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Juki DDL-5550 Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine, Servo Motor Review




The Juki DDL 5550 comes with its very own table, making this a very handy sewing machine. Its main features include an on-board lamp, a bobbin winder, and a dual cone thread holder. The table itself comes equipped with its own 30-inch ruler for measuring. The machine runs on a very silent Servo motor, while its needle plate already has its own set of seaming guides.



Also included here is a finger guard, a huge reverse stitch lever found on the machine’s right column, and an adjustment dial. This dial can manually control the spring tension. You can also find the machine’s on and off buttons right in front of the table. The machine also has its own knee lift, which you can use to move up or place down the machine’s presser foot. This is a feature present in most Juki sewing machines.

Because the Juki DDL 5550 can only perform straightened stitches, you might think that the machine’s presser foot and needle plating is already attached while machine is being built – This isn’t exactly the case. A couple main features that we really liked are the ones that you won’t be able to see in the machine itself.

For instance, the DDL 5550 comes with its own thread trimmer, found underneath its needle plate. This is paired up with a fabric edge sensor which immediately stops the machine from working, and cuts the thread off once the needle gets to the fabric’s edge. This is a feature similar to Juki’s other sewing machine, most notably the Juki TL2010Q. Another favorite “unseen” feature that this machine’s users really like is the bobbin thread sensor. This lets out a slight vibrating sensation whenever you’re running out of bobbin threads.



The Juki DDL 5550 has the ability to create up to a whopping 5500 stitches each minute, hence the model’s name. You can change the length of its stitch for up to five millimeters. There’s also a finger guard, a reverse and lock stitching control, a needle plate with seam guides, a knee lifter, and an equipped bobbin winder with its own motor.



As we mentioned earlier, this industrial sewing machine table already comes with its own 30-inch measuring ruler. It also has a wonderful servo motor which works very nicely. There’s also its famous bobbin thread sensor, as well as a fabric edge sensor which makes stitching and dressmaking easy with this machine. You can also change the amount of pressure in the machine’s presser foot. Lastly, the DDL 5550 also has its own on-board thread trimmer, which reminds us of yet another Juki model, the Juki DDL 8700.

Those who have previously worked with sewing machine for kids won’t experience any trouble with the Juki DDL 5550, especially in regards to winding up its bobbin, or preparing the thread. But if this is your first time working with this particular type of machine, or if you haven’t used one of these for a long time, then you might want to get some assistance first.

The manual that comes with this machine is always helpful, and can answer all of your pressing queries when it comes to the DDL 8700. You can learn how to stitch and sew or create clothes in a jiffy by following a couple of steps. But before browsing through said manual, you must already know the basic parts of the sewing machine itself, or at least be familiar with the basic terms – Or else you’ll feel terribly lost while reading.



After you’re done adjusting the bobbin and securing the thread in its proper position, you will soon learn that the Juki DDL 5550 is not just fast, but quiet as well. Its servo machine may be small, but it definitely carries more strength and energy as compared to other models like the Brother SE400.

Upon reviewing, we have also learned that the tension had to be adjusted several times to be able to balance the stitches properly. It only took a couple of turns on the tension dials to be able to achieve the right length of the pattern – Unfortunately, this is different for all types of fabrics.

However, once you’ve finished your stitching project, you will see that the stitches created by the machine are not just the perfect length, but highly secure and well-adjusted. You can even change the length of the stitch while you sew, with its gigantic lock stitch and reverse stitching lever moving without any increased effort whatsoever.

The DDL 5550 works nicely on natural fibers, such as wool, linen, and cotton. Its needle can also power through denim, fur, leather, upholstery, thick layers of fabric, and even plastic or rubber.

For a machine like this model, it’s already expected that it comes with a whole bunch of various accessories – No accessory is wasted, and you can use them all while working at home or in a factory. The accessories that come with the machine include the aforementioned manual, a couple of screwdrivers, and an oil dispenser for lubricating in case the machine’s parts get rusty.



The DDL 5550 comes with all of the usual features typical in an industrial-type of sewing machine. The advanced sensors that alert you when you’re running out of thread, and the feature that automatically stops the machine when you get to the edge of the cloth, are just two of the many features that can enhance the value of the machine itself. You can build amazing straight stitches that look wonderful on all of your clothes.

This model is highly recommended if you’re into making clothes with lightweight fabrics. It’s perfect if you own a tailoring or dressmaking shop, or an alteration shop. It’s also good for those who run a home-based business that mostly concentrates on making clothes or gowns. The DDL 5550 is very much user friendly too, especially if you compare it with heavyweights like the Singer 8280.

Pros: The machine is constructed from pure metal, and is perfect for handling all sizes of fabrics.

Cons: It’s not exactly the best sewing machine for newbies. 

Juki     $500+

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