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Janome MC7700 QCP Computerized Sewing Machine Review


If you have read past reviews regarding most of Janome’s line of sewing machines, then you would most likely get the idea that this Japanese brand is well-liked by millions of people. And there’s actually a good reason why: Janome is a brand that is known to stand by most of their products – And not only that, they do provide plenty of good quality features and units that incorporate some of the latest advancements in sewing technology.


With the Janome 7700, you will have the ability to sew and stitch shirts, create a thick quilt perfect for the cold winter season, or just hem a pair of pants in only a matter of minutes. The 7700 is a machine with loads and loads of fantastic features, and contains over eleven inches of pure working space.

But before we can get on ahead into this review, we will first be taking a quick look at a couple of these amazing features that you can find in the 7700.

Features of the 7700 include the aforementioned working area measuring eleven inches, a machine that contains 250 kinds of built-in stitches, 20 types of memory banks, an LCD screen, a quilt-piecing system, an AcuFeed system, and two kinds of accessory bins. The 7700 can produce at least 1000 stitches every minute. You can even perform exact seam sewing here, without any required measurements. Also included in the machine is an automatic needle threader.



There are so many wonderful features found inside the 7700, and you can all enjoy them to your heart’s content. That aside, this is definitely not a machine that is recommended for rookie users, thanks to its pricing. Instead, the 7700 is something that a professional dressmaker or sewer would purchase instead, and place it inside their home or business.


It’s pretty much a known fact that the 7700 is one of Janome’s best, and is nothing short of amazing.

For starters, the 7700 brings in everything that longtime fans have loved and enjoyed about Janome’s ever-popular 6600P model, and throws in even more features, plus it incorporates several requests that clients have had about the machine itself. The machine does provide the best kind of engineering. As soon as you take the 7700 out of its box, you will immediately notice that not only is it very durable, it’s quite a heavy machine as well. The machine is enveloped in a cast metal frame that gives it the best kind of support – And this is one of the things that you won’t be able to find inside the world’s best sewing machines, or even those old-school traditional sewing machines.

This is pure proof that the 7700 and Janome are a step above the competition, especially in regards to strength and excellent stability.


Each time you sit down at your working area to start or continue a project, you will soon notice that the eleven-inch space gives you plenty of room to create huge quilts, and window treatments. The 7700 even lets you make slip covers from fabrics. This is one of the machine’s features that sadly gets overlooked by most of its owners. The machine contains five bright LED lights, scattered all over three locations on the machine. This guarantees that there aren’t any shadows that hinder the result of your sewing project, or allows you to make all sorts of mistakes. These five lights will help you see each tiny detail of your overall design.

By just the push of a button, you’ll immediately be able to place a thread right inside the needle’s eye, and begin working on that first sewing project of yours. There are still dozens of additional features in the machine that we have yet to talk about – And all of them do make the entire sewing process a tad bit easier.


There’s an additional high pressure foot lifter found in the machine that lets you easily glide in thicker types of fabric beneath the presser foot, so you can start on your sewing. The same foot pressure even lets you switch up to seven levels of pressure, so you can be sure that the fabric never slides out each time you sew.

The plate markings found in the machine allow for quick and easy needle drops, seam lines, and even the cornering guides to be built without having to measure it. All of this can be achieved through the help of a singular cloth guide, that can allow you to make the best kind of seams even on the very first trial.

There’s an automatic plating converter that lets you build singular needle holes right inside your fabric, in case you need them. You will also learn that the APC gives you the opportunity to make precise stitches, which is common in most of Janome’s own sewing machines.


As mentioned earlier, the Janome 7700 contains at least 250 types of built-in stitches. This includes: eleven different groups, three kinds of monogram fonts, eleven buttonholes, hundreds of extra stitches, and ribbon border stitches.

What’s so excellent about the 7700 is that you will be able to see all 250 of these stitches on your LCD screen. So many of them will be proven useful for the average home sewer, however, one must also keep in mind that the 7700 also works as a quilting machine. A quilting machine usually needs twice the amount of stitches in order to keep itself robust and stable.


You can also place in customized stitches inside the machine. In fact, the 7700 allows you to tap into your creative side since you can create your very own stitch designs, which can go up to fifty characters in length. You can even program in a lock stitch right at the beginning if you like, and at the end of the design to make it seem effortless. The 7700 contains at least 20 memory banks that can hold in your personalized stitches. This is a wonderful idea for those seamstresses that really want to build their own unique projects.


The Janome 7700 comes with a whole heap of various adjustments for the machine’s settings, making your quilting projects easy to start, continue, and finish off. First of all, you can use the machine’s own LCD screen in case you want to modify the length of the stitches you create. Also included here is a method that lets you calculate the length of your stitching patterns, right on the front side of your screen. The same method also lets you choose the speed of your sewing.

The 7700 can create a whopping 1000 stitches each minute. However, there’s also the option for you to lower the machine’s speed, and utilize a type of slower speed instead with the aid of a start and stop function.

Another thing that this machine comes equipped with is an adjustable kneelifter. So if you require at least two hands to be able to move a huge piece of fabric around – Like a blanket or a quilt – Then you can simply raise the needle up with your knees. This feature is perfect for those who are into stitching blankets or quilts, or any other large pieces of fabrics.

Sometimes, there will be instances in which you need to tackle on a larger type of quilting project, so you usually end up squishing that large piece of fabric beneath your pressure foot. This isn’t really the case with the 7700. Also included here is a lock stitching key that’s made for the perfect finish. You can also choose to program an automatic threading tie-off right into your combination of stitches for easy and simple ways of sewing, stitching, and quilting.

Whenever you move from one seam to another, you’ll also end up truly appreciating the needle’s automated up and down movements.

And if that still isn’t enough to convince you to purchase this machine, then the 7700 also sports an automated thread cutter that has been programmed right into the machine itself. This immediately snips off the loose pieces of thread and tails to at least less than half an inch, and allow you to pull up the thread towards the back side of the fabric. The hard work has already been completed for you – You don’t need to break a single sweat.

But even if all of these features can be found in the Janome 7700, there’s still one question left unanswered: What about the storage?

On top of the unit, you will be able to push the lid upwards, in which you’ll discover that there are two huge storage bins meant for your thread, needles, bobbins, and such. These bins are highly convenient, since it lets you get started with your sewing activities easily and quickly.


  • Perhaps the most durable and stable sewing machine that Janome has produced so far
  • It boasts an exceptional selection of stitches, and uses loads of adjustable settings
  • The kneelift option is good for quilters
  • Seam precision is the best one


  • Very expensive
Janome     $500+

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