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Juki DDL-8700 Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine Review


Juki is a Japanese company that manufactures sewing machines. Like most Japanese companies, they have been around since 1938. The company’s headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. Not only is it one of the most popular sewing machine manufacturers in their home country, it also happens to be the best one in the world. Juki currently has headquarters located in China and Vietnam. Their products are shipped to at least 150 countries, in six continents. Before 1998, Juki was called the Tokyo Juki Industrial Company Ltd.

Apart from the standard sewing machine, Juki also specializes in sewing machines for hobbyists. Juki and tech giant Sony are set to merge their SMT equipment businesses in a few years.


The Juki DDL 8700 Industrial Sewing Machine is a type of monogram machine with a singular needle lockstitch. This was built to be used together with either medium-weight or gentle variants of fabric. The machine is excellent for fixing or creating a whole variety of apparel, ranging from flimsy pairs of underwear, to soft cardigan jackets.

So why exactly should you choose the Juki DDL 8700 sewing machine? Well if you currently work or operate a business that specializes in fixing or manufacturing all sorts of garments, no matter if it’s haute couture or a ready-to-wear tee, you’ll definitely have to get a heavy-duty sewing machine that’s just as tough as these high-powered industrial operations. It’s also lightweight and gentle enough to work through medium and soft fabrics so it also works as a kids sewing machine.


The Juki DDL 8700 won’t disappoint you when it comes to this dilemma. And it’s pretty much the only option you have when you want to purchase a sewing machine that’s more powerful than the standard sewing machine, but just as affordable in contrary to those huge industrial sewing machines on the market today, or even those popular mini sewing machines. These industrial machines specialize in thick fabrics and rough materials like reptile skin and plastics.


The DDL 8700’s servo motor is one of the main reasons why it’s one of the company’s best-selling machines. This feature makes it stand out amongst the other Juki industrial sewing machine variants out there. The DDL 8700’s 110-volt component is so silent, you no longer have to deal with that typical clacking noise that is frequently associated with ancient sewing machines, as well as other industrial machines and home appliances.

Much like the Juki DDL 5550, the DDL 8700 is fitting for those who live in homes, especially those who own home-based dressmaking or repairing businesses. Its server motor also gives the unit with lots and lots of changeable RPMs. This provides you with a whole variety of changing speed options. So whenever you want to take things slowly with your stitching to concentrate on the look of your design, all you need to do is to press a button, and you’re all set.


When it comes to stitching itself, the biggest length made by the DDL 8700 can go up to five millimeters – Equivalent to at least six stitches with every inch. So this can create around 5,500 stitches each minute. This makes the DDL 8700 excellent especially when you want to make your clothes in bulk.


The DDL 8700 only uses the best kind of needles for their machine – In this case, the Organ DBx1. This is similar to 16 x 231, commonly found in other types of modern sewing machines like the Janome HD3000. The same type of needles can also be found at the Singer size range going from 9 up to 18. This pretty much means that there are many other types of needles which you can use, that are wider as compared to the ones found on a typical sewing machine.


Once you’re done assembling the Juki DDL 8700, the full product has a width of 20 inches and a combined length and height of 48 inches. But it’s important to remember though that this machine already comes fully assembled and with its own pallet (thanks to the kind folks at Juki), so you can begin your sewing activities right away.

It has a shipping weight of at least 125 pounds, despite the unit itself weighing 28 pounds. You might want to get some assistance once the unit arrives at your doorstep.


The machine also has its own arm space measuring at least eleven inches, starting from the neck to its needle. Its maximum presser foot lift measures half an inch through the knee lever, and around one fourths of an inch with the hand lever. This is the same as the ones found on Juki’s DDL 8500 models, as well as the Brother CS6000I. The DDL is also slated to replace other Juki models, such as the DDL MS and DDL 888 models, to be specific.

For a much better type of convenience, the DDL 8700 contains an auto-lubricating feature, allowing you to maintain the superior quality of the machine, without any hassle whatsoever.


So who should purchase the DDL 8700? This machine is highly recommended for those who are planning to own, currently own, or work for a mass-producing garment business. It can handle stitching both fashionable and ordinary items including undergarments, polo shirts, jackets, skirts, jeans, and dress shirts.

It also works well for fashion designers (both experienced and budding), tailors, dressmakers, and those who use the sewing machine for their business. Because of its server motor, it doesn’t make too much noise as compared to the standard sewing machine. In fact, it’s much more quiet than the smaller and more lightweight Juki Serger.

Juki’s sewing machines are also great if you’re only a newcomer who’s starting to practice their dressmaking skills, or taking up a fashion-related course in school. And those who actually own fashion schools can breathe a sigh of relief, once they’ve figured out that the DDL 8700 is strong enough to last for several years. And not only that, it’s highly affordable as well.

Fashion school students may choose to operate the DDL 8700 at home, which they can use to create new garments or to practice making them to enhance their skills and get a better grade.


