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Monogram Sewing Machine – Choose the Best!


From time to time, children will want to take part in crafts right next to you. Wouldn’t it be cool to let them watch numbers, patterns and designs unfold right before their eyes? A monogram machine can make this happen. Mind you, if you have never owned a monogram machine or have experience with one, then you will need to take some time to do research in order to find the best sewing machines for beginners – if you are using the monogram machine with children, then it would be a good idea to find a kids sewing machine – you know, one that is “child friendly.” You’re in luck, because we did the research for you! During our research, we found a good sewing machine for sale …wait, we found a variety of them for you!
Not sure which monogram machine you should buy? We are here to help you purchase the best sewing machine for beginners …

The Best Monogram Sewing Machines

After a large amount of research that involves us looking through different reviews of users, we managed to select the best selling combination of monogramming-sewing and embroidery. We made sure to select those machines that were neither too simple, in order to make sure you won’t outgrow them once you are an advanced user, nor too complicated. If you buy an advanced machine that is complicated, it could lead to confusion and frustration, causing you to walk away from the machine – or you could end up needing a sewing machine repair because you made the wrong move.



1. Brother SE400

The first model on our list is the Brother SE400 Combo Sewing and Embroidery machine. This product has a total of 2,199 customer reviews, giving the product 4.5 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars.
Product features include:
•    67 unique stitches
•    4x4” embroidery area
•    LCD touch-screen
•    98 stich functions
•    Auto needle threader
•    Auto thread cutter
•    Library with 70 designs, 5 lettering fonts, and 120 frame patterns
•    23.8 ounds
•    Built-in tutorials
•    Connects to a computer via USB
•    Quik-set-drop-in bobbin system
•    7-point feed dogs
This is one of the best sewing machines for beginners that like both sewing and embroidering. It’s user friendly and fortunately, it’s compatible with .pen and .pes (digitizing design) file types. When you first open the box of this monogram sewing machine, you’ll discover a 4x4” hoop, soft cover, embroidery arm, embroidery bobbin thread, bobbins, scissors, a touch pen, cleaning brush, needle set and the following accessory feet:
•    Button fitting
•    Zipper
•    Buttonhole
•    Overcasting
•    Monogramming
•    Embroidery
•    Blind stitch
Features Customers Like
With this machine, there are a variety of features customers really seem to like, especially for such a good price.
1. This model is compact.
2. It’s sturdy, which is a major bonus.
3. The machine is easy to carry around, so if you want to take it over to a friend’s house, you can.
4. Good machine for first time users or those with little experience when it comes to embroidering.
5. You will have the ability to rotate embroidery designed on the LCD screen.
6. You will also have the ability to modify the stitch designs.

What do Customers Dislike about the SE400?
Looking through the reviews, we found that some customers do not like the 4x4” hoop size as it limits embroidery projects. Also, if you have a MAC, it may be hard to connect this machine to your computer as it may require the purchase of additional software.
The package includes everything you need in order to get started. As with most machines, this one has a lot of small parts that would be easy to lose, so you should purchase an additional embroidery thread, extra needles and pre-wound bobbins before you begin.



2. Brother PE770 or Brother PE770 5x7

The Brother PE770 is another user-friend machine – it’s a great sewing machine for beginners and is well worth every penny. There’s a large embroidery area, which gives just the right amount of space fr monogramming large items – it even allows the user to combine designs with less rehooping.
The Brother PE770 5x7 isn’t a handheld sewing machine, it’s more like a heavy duty sewing machine.  This is a large and versatile embroidery machine that is loaded with a variety of design patterns and much more.
Product features include:
•    Built-in memory
•    5x7” embroidery area
•    USB port and card slot
•    Library with a total of 6 lettering fonts
•    Library that contains 136 designs
•    Auto thread cutter
•    LCD touch-screen
•    Auto needle threader
•    Max embroidery speed is 650 stitches per minute
•    Quick-set bobbin
•    27.8 lbs
•    Compatible with
•    Back lit LCD display screen
•    10 frame shapes
•    12 border styles
•    Easy threading of both top thread and bobbin
Features Customers Like
There are a wide array of features that customers really seem to like.
1. The machine is easy to use.
2. You don’t have to spend hours reading an instruction manual to learn how to use it.
3. The automatic threader is a big hit – this makes the machine great for beginers.
4. Amazing stitch quality
5. Easy to upload designs purchased online
6. This model offers numerous design patters
7. There’s different design editing features
8. It can connect to a computer
9. The machine gives full control over every aspect of designing projects
10. Includes an LCD preview
11. Can use a memory card with the build-in card slot

