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SINGER 14T968DC Professional 5 5-4-3-2 Thread Capability Serger Overlock Review



The Singer 14T968DC is a high-tech serger with plenty of versatility – So much so that you can use them as a type of exclusive professional machine for your works. It gives off a 5/4/3/2 stitching configuration, while incorporating a whole host of stitching techniques. It provides plenty of accessories and changeable components to make a very fast contribution. This will make your current projects as customizable and comfortable as possible. The 14T968DC is a serger that’s definitely worthy of usage, especially in regards to the most important kinds of sewing techniques.


This serger has the ability to produce over 1,3000 stitches every minute. It comes in a white color, and the body is crafted from metal plastic. The serger contains a 25-year warranty, which includes the manufacturer’s defects, two years of electronic components, and 90 days encompassing the labor and parts of the serger itself.

The 14T968DC contains a 5/4/3/2 stitching ability to guarantee the best kind of stitching, along with its rolled hems, cover hems, and chain stitches. It’s got a color-coded threading system feature that includes easy-to-read diagrams. These features both make the concept of threading twice as easy. The automatic tension control system completely allows for these stitches to keep themselves completely balanced, not to mention, even. The clean pocket is fully attachable, and is meant to keep that working area of yours completely free of clutter, since you can store fabric scraps right into it. The sewing light is supposed to keep the entire area brightly lit.



The 14T968DC includes four kinds of built-in rolled hems that all come with a nice easy-access lever, meant for moving the stitching fingers right into its correct place. There are seven variants of presser feet which you can fully snap on for every purpose, together with an additional high-presser foot lifter meant for giving additional clearance for thicker types of fabric, or multiple layers of one fabric beneath the presser foot.


You can also adjust the stitch’s length and width to keep the seams strong, and avoid the probability of bunching fabrics. The machine’s upper knife can be moved to give the unit the chance to resume its stitching without having to get into someone’s way whenever the fabric doesn’t have to be cut. You can also adjust the serger’s presser foot pressure for pure comfort when you want to work with all sorts of fabrics.


The Singer 14T968DC is a completely versatile machine that has the ability to achieve the most comprehensive kind of home or professional sewing activities. Contrary to other machines, it does give off a broad assortment of hem features and stitching techniques. This particular unit is also unique in the fact that it contains its own automatic self-adjustment tension control system.


Even though the 14T968DC comes in a bigger pricing as compared to other sergers from popular brands, it still boasts plenty of other options in regards to control and comfort. Some of its owners might feel like the serger’s own flaws don’t fit its final pricing. Certain parts of the 14T968DC might either be fragile or too thin, and the device itself (much like with most sergers) can be very tough to maneuver and set up.


But despite all of these shortcomings and flaws, the 14T968DC has some built-in capabilities as well as a changeable type of presser foot, a whole host of additional accessories and changeable stitching controls. All of these features make the 14T968DC a machine that will surely please those who are always willing to save up enough cash to purchase a serger such as this one.


The Singer 14T968DC contains a whole variety of stitches. No matter if you end up using decorative or functional stitches, it still includes all of the necessary capabilities and features needed, so you can finish up plenty of tasks. In fact, the 14T968DC could also work as a cover-stitch serger machine that lets you build a whole variety of seams and stitches for your garments. For its continued focus on functionality and usefulness, this machine is known to be one of the best.


The serger is equipped with a whole number of capabilities and features, including fourteen kinds of stitches. It’s got the ability to utilize up to five spools of thread in one go. You can use the 14T968DC to finish up most of the stitches here. Not only does the serger contain common forms of stitches like overlocks, chain stitches and rolled hems, but it’s also got its own flatlock, a multiple overedge, cover stitches, and safety stitches. Changing up the machine to perform a type of cover stitch will need you to make a quick change in the needles used as well, and re-thread the serger all over again. But it still takes away the need for you to get another serger. The 14T968DC has the ability to sew up to over 1,300 stitches every minute. This helps you finish up your current or upcoming sewing projects as efficiently and as quickly as possible.


The cover-stitching serger gives off a whole assortment of stitching choices. And not only that, it also lets you customize each and every one of these stitches to your liking. You can modify both the width and length of the stitches so that it could fit whatever project you end up working on. You can also change the differential feed that can help you in building or stretching out the gathers found on your fabrics. These same options can help you control how close you prefer the fabric to be on the serger’s cutting blade. With the 14T968DC’s set of automated tension control switches, you no longer have to worry too much about fixing the tension each time you convert the machine to whatever you like. But the model still does have its own set of dials which lets you fix up the tension if you want to do that.


The 14T968DC, much like the other sergers, are fully user-friendly and contains features that all make converting and threading the serger easy for using other kinds of stitches. The serger also includes several other tools that can assist you in regards to threading up the machine. The serger contains a built-in needle threader that can help you thread up the looper’s various parts, together with the color-coded threading paths that aid you with the needles and looping the thread.


The machine lets you fix up the serger, going from one type of stitch to the other in a flash. With the help of a stitching finger and a retractable knife blade, you can also take out those portions easily using knobs. You can fix the machine to nicely secure those fabrics that you have worked with. The 14T968DC’s presser foot has its own adjustment dial which you can either lower down or raise up to the position that you choose. But this presser foot already provides plenty of clearance underneath it.

It’s just unfortunate that this serger doesn’t include a thread cutter or allow for full free-arm serging. Even though these features aren’t considered important, these are the reasons why certain tasks performed with the 14T968DC are very easy to complete. Singer’s sergers all have their own waste catchers that gathers all of the sliced pieces of fabric. Not only does it keep these additional stray pieces of fabric out of the way while you’re serging, it also makes it easy for you to clean up your workspace.

The serger contains a carry handle which lets you quickly move the model around. As you move the serger, you exert plenty of strength. The 14T968DC weighs over 20 pounds in total. But the weight and dimensions of the serger itself cannot be compared to the other machines found inside the lineup.

The 14T968DC contains plenty of accessories that make it seem very versatile compared to other models. The machine initially comes with six kinds of snap on presser feet, all of which can change up the machine so that it can finish its fourteen stitches. Apart from the all-purpose foot, the machine also has its own beading foot, a cording foot, a blind hem foot, a shirring foot, an elastic foot, and a taping foot. Apart from that, Singer has also included  aa bunch of the standard serger accessories: A cleaning brush, a pair of tweezers, needles, spool nets, a cleaning brush, screwdrivers, a dust cover, spool caps, and an instruction manual with an accompanying CD workbook.

Singer always provides plenty of support for their sergers. The company has backed this unit for over 25 years against loads of manufacturing defects. The electronic and electric components of the Singer 14T968DC all carry a two-year warranty, while the labor and parts are covered for over 90 days. Singer’s professional sewing machines and sergers all contain a wide assortment of features, stitches, and accessories that you can freely use when you’re busy serging.



  • The serger doesn’t have its own built-in thread cutter.

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