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Janome MC 15000 Hard Roller Case Review


It’s not often that a dealer ends up falling in love with a sewing machine found inside their inventory. However, something like this naturally happens with people who end up purchasing the Janome 15000. One of these owners have mentioned that she immediately ended up purchasing the machine right away after seeing it for the very first time. After browsing through Janome’s line of top sewing machines and embroidery machines, it’s not actually that difficult to see why this is so.


For starters, this marks the very first time that we have seen either a sewing or an embroidering machine that comes with its very own tablet. Much like its sister machine, the Janome 12000, the Janome 15000 can also be connected to a computer.

The 15000 includes two kinds of USB ports, a huge touch screen, a variable speed and slide control, and bright LED backlights that can switch colors in order to fit your mood or the scheme of your upcoming project. This also gives it a highly personalized effect to your working area, encouraging you to be more productive.


Included in the machine is an automatic needle threader, a transparent bobbin cover, an on-board selection guide, as well as a whole heap of function buttons.


The 15000 is chock-full of so many features, you can’t just list each and every single one of them without making a reference to the official Janome Website. These are some of the Janome 15000’s many features, according to the site:

  • 500 variants of both utility and decorative stitches
  • Four alphanumeric fonts
  • A memorized needle that goes in an upwards and downwards direction
  • An automatic built-in needle threader
  • An on-board stitch selection guide
  • Seven-piece feed dog
  • Free arm
  • A start and stop button

… To name a few.


Whenever you flip the switch to turn on the Janome 15000, the machine will produce a chime to let you know that it’s up and running. This particular model treads a bit different as compared to the other Janome sewing machines out there. Nevertheless, the entire threading process, as well as winding up that bobbin, are two easy tasks that every beginner can learn in a flash.


But there’s still one special safety feature that has been connected to the whole threading process, and this cannot be overridden by its users. You have to lock the machine itself if you want to do some threading to your fabric.

Why is that? This is solely for your own protection and safety, since the start and stop button is found close to the needle itself. The distance between the start and stop button towards the machine’s needle is actually one of the 15000’s best features. However, you wouldn’t want to hit the needle by complete accident when you’re threading it.


Picking one of the board’s assortment of embroidery designs is just as simple as browsing through the array of options, and using the aforementioned tablet and stylus to choose the design and type of stitch that you like.

Once the tablet has identified your chosen embroidery design, it’ll show up on the tablet screen with the correct measurements, which hoop you have to use for the design, the correct and suitable thread colors, as well as the timing information. At this point, the embroidery is now ready to be sewn onto the fabric.

The finished product, when finally applied to the fabric, looks the same as it did to its onscreen counterpart – Every single detail is also captured here. The sensors have also been programmed to stop before the upper thread or bobbin runs out. This removes all of the importance of trying to look for a perfect place inside your design where there’s an empty spot thanks to the thread running out.

This is all necessary for you to just replace the thread with another spool, then click on the start button to continue your sewing.

Apart from that, you can be certain that the machine will achieve the best kinds of results every time you utilize the 15000, whenever you program it for a certain type or thread, or even the brand of thread that you have used.

The Janome 15000 not only contains the most user-friendly screen out of any sewing machines on the market at the moment, it can also create embroidery designs that normally incorporate up to a whopping 200,000 stitches. This is compared to the Janome 12000 which could only create up to 100,000 stitches. And not only that, the 15000’s motor is very quiet, so much so that you can’t even hear it running while you’re sewing at a very high speed level.

Here are the accessories that come with the Janome 15000: 21 types of snap on presser feet. Examples include a satin stitch foot, a zigzag foot, a concealed zipper foot, a blind hemming foot, satin stitch foot, and an automatic buttonhole foot. There’s also two kinds of dual feed holders and dual feed foot (AD and VD). There’s a straight stitching needle plate, five types of bobbins, a set of needles, an extra spool pin, a screwdriver, a lint brush, some pieces of felt, a seam ripper (also doubles as a buttonhole opener), a quilting guide bar, a button shank playing, a spool stand, a thread net, a pair of scissors, and a cloth guide.

Whenever a sewing machine dealer has plenty of opinions regarding a sewing machine found inside their inventory, you can be sure that this particular model is worth talking. What’s really impressive about the 15000 is that there’s an actual tablet included in the machine itself, which doubles as an accessory. Another piece of equipment here is the 32 GB flash drive, as well as the compatibility with a computer. These are the main reasons why the 15000’s predecessor, the Janome 12000, was such a huge hit with both professional and rookie sewers.

You are also free to use that computer of yours to build your own set of decorative stitches, and produce them with the help of the 15000. Janome has plans to release a couple of these optional accessories that are meant to accompany the 15000. This includes a four-needle cutwork kit.

So many computerized sewing machines out there let out a singular beep to tell you if they’re switched on or not, or whether you have to change the bobbin thread or not, or to simply call your attention regarding something in the machine. Meanwhile, the 15000 lets out a series of melodic chimes as a warning. This tiny piece of detail might be insignificant for some, but it’s things like these that make the 15000 stand out amongst the competition.

If you want to find a decent sewing machine that can fit all of your needs, then the Janome 15000 is probably the one you want.

One of the things that people love the most about the Janome 15000 is that there’s a whole heap of really amazing features included. Janome’s skilled engineers have made these features very simple and easy to use. You no longer have to resort to purchasing a whole stack of manuals and obtain a bunch of operating licenses or degrees to get this machine to work. The 15000 is purely logical and intuitive. You can open up the box, switch it on, and let it do all of the work.

Janome’s motto for their sewing machines is “The easier the tools, the more creative you become” and the 15000 is a proof of that. The tablet that comes with the machine measures nine inches. This is more than twice the resolution that comes with the past models. Its screen has been slightly angled towards you, so you can see the screen clearly. The tablet has a pixel resolution of 800 x 480, with a whopping 16,000,000 colors. The quality is pretty much similar to an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy tablet.


This is the very first tablet from Janome that utilizes your Wi-Fi connection at home. You can download two free apps to your tablet from Apple App Store or Google Play, when you purchase the 15000. The first one is the AcuMonitor app. This lets you keep track of the progress of your entire embroidery stitchout. The second app is the AcuEdit. The purpose of this app is to use your iPad to create or design your very own embroidery layouts, as you lie on your bed or relax on your couch at home. You can also connect the app to your laptop or computer thanks to your home’s own wireless network.

The 15000 contains the biggest sewing bed, as well as the largest touch screen of pretty much any Memory Craft machine. Its embroidery unit is also highly stable and accurate. With each project, you’ll get to obtain unmatched precision and quiet power.


  • Includes its own tablet and USB flash drive
  • Has its own on-screen editing
  • Can practically sew up to 200,000 stitches with every embroidery design


  • Not recommended for use by rookie sewers

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