What Do Customers Dislike about the Brother PE770?
Looking through all of the reviews, there were some people complaining about the machine being finicky. There were also some customers complaining about not being able to put additional fonts on the machine and saying it is hard to wind the bobbin.
All in all, while there are some features customers dislike about the Brother PE770 (it’s common to find dislikes, even in the best products), this machine is pretty impressive and inexpensive. For those that are looking for a quick, versatile, dedicated embroidery-online machine to use for their home business, this one right here would be a viable option.
With this monogram sewing machine, you will have a large amount of design editing functions and the fact that it can connect to the computer is a major bonus. This is a higher-end model that is aimed towards experienced design hobbyists, so it’s not exactly recommended for beginners. Due to the numerous features, the value for the price and the high quality build, this is an excellent machine for both intermediate-level and experienced crafters.




Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or immediate crafter, the Brother XR9500PRW is a great machine. As soon as you take it out of the box, you’ll be able to start using it, making it perfect for beginners. On the other end, if you’re a more experienced seamstress, you will appreciate a lotof the automatic features and the wide array of built-in stitches.
Product Features Include:
•    100 Built-in stitches
•    Automatic buttonholes
•    Quilting table
•    Automatic needle threading system
•    Feed dog
•    850 stitches per minute
•    Speed controller
•    9.92 lbs
•    Easy bobbin winding
•    8 buttonhole styles to choose from
The following accessory feet are included:
•    Zigzag foot
•    Buttonhole foot
•    Zipper foot
•    Overcasting foot
•    Button sewing foot
•    Blindstitch foot
•    Monogramming foot
What Customers Like About the BROTHER XR9500PRW
1. The machine has 100 unique built-in stitches. This includes the alphanumeric stitches for basic monogramming or lettering.  With all of these stitches, you will have options for every sewing need you have.
2. One of the least expensive machines that include letter font.
3. Has a nice mix of decorative, utility, and heirloom stitches.
4. The back-lit LCD screen makes it easy to choose the stitch that is needed.
5. Wide range of needle positions.
6. Comes with a hard cover.

What Do Customers Dislike About the Brother BROTHER XR9500PRW?
Looking through the different reviews throughout the Internet, we found some users that wished the machine was sturdier. Personally, we don’t feel like this is that big of a deal as only a couple of people complained about this.

Overall, the Brother 9500PRW is affordable prices and has so many awesome features, like an automatic needle position, automatic needle threader, 100 stitches, speed selection, quilting capabilities (one of the best quilting machines), letter and number fonts and it even comes with a nice carrying case.



4. Silhouette Vinyl or Silhouette cameo 2

If you’re looking for a cartridge-free cutter, then the Silhouette Vinyl is a great option. With it, you can create some amazing designs from scratch and it is much better than having to rely on cartridges. Within minutes of taking the cutter out of the box, you will be able to start using it right away.

Product Features Include:
•    Comes with a pixscan mat
•    12x12 inche cutting mat
•    Cutting blade
•    Vinyl trimmer
•    Software for mac and pc
•    Cameo machine
•    Vinyl starter kit
•    24 pc Sketch Pen set
•    1 full roll of transfer paper
•    Scraper
•    Hook tool
•    Microfiber cloth
•    Silhouette Cameo 2 – with Touch Screen
•    1 Full Roll Black Vinyl

What Customers Like About the Silhouette vinyl
1. Includes silhouette studio, which is an easy to use, yet powerful program that will help you create your own designs using your own images and fonts for your Cameo
2. The machine gives the capabilities of turning hand drawn sketches and letting into cut jobs and much more.
3. Can cut through a variety of materials from vinyl to fabric that are up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet in length.
4. The ability to create beautiful designs from scratch – it’s much better than having to rely on cartridges.
6. User friendly
7. The Silhouette Cameo 2 is sleep and compact – it measures 21” x 7” in length and 5” in height.
8. Can easily fit on the edge of a craft work desk
9. The color of it (while and silver) makes it look sleek.
10. It can be controlled by a computer
11. You can save your art to a USB and plug right into the Cameo
12. The machine has the ability to cut printed materials
13. It’sPixScan compatible,
14. Silhouette Studio Software comes with it so that you can create and cut you rown designs and use fonts that are already on your computer.
15. Thousands of amazing designs available to use.
16. Replace the blade with a pen in order to have the machine sketch.
What Do Customers Dislike About the silhouette vinyl?
The Silhouette Cameo wasn’t designed well for cutting heavy-duty items and that is the main complaint. Instead, it is designed to cut out vinyl, drawing paper, scrapbooking paper, postcards, and photo paper. It’s capable of handling a couple more materials. Basically, it is geared towards cardstock with up to a 90-pound rating. If you plan on taking on other areas of crafting, you need to look for a sturdier die-cutting machine.

