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SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Model Sewing Machine Review


The Singer 4432 sewing machine is known to be one of the best and most popular mid-range sewing machines out on the market today. It’s a completely heavy duty machine that’s known for its simplicity and smooth sewing experience in general. It’s one of the better machines out there for both professional and inexperienced sewers. Most Singer machines are known for their exceptional longevity, and the 4432 is no exception. It’s so powerful, it could last for an entire decade – Given that you take good care of it and keep it properly maintained.


The 4432 also contains a wonderfully fast sewing speed and has the ability to bring more than just 1000 stitches every minute. You can also consider this machine one of the best investments you’ll ever make, since you can use it to start your own sewing, clothes repairing, or dressmaking business in case you want to earn some additional cash on the side. The machine contains whatever it is you need for a better and more comfortable type of sewing experience – Including top drop-in bobbins, a drop feed, an automatic singular-step buttonhole, as well as 32 variants of built-in stitching designs. This is the kind of sewing machine that’s perfectly suited to heavy-duty usage per day, and can handle nearly all sorts of wearing and tearing.


The machine has been designed to fit your comfort. It’s equipped with pretty much every accessory that you will ever need to be able to completely finish up whatever big or small-scale project you may have, in just a matter of days, instead of going through weeks or months. The machine’s motor is twice as powerful as compared to other Singer sewing machines by at least 60%. This guarantees pure efficiency and complete ease of use. If you use the 4432 for your projects, the threads in fabrics won’t end up snagging, and the idea in itself could be extremely frustrating for some sewers. Like most of Singer’s sewing machines, the 4432 does have a very solid metal build, with its own scratch-resistant casing. This might not be the lightest sewing machine out there, but also has its very own carrying case for pure mobility.


Despite its exceptional quality, the 4432 has faced its own set of cons. For instance, certain sewers out there have complained about the high-pitched noise that came out from the machine while in use. These sewers have all claimed that the machine was difficult to use at night just for this reason alone. One more downside that has been reported by several users is the lack of a durable working table, which is a staple for most sewing machines. This makes it hard for certain users to work alongside giant pieces of fabrics in case they want to tackle big-time projects like making tablecloths, bedsheets, quilts, or anything similar. But it’s still important to keep in mind that the more inexperienced users out there didn’t really encounter this issue at all, and were even able to solve this problem thanks to the allocated working area.


The 4432 weighs over 15 pounds. This isn’t exactly one of the lightest machines out there, as we have mentioned earlier – But you can still carry it around with you somehow. In fact, there are several people out there who have actually managed to carry the items from one spot to another to sewing class. And when it comes to measurements, the machine measures around 15.2 x 6.2 x 12 inches, giving the 4432 a bit of a compact built that can fit just about any working table out there.

The machine’s box also includes its own carrying case with its very own handle, making it easy for you to move the machine everywhere.


The Singer 4432 is created for both rookie and professional users, it’s very easy to use as well. First of all, the machine is completely mechanical, and this means that it’ll be easy for you to move around through the various specifications without exerting too much effort on your side. For instance, instead of getting you to actively switch through the various stitching designs, much like you would with other sewing machines, you just have to turn that dial knob until you land on your preferred stitch for your project. And with the 4432, you can also gain benefits from at least 32 built-in stitches. These contain 18 kinds of decorative stitches, 7 stretch stitches, 6 essential stitches, and 1 completely automatic singular-step buttonhole.


And naturally, it goes without saying that the 4432 does have its own array of features that are sure to enhance the quality of whatever project you have worked on. For instance, you can gain benefits from a really amazing sewing speed of at least 1100 stitches every minute, all thanks to the powerful motor.

The 4432 is also equipped with an automatic needle thread. This feature is just great for those who naturally struggle with the hassle of having to wind the entire piece of thread around the machine itself. It could come in handy for older people or those who suffer from poor eyesight. You can activate the feature just by pressing down on a lever that immediately inches up the thread straight through the needle’s eye. And what’s more, the top side of the drop-in bobbin comes with its own clear-view cover, so it’s so much easier for you to know what’s happening in the machine. This makes it completely easier for you to just take off and insert the drop-in bobbin while you keep a close eye on the amount of thread that you have in the machine. There’s a completely adjustable stitch length and width. You can control these features with just the turn of a singular dial.

The machine’s free arm feature is also one of its most handy tools, since it lets you reach all of the parts of the machine that are hard to access during delicate sewing processes, including stitching collars, hems, sleeves, and cuffs.

The 4432 has received multiple awards since its launching, which includes the prestigious Women’s Choice Award. Singer is a company that definitely does not disappoint its most loyal clients, thanks to this machine, which is very easy to use. Not only is the 4432 affordable, but it’s completely durable as well. It might not be equipped with as many stitching designs as its other counterparts, but it’s got a very strong sewing speed.

This is a machine that’s completely heavy-duty and is meant for both beginners and professionals. It’s a fantastic sewing machine that costs less than $400, which is already reasonable for something like this. It also carries a strong and rugged design that gives off excellent support for the model’s own mechanisms, which could guarantee skip-free sewing in the future. In short, the 4432 is a workhorse of a sewing machine.

Since this is such a powerful sewing machine, the 4432 can tackle faster sewing speeds, and is capable of producing over 1100 stitches per minute. This is so much faster as compared to the average computerized sewing machine. It provides you with the best kind of results, as well as professional speed.

The machine comes with its own luggage-style roller bag with a collapsible handle. You can bring the machine with you wherever you go, and pack it away once it’s over. With the 4432, mobility is key.

The 4432’s motor is over 60 percent more powerful than the average sewing machine. This lets you freely sew through even the toughest and heaviest fabrics like suede, denim, and velvet. You also won’t have to worry too much about the needle jamming or the bobbin getting stuck in regards to this model.

Main features of the machine include a top drop-in bobbin, a see-through cover, an automatic needle threader, an accessory storage bed, as well as three types of needle positions. Even the most experienced sewers will be happy with what the 4432 has to offer.

Perhaps the only con that comes with the 4432 is that there’s no backlit LCD screen or a built-in memory in regards to this machine. All of the features are fully functional and practical. Even though this machine can deal with plenty of fabrics, in the end, you will need to manually adjust the whole thing since it’s a traditional sewing machine and not a computerized one.


  • Carries a heavy-duty framing
  • Very quick sewing speed
  • Is equipped with its own roller bag
  • Runs on a very powerful motor
  • Comes with plenty of professional features


  • Doesn’t have its own bells or whistles
  • No backlit LCD or LED lighting either

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