Features include a single-needle lockstitch sewing equipment, with its own automatic lubrication system. There’s a 110-voltage servo motor, allowing the machine to run smoothly and quietly. You can change its RPMs and pick the stitch speed of your own choice. There’s a maximum length of five millimeters per stitch, and a minimum of six stitches with every inch.

The DDL 8700 has the ability to produce a maximum stitch speed of around 5,500 stitch with each minute. The machine is also known to use Organ DB x 1 needles, measuring from size nine to size eighteen. Dimensions are 20 x 48 x 48 inches. There’s also an eleven-inch arm space measuring from the machine’s neck, right up to its needle. A huge 1/4-inch presser foot lift through the hand lever is also included, as well as a 1/2-inch presser foot carried by its knee lever.

Pros: The DDL 8700 is excellent when you use it for interior fabrics, as well as certain types of apparel. The unit is also highly durable, and works quietly. You no longer have to feel so bothered by the noise, so you can be more productive. The machine also works fast, allowing you to finish your work in no time at all. There’s so much flexibility when it comes to the machine’s own stitching speed. No assembly is needed, since the unit arrives at your doorstep completely assembled.

Cons: Although the machine can stitch through leather, it’s not recommended that you use this for leather-covered upholstery like lounge chairs and couches. But if you must use a sewing machine for this type of material, we suggest purchasing the Juki DDL 8700H. And not only that, the DDL 8700 doesn’t work too well on slippery or thin materials either. For this, we suggest the Juki DDL 8700A. The DDL 8700 can only do one type of stitch – The straight stitch. It’s not exactly a portable unit either, since it’s very bulky and can heavy.


Apart from the sewing machine itself, the Juki DDL 8700 includes a 1/2 HP clutch motor (110-V and 220-V), six additional bobbins and a bobbin winder, 10 needles, tools that have a printed manual with instructions, and a table top plywood with dimensions that measure 20 to 48 inches. There’s also an oil pan containing machine oil, a V belt, a knee lifter, several machine belt guards, and a thread stand with sewing drawers.


The fancy stitch is indeed highly popular lately, however, it’s not really useful when your sewing machine is slow. The DDL 8700 is very fast-paced. Juki has included a servo motor in most of their models, so they don’t make too much noise when you operate them.

The DDL 8700 is an industrial machine that is capable of doing only one type of stitch – The straight stitch. However, these stitches only measure five millimeters long. The amount of stitches make up for it though, creating 500 stitches every minute.

With its servo motor, the DDL 8700 takes pride for being one of the more quiet sewing machines out there. If you’re still not used to the fast pacing of the stitches, you can change the needle’s speed using the knob found at the back of the machine. The four-row feed dog will surely keep track of your material, making sure that it doesn’t fall out of place. There are also other features that can help you with your work if you prefer working quickly.

A knee lifter is included with the machine, for lowering and raising the presser foot. For those who are new when it comes to using a sewing machine, you can find it at the bottom of the table. This is a lever that you can operate using your knee. The knee lifter provides plenty of comfort, especially if you don’t want to get too distracted from your projects. However, one of the main problems when it comes to the knee lifter’s placement is that it tends to change your posture – It’s not comfortable to use when you’re too tall, or short. Don’t worry, though – You can still make some adjustments.

Even though this is only a single-needle machine that isn’t capable of creating other forms of stitches (like zigzag stitches), it’s still wonderful for creating pillowcases, tents, drapes, denim, nylon webbing, and other types of clothing. It’s also great in handling medium-sized or lighter types of fabric (with the exception of leather). The thread lies down in tight, yet neat and clean-looking seams. The machine also lets you back tack and create reversed stitches.


Once the DDL 8700 arrives at your doorstep, you’ll notice that the machine is already assembled. It is equipped with a servo motor and a machine head, its own table and stand, a light (for working during later hours of the night), and a drawer to store your materials. In fact, the only thing you have to do is to unpack it, add a bit of oil to the oil pan located beneath the table, and fix the machine’s tension. The DDL 8700 can lubricate on its own, as well as its full rotary hook.

The DDL 8700 has its own presser foot, bobbin, instructions, a bobbin casing, a whole bunch of needles, and screwdrivers for maintenance. If you’re planning to attach zippers or gathers to a fabric, then you’re going to have to purchase a separate zipper foot and gathering foot.


It measures around 48 inches by 20 inches, by 40 inches. Its shipping weight is 250 lbs, which makes it one of the bigger modern sewing machines out there. There’s also a two-year limited warranty on both its electrical and motor parts, while the rest of the model has a limited warranty of five years.


This model is exclusively made in Japan, but shipped worldwide, so please be careful of fake ones. A fake machine can be twice as expensive as compared to the first one. Fake machines also have the same accessories, and possess the same capabilities. 

Juki     $500+

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