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Janome is an exceptionally-known sewing machine brand that has always produced dozens of durable and dependable types of sewing machines. There are a couple of sewing machines here that have its own set of flaws. The 6600 is a fantastic machine that offers a whole set of features, but it’s not without its own drawbacks.

A complete look at the model suggests that the Janome 6600 is a sturdy and heavy machine that has all of the makings of the average Janome sewing machine. It’s a machine that’s perfect for quilting, applique works, and patchwork. It doesn’t contain a free arm, which could be a potential drawback for a couple of owners. Included within the machine is a mounted reference guide that shows you a full index of the 99 built-in stitches within the machine. This is excellent if you’re new to sewing or if you’re only about to use the machine for the very first time. The 6600 is a tad bit on the heavier side, so moving it from one place to another could be a bit of a problem here.


Much like most of its class of sewing machines, it does contain a whole assortment of functions. We have decided to list down a couple of the features included in the Janome 6600 so you can take a quick look at them right away.

  • 99 variants of standard and decorative built-in stitching choices
  • 7 types of one-step automated buttonhole styles
  • 2 types of alphanumeric fonts
  • An automatic needle threader
  • Knee lifts
  • Twin needle guards
  • Built-in LED lights meant for illuminating your working area
  • Changeable speed controls
  • 5 memory banks
  • Numerical touchpads
  • Mode buttons
  • Help button
  • A backlit LCD screen
  • External dual feed adjuster

All of these features are highly extensive, and are willing to provide its users with a strong sense of durability and versatility, especially when using the 6600.


Accessories that come with Janome 6600 include: 14 types of presser feet. This includes over-edge, rolled hem feet, a satin stitch foot, a blind hem foot, cording foot, overcast, standard buttonhole foot, an automatic buttonhole foot, a 1/4-inch seam, basting and dual feed, and darning. Other accessories include additional needles, a seam ripper, two types of screwdrivers, four sorts of bobbins, a quilting bar, an extension table, and a fabric guide.


It’s not too hard to thread the machine’s needle. In case you’re new to this stuff, Janome was kind enough to include a detailed guide on learning how to thread the needle properly. However, the machine is constructed in such a way that these steps aren’t too hard. The drop-in bobbin function is also quick and easy to install. There’s a separate bobbin winding motor, which pretty much means that you can wind up that bobbin even while sewing at the same time. This is one of the 6600’s best features, since it helps you avoid wasting too much time on the machine.


The machine has its own backlit LCD screen that shows off its remarkably clear lettering, and contains an excellent kind of contrast as well. You will be able to fix that brightness with the aid of a dial, allowing you to take advantage of this feature, even while the room you’re currently in is filled with bright light.

All of the stitching options found within the 6600 are grouped into three categories: Pictograph, utility, and decorative. You can choose the stitch that you want for your project by choosing the mode and placing in the number based on the stitching option guide. This is mounted right near the machine head. This task isn’t too hard and the numerical touchpad is very easy to press down on. You can even put together or edit two or more stitches to increase the amount of stitches that you want to use for an upcoming or current project.


The remaining features of the machine were also excellent. Not to mention other features like the drop feed button, the auto lock, the thread cutter, the up-and-down button, as well as the knee lift, are all wonderful and highly rated by its owners. Others such as the stitching balance adjusting screw, the speed control slider, the dual feed adjuster, the width and length controls, and the stitch elongation are all within your reach and easy to find. The Janome 6600 is very convenient and easy to use. It produces some very top-notch stitches. The machine itself has been constructed to look ergonomic, so working together with the machine is both smooth and seamless at the same time.


The 6600 comes with its own built-in spindles, instead of the usual standard spools. Its LED backlights work excellently, and can illuminate the entire working area. The visual presser foot pressure gauge is also easy to control, not to mention highly intuitive.

Even though Janome claims that this machine can power through both light and heavy kinds of fabrics, we’re pretty certain that the 6600 is so much better at dealing light and medium fabrics instead of heavy ones. Fabrics made from natural fibers – Including cotton, linen, and wool all work very nicely with the 6600. And even the most delicate kinds of fabric – Namely velvet, satin, and silk are also compatible with the machine itself. Other materials like rayon, denim, knits, upholstery, polyester, and twill also work very smoothly throughout the entire sewing process.

Meanwhile, heavy-set fabrics like canvas, leather, even plastic and rubber are practically impossible to be stitched properly. These materials aren’t meant to be used with the 6600.


In regards to maintenance, the Janome 6600 is pretty much a low-maintenance machine. Both feed dogs and loopers must be cleaned thoroughly after every use. The machine head can be wiped away easily since it becomes necessary for cleanup. If you want to extend the machine’s shelf life, you have to keep it maintained and checked by a professional at least once or twice a year, like you would with any other sewing machine. The 6600 will serve you and last for a very long time as long as you keep it well-maintained.

For a wonderful machine like the Janome 6600, there aren’t too many flaws or cons spotted here. But there are still a couple of things you need to keep note on. Firstly, the 6600 is a heavy-duty machine, so the weight might make it hard for you to maneuver the machine around. It is advised that you put it in the place where you want to use it the most, so you no longer have to move it around. In case you do have to relocate the machine somewhere, you might want to purchase a bag or a trolley.

There’s also the lack of a free arm. There are other types of sewing machines out there located within a similar price range. This provides a free arm and the same amount of features found inside the 6600. But because the machine is meant for quilting instead of just plain sewing and embroidering, free arms aren’t really needed here. If you have to work on a machine that can deal with those two things, just purchase a secondary one.

The instruction booklet that comes with the machine is very detailed and thorough. The directions are all clear and concise. There’s an accessories box that comes with the machine, which measures 6” x 6”. This box is small enough for you to carry it around, however, it’s still capable of being able to hold all of the machine’s necessary parts.

Based on the opinion of several owners, we can assure that the Janome 6600 is a highly-recommended machine that can dutifully fulfill the skills of the average sewing or embroidering machine. It’s filled with loads and loads of useful functions, not to mention it’s very easy enough to be used by newbies and rookie sewers. On the other hand, it contains enough features that can purely satisfy any professional sewer. The Janome 6600 is both simple yet sturdy, and carries a very simple look with ergonomic and intuitive buttons, as well as a clear LCD screen. The machine runs smoothly like silk, and is quiet as a whisper. At the same time, it is able to produce crisp and clean singular stitches, thus making your stitch work look so much better. When it comes to the price tag, the 6600 is a pure investment. However, it’s a machine that you won’t have to purchase over and over again.

The machine patchwork, quilting, and applique places pure state-of-the-art functionality right at your fingertips. And it’s highly affordable too. When you mount the guide to the back of the machine head, it makes it possible for you to just glance up for quick and easy access.


  • The machine contains a dual feed
  • There’s a quick reference guide included in the 6600, which you can even mount on top of the machine’s head
  • It can produce French knots


  • Lack of free arm
Janome     $500+

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