Overall, if you simply plan on cutting drawing paper, scrapbooking paper, postcards, vinyl or photo paper, the Silhouette Cameo is a great choice. It has so many different features and the ability to bring your own sketches to life makes this a viable option for many.
If you’re a crafter, then the Silhouette Cameo 2 is your holy grail. As far as the design goes, it’s fairly simplistic, but don’t let that fool you. There are three main parts – you have the machine itself, the tool inside, and the cutting mat.
If you are the type of person that is into DIY, then the Silhouette Cameo 2 is the ultimate machine. It’s like a home printer, it plugs directly into your PC or Map via a USB cable. Instead of printing, it uses a tiny blade to cut cardstock, paper, vinyl, fabric and various other material up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long.



5. Brother 1034D

If you’re looking for a monogram machine that is for beginners, then the Brother 1034D is listed as one of the best machines for beginners and beyond. It is packed with a wide array of features and priced affordably.

Product Features Include:
•    ¾ thread serger
•    Comes with an instruction video
•    Uses standard sewing machine needles
•    22 built-in stitch functions
•    4-thread overlock – narrow, rolled hem and ribbon lock stitches.
•    15.0 lbs
Accessories included:
•    4 spool nets
•    Needle set
•    Cleaning brush
•    Tweezers
•    Trim trap
•    Hexl wrench

What Customers Like About the Brother 1034D
1. The different accessories including a foto controller, soft cove and 2 snap-on feet
2. Differential fabric feed.
3. Perfect machine for beginners.
4. Affordably priced.
5. Reliable ¾ thread serger that is capable of delivering professional edge finishing on a wide array of fabrics including inens, knits and formal wear.
6. The ability to create spaghetti straps, narrow sleeves, ruffles and so much more
7. It’s easy to threa and easy to learn

What Do Customers Dislike About the Brother 1034D?
Some customers didn’t like the fact that the machine doesn’t do coverlock stitch or chain stitch. They also complained about bad customer service, but this doesn’t have an effect on the overall quality of the machine.

The Brother 1034D is perfect for everyday sewing projects, but on the same note, it is good to use for more advanced quilting projects. Users were satisfied with the simplicity of the monogram machine, making it perfect for beginners, but they were also impressed with the technology and quality, making it idea for those experienced sewers.



6. Brother LB6800PRW

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy to use embroidery sewing machine that is capable of stitching professional-looking designs, then the Brother LB6800PRW would be a viable option.  While this is a good sewing machine for beginners, it’s also great for intermediate ausers.
If you’re looking for a monogram machine, then the Brother LB6800PRW might just be a good option for you. This sewing machine is for both beginners and intermediate crafters.
Product Features Include:
•    67 built-in sewing stitches
•    4”x4” embroidery area
•    70 built-in embroidery designs
•    Reliable, easy to use quick set drop in bobbin
•    Computer connectivity
•    Brightly lit workspace
•    Smooth fabric feeding with 7-point feed dogs
•    LCD touch screen
•    Presser foot leveling button and pressure foot pressure adjustment
•    Electronic variable sewing speed to choose the sewing speed
•    5 styles of 1-step automatic buttonholes
•    Needle-stop position control
•    Easy needle threading system
•    Back-lit – LCD touch screen is easy to view

In the Box:
•    Soft cover
•    Project runway embroidered rolling bag
•    4”x4” embroidery hoop
•    Accessory feet: Overcasting foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, monogramming foot, button fitting foot, embroidery foot, blind stitch foot.

What Customers Like About the Brother LB6800PRW
1. Many users like how they can connect this machine to the computer. With this feature, users can import designs from their PC or designs purchased from a site. Users can also download machine updates in order to keep the machine up to date – USB is included.
2. The easy to use LCD touch screen is a big hit.  On it, users can access the built-in sewing stitches, as well as many exciting embroidery features.
3. The machine has built-in tutorials that can be viewed on the LCD touch screen display. This includes topics like how to use the automatic bobbin winder, and much more.
4. The design editing features are amazing. This feature allows users to do a mirror-image, rotate, enlarge and reduce the signs of their designs and see how the edited design looks.
5. It has a lot of drool worthy features. The computer connectivity is a big hit. Though the computer connectivity, users will be able to upload their own customized sewing and embroidery projects direction to the machine.
6. it’s a sturdy machine. The machine has just the right power to sew over bulky fabrics without complications.
7. A wide array of features.

