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Janome Memory Craft MC300E Embroidery-Only Machine Review


The Janome Memory Craft 300E, also known as the Janome 300e, is priced at around $1000. This particular machine is known to be one of the top-rated embroidery machines out on the market today. Even though it doesn’t usually come with multi-purpose features like other embroidery machines, or even other Janome sewing machines like the Janome Horizon 12000, the 300e is highly affordable, especially considering its brand.


Thanks to the Janome 300e, so many sewers and dressmakers will be able to gain benefits for their projects due to the 100 built-in embroidery designs, as well as the three kinds of alphabetical fonts. There’s also a good opportunity for you to expand your collection of fonts further, since the machine is compatible with USB drives. With its unique rotating feature, this machine also contains the benefit of being fast and easy to use. This lets you enhance your embroidery skills further, so you can work on more difficult project as time goes by. This is probably the same reason why the Janome 300e is often preferred by those people who are willing or have the means to start off their own home-based business, and utilize their own skills as an embroider to obtain some additional cash by working on projects. The machine has some adjustable speeds as well as a completely computerized system – It’s very advanced for a small embroidery machine. The 300e will no doubt assist you in completing those projects as quicker as you might expect it to be.


Apart from its dozens of features, the Janome 300e has also shown only a handful of cons and drawbacks. For instance, there are some sewers out there who have reported about not being too satisfied with the machine’s built-in lights. This makes it a problem for sewers to utilize the machines each time they want to, especially if the weather turns out to be very dark outside. There’s another set of complaints from people who have discovered that this machine oftentimes created a whole set of broken needles. But this was later found out to be an issue within the machine itself, thanks to the tension settings.


Even though the Janome 300e does admittedly have its own set of fonts, it’s still a recommended embroidery machine, especially its whole assortment of features and is user-friendly look and feel in general.


The machine features a huge embroidery area that measures 5.5 x 7.9”. The 300e can be used to fix and embroider a larger design without having to rehoop the machine itself. This guarantees you that you will always end up benefiting from the most precise and appropriate angles imaginable, resulting in a completely professional finish for your job. In fact, since you aren’t really required to rehoop the machine repeatedly, you’ll still be able to enjoy a completely comfortable embroidery area without having the need to fit all your designs in that huge spacing. You can work for a longer period of time thanks to this machine. The 300e also allows you to cut back on the amount of days needed for you to finish up those projects.


Not only that, the huge embroidery area has also been fixed to be able to handle several types of embroidery hoops. These are things that the more professional sewers will no doubt appreciate. It comes with over 4.75 x 5” and a 5.5 x 7.9” hoop. This makes the entire thing fairly easy for you to work with and handle all sorts of fabrics – Even delicate ones like cotton, silk, satin, or tougher fabrics like denim, leather, polyester, or gauze.


So far, there aren’t any users who have complained about the machine’s ease of use. On the other hand, the Janome 300e has been praised by many critics as one of the most comfortable machines both experienced and rookie sewers can work with – It’s also one of the easiest. This is probably due to its computerized features. So sewers will be able to take control of everything with just the touch of a button – This guarantees professionalism and pure efficiency. The 300e even has its own automatic needle threader that you can activate with the help of an LCD screen. So as soon as you pick the options with just the press of a touch screen, the machine will activate a mechanism that will immediately guide in the thread through the needle’s eye.


And on a similar note, the LCD screen can be automatically used to fix that tension setting.

The Janome 300e carries a type of adjustable speed which you can bring up to 650 stitches per minute. This allows you to finish up your project as quickly as possible – While at the same time leave a little bit of additional space in case you want to make a few adjustments with your project. Thanks to its USB compatibility feature, this model is completely upgradeable, and can assist you in gaining benefits that comes with the newest type of Janome software. You can also plug it straight away to a laptop or a computer to quickly transfer as many embroidery looks and designs as possible.


If you’re in the sewing business, then you might be pleased to know that the 300e also has its own 2 and 3 letter emblems, which comes with three embroidery fonts. These three fonts have already been pre-built into the machine. This makes it faster and easier for you to make monograms on fabrics, and personalize several home decorating accents such as napkins, towels, couch covers, cushion covers, bathrobes, and other things.


In regards to editing, you will be able to resize and reshape your final looks from 90 percent, to 120 percent. And what makes this even better is that unlike other machines, the model allows you to benefit from a unique type of stitch encounter, along with a time indicator for every sort of embroidery design. It even comes with over 100 types of embroidery designs to assist you in adding some additional flair for your projects in general.


Even though the Janome 300e has a similar price as the more advanced Singer Futura Quartet, when it comes to performing both big and small embroidery tasks, the 300e is still the superior one because it sports a smoother type of work and a much better type of quality build. It’s truly the mark of a Janome sewing machine. The best part here is that even though it might be a tad pricier than the average embroidery machine, compared to other Janome models, the 300e is still reasonably priced and well worth the money.


The Janome 300e isn’t exactly a unique machine – As there are plenty of embroidery machines found on the market today, and at least two of them are purely repackaged versions of past Janome embroidery machines. Its look is similar to the Elna 8300 and Bernette 340 Deco, which are both from Swedish sewing machine companies. These two are usually constructed in the same factory – The main differences here are electronic and cosmetic. However, the machines all pretty much look the same. All of them can be connected to a post located at the back of the machine.

One of the very first variables you have to consider when you want to pick a good embroidery machine is the sizing. The Janome 300e provides you with an embroidery field that measures 5.5” x 7.9”. Even though this isn’t exactly the biggest kind of embroidery field available, it’s got a pretty decent size for a machine at this type of pricing. You can even purchase a mega hoop for the machine, as well as a bunch of other accessories, but the machine’s general embroidery capacity doesn’t change a bit. These mega hoops will let you combine two or three designs together, or even several pieces of designs without the aid of rehooping – So a bigger design can be built with the best kind of alignment.

The built-in designs that come with the Janome 300e must be the final consideration when it comes to picking a good embroidery or sewing machine for you – That’s because you still have the option to download loads and loads of designs from the Internet. This can cost anywhere from free downloads, to at least 20 bucks. The average price is around $6 to $7.

This sewing machine has also been programmed to take in PC cards. Janome is willing to provide a whole number of pre-programmed cards meant for your very own purchase.

The main features of the Janome 300e include twelve types of stitches with one buttonhole, one five-piece feed dog, a maximum stitch length and width that measures 44 millimeters and one that measures 5 millimeters. It’s also got four kinds of snap-on presser feet.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Produces an excellent quality of stitches
  • Al of the important instructions you need are illustrated on the machine itself
  • There’s an accessory storage area included right inside the machine.


  • Runs very noisily.
Janome     $500+

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