot is so much higher as compared to the ones found on other models – This is actually excellent when you’re creating fixes or improving something that involves thick fabrics, like coats. There’s also another feature here that’s rightfully impressive, and that was the availability of overcasting stitches, which results in perfectly smooth edges on your work.


We confirm that the Janome Magnolia 7318 is a very versatile machine. It’s perfect for sewing and other forms of small quilting projects. Some mothers have used it to make dolls for their children. Simply put, it can deal with both the most mundane and complicated tasks you put it through, and can powerthrough almost every fabric there is. And not just that – The Magnolia 7318 can also pass through fabrics that have a glossy or textured surface. It’s very quiet too.


This sewing machine gives off the most excellent performance you can imagine, thanks to its strong motor. It’s got a very stable construction too – And works at a rather fine speed. The stitches produced by this machine are all straight, and look pleasing to the eye. The machine’s automatic thread cutter, in particular, is highly useful for achieving perfection when making clothes. It’s a machine that works wonders, simply put.


One more thing we enjoy about the Magnolia 7318 sewing machine is that you can also bring it everywhere with you, thanks to its light weight. It is indeed very light, weighing only 17 pounds. It’s also highly compact. The machine has a retractable handle that is also strong, apart from it being highly ergonomic. We did like the fact that we can bring it anywhere we go and enjoy our favorite hobby – Making clothes.


The machine does have its drawbacks – First off, the drop feed is actually found at the back of the machine instead of front. This means that you’re going to have to get up if you want to adjust the feed. If you have placed the machine on a bigger table, this could mean more walking. This isn’t considered a huge issue, but it could annoy certain people.


Another con we have noticed here is that the supplies, as well as the additional accessories made for the Magnolia 7318 aren’t really available in stores as compared to other Janome brands like the Janome 2212. But we don’t think this is a serious problem either – We can still find all of the necessary part, although hunting for them in stores will take a longer while.


So is the Janome Magnolia 7318 easy to use? We’re pretty certain that this model is one of the most user-friendly monogram machines out there. We also like the instruction manual that came with it, since it details pretty much everything, beginning from the setup to the machine’s maintenance, and even talks about how the stitches are made. The manual teaches you how to completely use every single feature that came with the machine. Changing the bobbin is also easy, as well as the selection process of the stitches themselves. The pedal responds nicely too, and is very simple to use.


The Magnolia 7318 has three additional feet apart from the main one, however, it still works nicely with the other parts of the machine. In fact, they don’t even have to come from the same brand – All that is required are the standard designs and size found in almost all sewing machines. When you have chosen your preferred stitch for your project, the needle must be placed in the highest position. This way, the stitches will come out straightly, and not have to worry too much about it looking messy.


After comparing this machine to the rest of its contemporaries, we have decided to purchase the Magnolia 7318 and it’s safe to say that we made the right choice here. We’re delighted that we ended up picking this machine thanks to its stable performance. And not only that, the manual was simple to understand too. Setup only takes less than an hour, and fixing the bobbin was anything but difficult. We have been using this model for the past couple of months now if we want to work on simple projects like stitching or repairing children’s clothes or making a small quilt, and we didn’t experience any of the issues that came with the machine. As of now, we haven’t done any form of troubleshooting – Or replaced broken needles. This just speaks volumes regarding the quality of the machine itself.


So is the Magnolia 7318 worth the price? The pricing of the machine will correspond to how good the stitches are produced, as well as the machine’s performance reliability. But you will easily be able to acquire plenty of other stitching options with lots more advanced and automated features when using it. In recent years, the competition between Janome and other renowned sewing machine brands (Juki, Singer, Brother, etc.) has become fiercer than ever and everyone is giving so much more for less cash. In this case, the Magnolia 7318 could’ve been paid for a lower price. And if does come cheap, we suggest that you save up and buy it because it’s definitely worth it.


It’s not hard to see that the advantages, pros, and cons of the Janome Magnolia 7318 greatly outweigh all of the cons and drawbacks that come with it. The accessories and components that come with the machine are priced at a top-notch quality. The machine itself has a sturdy build, and gives off an excellent performance. And not only that, it’s also versatile, allowing you to use it for a long time. Not a lot of flaws are found in this machine, although we do think that it could’ve come with other fancier features and stitches including the ones based after computerization – But we feel like adding those aspects will just increase the machine’s general price. To sum it all up, we believe the Magnolia 7318 sewing machine is one of the best heavy duty sewing machines out on the market today, perfect for both experts and beginners alike who want to find a little bit more inspiration when it comes to building all sorts of projects.

The Magnolia 7318 is absolutely perfect for those who are only learning to sew and make dresses. And it comes in an affordable price as well – It’s a machine that brings in the same unique form of modernized technology and precision which has earned Janome their good reputation. It definitely costs so much more as compared to another leading sewing machine, the Juki TL2010Q – But they do carry the same types of functionalities and definitely does not skimp on the weight and size to reduce the cost of manufacturing it.

We assume that the main objective of these machines is to provide you with a lower-costing alternative minus having to sacrifice the production value, since this could also reduce the life of the machine itself. Since this brand has only been out for a couple of years, it’s still too early to tell if they will be able to hold up wonderfully.

Since the combination of utility and decorative stitches, along with the machine’s drop feed system, constructing garments, home decoration, mending, quilting, and creating free-motion embroidery projects are highly possible with this machine.

Pros: Good sturdy construction, variable needle positioning, a changeable thread tension, drop feed dog system, a top-loading bobbin, and the ability of handling thick layers of fabric and heavy projects.

Cons: Lesser decorative stitches as compared to Brother or Singer models that have the same price. Has no case.

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