What Do Customers Dislike About the Brother LB6800PRW?
One customer complained that the machine isn’t capable of serging  and it isn’t able to do designs that are larger than 4” x 4” – with specialty software though, you can do larger designs as it breaks them into place.

Regardless of who you are, the  Brother LB6800PRW might just be a viable option – with this machine, there is so many different features you can take advantage of and the price is affordable.
So there you have it, if you’re looking for a decent sewing machine that is capable of handling even your toughest of projects, the Brother LB6800PRW is a viable option for you. With a wide variety of features and the ability to connect to a computer, this machine is a must have for many.




7. SINGER Futura XL-400


The Singer Futura XL-400 reminds us of the Brother SE400 as it has similar features, however, it does have a bigger embroidery area, which is beneficial. If you plan on working on big projects and you’re able to afford it, then this machine would be the best. With the Singer Futura XL-400, you will be able to create embroidery designs up to 12x12 inches. When it comes to a monogramming machine, the extra space makes this one of the best.
Product Features Include:
•    2 hoops
•    18.5x11” embroidery area
•    Drop and sew bobbin system
•    SwiftSmart threading system
•    Connects to a computer via a USB cable
•    Library has 5 monogramming fonts, 30 sewing stitches, 125 embroidery designs
•    49.1 pounds
•    LED lights for a bright work area
•    Built-in tutorials
•    2 auto 1-step buttonholes
What Customers Like About the SINGER Futura XL-400
1. It’s easy to set up the XL400
2. Customers like the price and the large embroidery area
3. Projects are easy to see because of the built-in lights
4. It has built-in software so that you can customize user time.
5. The machine is quiet when it’s being used.
6. The presser feet that were included for sewing projects were a big hit

What Do Customers Dislike About the SINGER Futura XL-400?
This isn’t a machine for beginners, so if you’re a beginner, there will be a learning curve that is steep. Some customers complained about the location of the spool stand. The space for foot change and LCD screen is small and you won’t be able to control the bobbin speed – there’s also no auto thread cutter.

This is one of the best Brother machines for advanced crafters currently on the market – it’s affordable price, LED screen and the different features make it a big hit amongst crafters.




8. Cricut Explore Air 2


The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a unique DIY speed machine – if you are a crafter, this is something you must look into. This is a smart cutting machine that is capable of cutting and writing up to 2x faster than the previous models – you can use over 100 different materials with this one. That includes everything from vinyl, cardstock, and iron-on to those thicker materials like leather.
Product Features Include:
17.2 pounds
Cricut design space software and app
USB cord and power cord
100+ free images
50+ free projects
Getting started guide
Cricut 12” x 12” StandardGrip cutting mat

What Customers Like About the Cricut Explore Air 2
1. When cutting and printing, it works like magic.
2. It has a wide array of features.
3. It’s great for those individuals that have kids and you don’t even have to be labeled a “Pinterest” mom to use it properly.
4. The set includes all of the usual suspects like vinyl, cardstock, paper and fabric.
5. There’s automatic setting for different material that you can access through the Smart Set Dial on front of the machine.

What Do Customers Dislike About the Cricut Explore Air 2?
For those thicker type of materials, like leather and foam, you may want to buy a special deep cut blade.

If you’re a crafter that would like to bring simplicity to the projects on your table, then the Cricut Air 2 would be a viable option. You can cut a wide array of material, including leather and foam.



9. JUKI TL-2000Qi



Regardless of who you are, if you need a quilting machine, you want the best. The Juki TL-2000Qi is amongst the best quilting machines currently on the block and for good reason. From the looks of it, it easily satisfies the needs of the user.  

