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SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine Review



The Singer 4423 is a completely heavy-duty sewing machine. It is pretty popular thanks to its quick speed, producing up to 1000 stitches every minute. Despite all that though, you can still use this machine even if you’re still a novice when it comes to basic sewing. Of course, professional dressmakers or sewers can also use this model – In fact, it suits them just fine when they’re all set to create dresses, or any types of fabrics on a daily basis. The machine, much like other Singer sewing machines in the market, is highly easy to operate. If you happen to take a sewing class, then you may have noticed that this model is one of the most commonly-used ones in your class. The 4423 is durable, and even has its own scratch-resistant feature, allowing you to use it for decades.


The 4423 is the intermediate version of Singer’s three previous models: The Singer 4432, the Singer 9960, and the Singer 4411. Both Singer sewing machine models come with a fairly decent amount of stitch patterns and designs. There’s also a powerful motor found inside the machine, which can truly enhance one’s own experience in sewing and stitching. And since the 4423 works fast, you can finish all of your sewing projects before nighttime and still have plenty of time to do your other activities.


It comes in a beautiful box as well as its very own hard-shelled carrying case, allowing you to take your machine wherever you go. This feature actually promotes ease of use when it comes to the machine itself, since you can bring it to sewing class with you (if you attend one, that is.)


And even though it does come with a whole host of wonderful features, a couple of people who have tried out the Singer 4423 for themselves have mentioned that there were a couple of pressing issues found inside the machine itself. For instance, it’s quite hard to use during nighttime, even with the presence of a built-in light bulb since apparently the light itself was still slightly dimmed for their standards. There have also been plenty of complaints regarding the machine’s motor, saying that the machine ran too loudly. Even though sewing machines in general aren’t whisper-quiet in the first place, many owners have discovered that this monogram machine does produce a high-pitched sound while being used. And because of this, the model has been rendered almost unusable during the late hours of the night.

But apart from these nasty drawbacks, the 4423 is still definitely worth buying – Especially if you’re trying to find an excellent mid-range model with excellent Singer sewing machine parts. You can buy it for around $200 dollars, and is available at your nearest hardware store, or on online shops like Amazon.


Thanks to the 4423, you’ll be able to receive all of the ease and practicality, as well as the durability of a good, heavy-duty sewing machine. This is the reason why it’s always a good idea to make an investment with this particular model. Whenever you compare the machine to other Singer sewing machines, or the ones from other brands, you’ll discover that the Singer 4423 has the best kind of sewing speed around, and has loads more stitch patterns and designs than other brands.


The 4423 has an all-powerful motor, an interior frame made from solid metal, and a bed plate made of steel. This is a machine that can pretty much stitch through anything. Features include a needle threader, a drop-in bobbin that has a clear-view cover, plenty of accessories, and a singular-step buttonhole feature. These accessories are: A buttonhole foot, a zipper foot, a pack of needles, a soft-sided dust cover, an all-purpose foot, a button-sewing foot, thread spool caps, and finally, some bobbins. A manual is also included that hopefully answers all of your questions regarding the machine. Its shipping weight is over 17.5 pounds.


This machine is known as one of the fastest sewing machines around, allowing you to accomplish things in only a matter of time. Its bed plate ensures that the fabric you’re using receives equal stitches, and has a smooth feed. There’s also 23 stitch designs, and a one-step button for all of your stitching needs.

Despite the initial amount of negative reviews that it acquired after its first release, a lot of owners still liked the fact that the machine is able to power through at least 1000 stitches every minute, as well as the convenience of its automatic needle threader. The machine’s needle also easily passed through thicker fabrics, like velvet and denim. However, there have been instances where the needle threader actually broke down after the eighth use – And the motor was so close to burning out.



Since it weighs around 15 pounds, the machine is highly portable and easy to bring around with you. Even though there’s plenty of other lightweight sewing machine models found at the store (with most of them serving as kids’ sewing machines), the 4423 is still manageable, allowing you to carry it around with you. It measures at least 15.5 x 6.2 x 12 inches in total, which means it can fit in any decent-sized working space. But even though it’s a lightweight machine, it’s still very durable, and can produce plenty of strong stitches.

When it comes to ease of use, the Singer 4423 comes with all of the features that you might need for faster sewing time. Firstly, this model is a purely mechanical sewing machine –You can navigate through its features easily, as compared to more modernized sewing machines. This can be a huge advantage if you’re only trying to learn how to sew and stitch for the first time.


The 4423 comes with a wonderful dial knob that you can rotate to check out the various types of stitching patterns that the machine can produce.


And another feature that a lot of users will surely enjoy is its automatic needle threader. This saves you lots of time in trying to fit the thread right inside the eye of the needle. This feature will surely come in handy for elderly users. Compared to low-quality designs, you’re only required to push a lever downwards to switch on the automatic threading feature.


The Singer 4423 is equipped with loads of additional features, which is pretty nifty for a machine with an affordable price. These features can throw in a little bit of additional flair to your sewing – All the while enhancing your stitching experience in general. There’s even a lovely bedplate constructed from stainless steel, so you can create even-sized stitches in your projects. The machine also allows you to take a clear view of the top drop-in bobbin. This lets you see what’s going on inside the machine, so you can work on threading at a faster pacing.



And because the 4423 does not include its own working table, it can be very difficult for new users to utilize the machine for bigger projects, especially the ones that require a huge amount of space – Like quilts and blankets. But those who have had plenty of experience with using the machine managed to handle this obstacle pretty well. The machine comes with 23 various types of stitching patterns. You can also use it if you want to do an embroidery project – This includes at least four types of stretch stitches, six types of essential stitches, and twelve versions of decorative stitches.


Along with the carrying case and storage box, the model also comes with lots of accessories. These include a soft dust cover, a zipper foot, a quilting/edge guide, thread spool caps, needles, lint brush, an L-screwdriver, bobbins, and a spoon pin felt. If you’re really into making beautiful topstitches, you might be surprised to know that the Singer 4423 has its own drop-feed that is ready to handle whatever cross-stitching task you ask it to do. Its tension can also deal with nearly every type of fabric out there. Its needle position can also be changed, according to the size of the project, as well as the type of fabric you’ll be working with.



And finally, the 4423 is one of the fastest sewing machines around, capable of creating at least 1,100 stitches per minute. This has the capability of rivalling Singer’s other powerful sewing machines, much like the Singer 7258 or another kids sewing machine. People who have used this machine loved its sturdiness, and the fact that stitching with this machine is so easy, even older children can use it. There are also lots of features that come with the machine, but it doesn’t get to the point where using it can be overwhelming.

Even though there have been plenty of problems regarding the machine, especially when it comesit’s motor, the machine is still capable of producing more stitches as compared to its biggest competition.


Pros: The interface is very simple, and easy to work with. Machine is also quiet, sturdy, and works very fast. We also liked the automatic needle threader.

Cons: There’s only a warranty of 90 days, especially when it comes to its bulbs, attachments, and belts. 

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