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Janome Sewist 500 Sewing Machine w/3 Review


Janome has described the Sewist 500 as one of their sewing machines with the best value. However, it’s still technically an expensive machine and will most likely set you back for around $300 in the US. Previous users of this machine have enjoyed the fact that the Sewist 500 is simple and very easy to use. It can even create straight stitches with the same exact measurement. Its needle is also durable enough to power through multiple layers of fabric, or a thick layer of fabric in general. The Sewist 500 comes with a fantastic user-friendly instruction manual and a whole host of accessories. But there are a couple of owners who have faced certain issues with the machine itself, and have even reported some sort of grinding noise after they have unboxed and started up the machine. But this kind of problem is most likely sporadic, and even though some of the machine’s clients have already experienced it, the ones who haven’t still outnumber the ones who did.


Compared to Janome’s other past sewing machines, ratings for the Sewist 500 aren’t really as high as its more popular counterparts. Certain review sites have rated the machine at least an 86.1 over 100, or probably 4.3 stars out of a perfect 5. You can find several of these owner ratings at popular sites. Meanwhile, plenty of retailers out there have mentioned that they have given the Sewist 500 an excellent score, with the exception of online retail giant Amazon – In which the machine gets a low blow.

According to most of its past and present owners, here are the pros and cons of the Janome Sewist 500.


  • Produces smooth stitches
  • Excellent and highly useful stitching manual
  • A very strong machine
  • The thread never jams
  • Quick and simple to operate
  • Can power through thick layers of fabric
  • Contains its very own hard carrying case
  • The needle threader works wonderfully as well


  • Has a fair bit of plastic found inside the machine’s build
  • There are several owners out there who have heard of a grinding noise when the machine starts running
  • A couple of folks find the stitch a tad difficult to move


There are several owners out there who have mentioned that the Sewist 500 is a bit of a durable workhorse. Meanwhile, other people have started, resumed, and finished their projects with the aid of this machine without experiencing any problems. Other people have indicated that the reason why they love the Janome Sewist 500 so much was because of two reasons: First, it’s produced by Janome, a highly reputable sewing machine company from Japan. Second, it’s more of a traditional sewing machine compared to the more modern computerized ones. No matter if one prefers the more traditional one or a computerized one, it’s all up to the owner’s own personal preference and should not be considered a pro or a con.


The Janome Sewist 500 carries a really excellent manual, which you can also read online. It’s completely user-friendly with the best kind of intuitive controls. The manual can be read and understood by both beginners and expert sewers. Rookies won’t find the instructions too comprehensive, while seasoned sewers won’t think it’s too basic. There are also consumers out there who think that since the machine itself has a solid build (despite the fact that Janome has used lots of plastic when constructing the machine), it is unable to create even and smooth stitches.


But there will be instances in which you’ll notice that inside the consumer ratings table, the Sewist 500’s score on Amazon is much lower as compared to the ones found on other retail Websites like eBay. We did a bit of investigating here and soon discovered that a whole host of owners have reported a loud clinking or even grinding noise after the machine was initially used. Plenty of the consumers have since returned the machine to wherever they bought it, gave it a poor rating, then bought a seemingly better machine that suited their needs. This is probably the reason why the Sewist 500 has such low ratings on Amazon. On the other hand, plenty of the other comments and ratings, except, obviously the ones who experienced the clunking problems in the first place, are excellent. What’s interesting about this is that this whole noise issue has not appeared on reviews of the same machine coming from the other Websites.


There were also a handful of consumers on Amazon who, after hearing and getting bothered by the clunking noise, brought their machine over to the nearest repair shop, as opposed to just sending it back to the store. These folks have all mentioned that the machine started working normally after that. In a certain case, an owner has reported that after they have sent in the machine to the shop to be repaired, the repair man informed them that the noise level was pretty much the end result of the Sewist 500’s motor not being strongly bolted down enough.


If you are currently experiencing a whole host of problems regarding your Sewist 500, you might want to take a look at the official Janome website in which all of the troubleshoot issues and problems are posted in their FAQ page. You will surely find a solution to the issue you currently have with the machine.

The Janome Sewist 500 has the following features: 25 variants of built-in stitches (which include utility stitches and stretch stitches), a single-step automatic buttonhole, a built-in needle threader, a free arm, an adjustable presser foot pressure with three settings, a top-loading bobbin, a hard casing, a jam-proof bobbin system, and an automatic declutch bobbin winder. Other features include a built-in thread cutter, a drop-feed capable, a free arm capable, snap-on presser feet, a reversible stitching lever (which is the giant lever located in front of the machine), and a carrying case.

The maximum sewing speed of the Sewist 500 is over 860 stitches every minute. The maximum width of the zigzag measures 5 millimeters, while the length is over 4 millimeters. There’s a thread tension control found in the machine’s instructional booklet, as well as an additional high presser foot lift. The machine carries a horizontal spool pin and a sewing light that allows you to work on projects in the dark. Finally, there’s an electronic foot controller.

A panel located on the front side of the sewing machine shows off all of the stitching choices and their corresponding letters. This allows you to easily choose the stitch that you want for your project. The Sewist 500 also has a selection dial located on the front side, letting you dial in the correct stitch of your choice. Meanwhile, the length dial lets you fix the length of the stitch as well. Apart from that, there’s also a width dial that lets you fix the width of the stitch, even though there have been complaints from owners saying that this dial could potentially be improved since it’s so hard to move as compared to the other dials.

Much like other computerized sewing machines on the market today, the Janome Sewist 500 is equipped with a whole number of accessories. This includes six kinds of presser feet, a zipper foot, an overedge foot, an automatic buttonhole foot, a blind hemming foot, and a straight stitching and zigzag foot. Aside from that, there are still several bobbins, big and small kinds of spool holders, needles, a spool pin, a seam ripper, a lint brush, a felt cushion, a screwdriver, and a quilting guide. You can store all of these accessories inside the machine using a storage compartment located inside the free arm. The machine is also equipped with its own power cord.

The Janome Sewist 500 boasts a 25-year warranty, which is split down into over 25 years on the machine’s mechanical parts, two years on electricals, and one year for the time it took to build it. It weighs a total of 16 pounds. This is the average weight of a typical sewing machine, so the Sewist 500 is neither too heavy or too light. There’s also a hard case included here. This case is excellent if you want to carry the machine around with you to sewing classes or a business that involves stitching fabrics, or if you just want to store your machine away somewhere (it keeps the machine safe from dust too).

The machine in itself is officially listed in the Underwriters Laboratories. This is a group that has been around for hundreds of years. To give a brief introduction, the Underwriters Laboratories (also known as the UL) is a highly-respected and purely independent safety science company that tackles product safety certifications and testing.

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