Product Features Include:
•    Constructed of aluminum die-casting
•    Comes with an extension table that is perfect for large projects
•    An up and down feature of the needle can be adjusted according to the users requirement
•    The automatic needle thread makes it easy to thread the needle
•    Updated with LED lights
•    One pedal operation

What Customers Like About the JUKI TL-2000Qi
1. It has just the right amount of power so that it can go through multiple layers of heavy duty fabrics.
2. The motor is so strong that it is capable of delivering 1500 stitches per minute.
3. It comes with a unique foot controlled threading system.
4. The sewing speed can be controlled via a microcontroller – this makes for accurate feed and stitch quality.
What Do Customers Dislike About the JUKI TL-2000Qi?
Some do not like the fact that the Juki is a straight stitch machine. To complete additional sewing work, you will need a regular home sewing machine. The machine is also a bit on the expensive side.
Yes, the machine may be a bit on the expensive side, but that is the price you are expected to pay for a heavy duty sewing machine like the Juki. Despite it all, it really is a good sewing machine and if you are looking for something that can handle even your heaviest work, this one right here would be a viable option.




10. Janome MC-6300P

The Janome MC-6300P is for serious quilters and sewers – it’s an efficient machine that doesn’t fall short on being reliable. Yes, it is a bit on the pricey side, but if you are a professional or you are serious about your work, this is worth the investment.

Product Features Include:
•    66 Stitches
•    4 buttonholes
•    Auto thread cutter with memory feature
•    LED display that shows stitch number and alerts
•    Knee lift
•    Drop feed control
•    Independent bobbin winder
•    9” sewing space
•    Includes multiple accessories
•    Needle position memory
What Customers Like About the Janome MC-6300P?

1. The machine is for bother beginners and advances users. While it can be used for serious quilting, it can also be used for regular sewing projects as well.
2. The automatic features make sewing a breeze. The automatic tension control, for example, makes it so that the fabric doesn’t bunch up or lose stitches jeopardize the construction of the project. There’s even a nice automatic bobbin winder.
3. For added convenience, it has memory functions added.
4. The LCD screen is easy to use and read.

What Do Customers Dislike About the Janome MC-6300P?
Some were not able to get used to the price of the machine and that is perfectly fine. However, this is the price you would expect to pay for a heavy duty machine that is this good.

Whether you’re a serious seamstress or a beginner, the Janome MC-6300P is worth every penny. With this machine, you will be able to take your work to the next level, no questions asked. It offered numerous stitches, including monogram stitches and a large working space.



11. Brother PE525

Not too long ago, the Brother PE525 was released – this machine is actually an upgraded version of the PE500 machine, but we’re not going to complain about that. Since the release, this model right here has captured the attention of many people – it looks a lot better than the last and it’s nesting in the same price range, so why not take advantage of that?

Product Features Include:
•    4x4 inch embroidery area
•    Embellish your creations with embroidery
•    LCD display screen that is easy to view
•    70 built-in embroidery designs
•    5 lettering fonts
•    Bilingual user manual
•    Computer connectivity

What Customers Like About the Brother PE525?
1. The computer connectivity is useful for importing thousands of different embroidery designs that you can purchase from different sites. Through the computer connectivity, updating the machine in the future is easy to do.
2. The 4x4 inch embroidery spot this machine has is a major benefit. This area is even large enough for a professional seamstress.
3. Fool-proof. That’s right, this machine is fool-proof and that is something many people enjoy. If you are just getting into embroidery for the first time, this sewing machine is easy to use because the operations are easy to figure out.  The clean explanation in the user’s manual will make it even easier.
4. Silent and steady. This machine is silent and steady – it has a silent hum when it’s turned on. This way, it isn’t going to distract anyone that may be around you.
5. The LCD screen is clear and easy to read. On it, you will be able to make adjustments with the brightness. The machine also comes with a unique feature that gives a warning if something isn’t right.

What Do Customers Dislike About the Brother PE525?
Unfortunately, this machine is only useful for embroidery. However, if embroidery is all you want to do then, that is perfectly fine.

If you’re looking for a good embroidery machine, then the Brother PE525 is a viable option. It’s fool proof, steady, has a nice LCD screen and can connect to the computer. What more could you want in an embroidery machine?


Wrapping it all Up with Our Opinion
Before you go out there and grab the first monogram machine you can find, you should first take your needs into consideration and read the customer reviews that are posted on various websites.

Before making your final decision on which machine to buy consider first your needs and read the customer reviews on various websites. The evaluations and observations of users who have been working with the model for more than just a couple of months have the best insights as to the benefits and possible shortcomings of each model. While there are mean different capabilities and features, you will need to weigh your purposes and level of use against the additional price.

Our Winner
After carefully examining a variety of machines to spend money on, we decided the
BROTHER XR9500PRW is the winner. It is our #1 choice for function, quality and savings. That’s why we choosed this model as the main image for this review article!

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