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Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine Review


Are you currently on the lookout for a high-functioning sewing machine that is capable of producing top-notch stitches each time? Then the Juki F600 is the right one for you. Juki is a Japanese sewing machine brand that’s mostly known for creating top-notch and fully durable kinds of sewing machines. The pure reputation of the company has been mostly built on pure excellence, and the F600 is one of the machines out there that greatly exemplifies the company’s own goal when it comes to giving their products longevity, quality, and advanced kinds of sewing.


The Juki F600 has often been referred to by fans as the sewing and quilting machine of the future. It’s loaded with all of these high-end features that are exclusive to most of Juki’s sewing machines. This particular model is known to be a modern and computerized type of sewing machine that can deal with anything you throw at it. If you’re looking for a quilting machine instead of the more common embroidery and sewing one, then you might want to take a look at Juki’s line of quilting machines (a good example is the Juki TL-2010Q).


The F600 can create at least 900 stitches every minute. It’s got 255 kinds of stitching patterns, and bears professional quality sewing each and every time. Also included is box feed technology. The machine is mostly compatible with both delicate and thick variants of fabrics. There’s a wide amount of sewing space, as well as an extended sewing table that comes with the machine. There’s free motion sewing and a dual LED lighting feature found on the machine too. Other features include a randomized stitching option, foot control, a knee-lifting lever, sixteen kinds of buttonholes, a sensor method buttonhole, pressure adjustment, cutting width adjustment, a type of direct stitch selection, and an automatic needle threader.


These are only a handful of the dozens of specs and features that the F600 is offering. We’re very certain that this machine is a fun one to review.


The F600 contains two main purposes: Working as a sewing machine and a quilting one packed in a singular model. The unit is completely powerful, and can take on fabrics ranging from thick to thin ones. It also has a lovely digital display located out front in case you want to make a couple of swift adjustments and configurations. When you first unpack that Juki box of yours, you’ll want to begin setting up the machine first.


Unlike most other sewing machine brands, Juki’s line of machines are very easy to assemble.

You begin with a quick bobbin preparation. The F600 contains a guide that you can follow, which lets you quickly and efficiently set up that bobbin of yours without having to pull out on one of the machine’s threads. When the right time comes for you to wind up that bobbin, then the F600’s independent motor will let you do that exact task, and allow you to begin working on your next sewing project in no time at all.


Admittedly, threading can be a bit of a chore – But luckily, the F600 has made this very task simple and easy. In fact, the machine has its own automatic needle threader that automatically threads that needle easily and quickly. You no longer have to suffer through minor accidents while you thread your machine, like pricking your finger or having to look through a magnifying glass to make sure that the needle has been threaded correctly. Simply put, the threading process of the F600 is a very elegant one.


The next step here is to make all of the necessary adjustments – And there’s a lot when it comes to the F600.

If you’re an experienced sewer who has stitched through many different materials or fabrics, then you will know how hard it is to sew correctly when the machine isn’t adjusted properly. The F600’s presser foot pressure adjustment lets you take the reins of the machine’s sewing with the correct kind of pressure application.


You have to change the pressure so that it fits the material that you’re about to sew – It’s that simple.

With the F600, you can also adjust the following:

  • The cutting width: Cutting the width of your fabric’s buttonholes can be changed in just a matter of steps. This lets you quickly fix those buttonholes so that it matches the complete width of the button-down t-shirts that you’ve made, or whatever else you decide to make with buttons in it.
  • Knee-lifting lever: This feature lets you quickly fix that pressure foot up to over 12 millimeters, without having to slow down the pacing of your sewing.


If you have any more intentions of doing a bunch of quilting projects with the F600, you can also enjoy the huge extended sewing table that comes with the machine. This gives you an even bigger amount of sewing space in case you want to tackle a whole bunch of larger projects. This box feed system lets Juki’s machines provide you with a refined way to feed fabrics to your machine, which won’t cause the fabrics to shift or shrink.


There’s an accurate feeding system that lets you work on both thicker and lighter fabrics. Also included is a bigger amount of underarm spacing, along with a free motion swing that gives off good and very stable thread tensions each time you work on a brand new project.


Controlling your sewing speed can be adjusted thanks to the foot control, which does provide plenty of its own advanced features. It can both trim the needle and bobbin thread in the machine. The only thing you have to do is to press the heel of your foot right on top of the control. This lets you snip off the threads without having to move your hands around. This feature is very useful for those who have worked on longer projects, since it lets you save plenty of time during the entire process.


You can also adjust the stitches with up to 7 millimeters. Meanwhile, the length of the stitches can be fixed with up to 9 millimeters.

Speed and precision are two of the main things required when you decide to work on any major sewing project. Luckily, Juki’s range of sewing machines, like the F600, do provide both of these features. You can sew up to 900 stitches every minute with the F600. That’s a whole lot of stitches – And you can even flip on a switch to turn on the machine’s LED lights to brighten up any dimly-lit working space.


If quilting really is your thing, then the random stitch option is right up your alley. A random stitching option will surely breathe life into your quilting. This is accomplished when you change the stitch’s width at random to give it a completely unique look and feel. You could even pick a randomized stitching pattern so that no two projects will look similar. Juki lets you break off that cycle which would leave projects looking dull and similar to each other.

Pure precision is given not just in speed and width adjustments, but also in regards to crafting buttonholes. The machine’s buttonhole feature contains a sensor method that is ready and willing to craft buttons using any material type, and even on its overlapping sections. In short, it’s professional buttonhole sewing without having to earn decades of experience.

With four types of fonts and 255 variants of sewing patterns, you’ll surely have all of the right tools needed to be able to tackle the sewing project of your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. There are sixteen kinds of buttonhole styles built right inside the Juki F600, together with one-finger automatic threading features. It’s a sewing machine that your grandmother or your mother will like.

If you’re either a brand new dressmaker or a completely experienced one, you’ll need the correct accessories in order to make that upcoming sewing project of yours a breeze. There are loads of accessories that come with the Juki F600. After opening up the box, you will find the following:

  • 10 variants of snap-on presser feet
  • Four kinds of bobbins
  • A knee lift lever
  • Twin needles
  • A hard carrying case
  • Spool caps
  • A wide extension table
  • Seam ripper
  • An eyelet punch
  • A screwdriver

You’ll have all of the correct accessories you need in order to begin on that quilting or sewing project of yours, as soon as you remove the machine from the box. Quilt presser feet are also given inside the machine that let you create very versatile projects in the future.


  • The Juki F600 works similarly to a computerized quilting or sewing machine.
  • Dozens of stitches and settings than the average sewing machine
  • Contains a huge table extension meant for bigger projects


  • Runs very loudly during operation. This isn’t exactly a major issue for some, but it’s one of the things you must consider when you’re searching for a proper sewing machine.
Juki     $500+

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