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SINGER 7258 100 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine Review


Singer, also known as the Singer Corporation, is perhaps one of the leading manufacturers of sewing machines. It’s one of the handful of companies that only produces sewing machines, and not other types of appliances or electronics. Singer was first opened up in 1851 by Isaac Merritt Singer as I. M. Singer & Co. Joining singer in opening up the company was Edward Clark, a lawyer hailing from New York. Singer has made countless types of sewing machines throughout the centuries. In 1865, it rebranded itself under the name Singer Manufacturing Company, then changed their name once again to The Singer Company in 1963. Its first location was in Tennessee. Meanwhile, it’s first major factory opened up in New Jersey in 1863.


The Singer 7258 is a small, yet highly skilled type of sewing machine. It’s one of the company’s most popular designs. The machine is computerized, one of the first ones of that type to come out in the market. Recently, it was given the award of “Best Buy” sewing machine by Consumer Digest, a popular American magazine. This award was very prestigious, and helped boost the machine’s popularity even more.


The machine comes with plenty of features normally found in Singer sewing machine parts. It has the ability to create at least 100 types of stitches, and you can choose which one suits your fabric the most. There are ten presser feet available with the machine, as well as seven one-step button holes. The machine, despite its small size, carries a heavy and sturdy frame made from stainless steel. There’s also a built-in automatic needle threader, providing easy stitching for hard projects.


The Singer 7258 has its own drop-in bobbin system, and a speed control with its own ‘start’ and ‘stop’ button. You no longer have to use a foot pedal since there’s a feature in the machine that lets you sew on autopilot. You can also program the needle to your liking, switching the pacing and the type of stitch you want for your fabric. A stitch length and width selector is also included.


A tiny LCD screen is located right by the side of the machine, which is one of the biggest upgrades for Singer’s own sewing machines (such as the Singer 4411). An auto-tie off option is included, in case you want to change the look of your stitch from decorative, to straightened. There’s an auto-reverse feature, which you can handily set to autopilot too, if you like.

The Singer 7258 allows you to pick from at least 13 various kinds of needle positions. If you’re new and are still having a difficult time on how to operate a sewing machine, then the Ready, Set, Sew! DVD can surely help you. The machine also has a 25-year warranty, so you can use it for a very long time.


To sum it all up, the Singer 7258 is filled with lots and lots of new features that you won’t find in any of its other models, especially the ones that are highly affordable. Singer has made certain that the machine contains plenty of options to choose from, so anyone will be able to use this. It’s pretty much the perfect sewing machine for kids and sewing machines for beginners.

singer 7258

If you think about it, the 7258 is handy, not to mention very easy to use. Singer is generous enough to include plenty of features in the machine, which newbies will surely like. Starting from its automatic threader to the drop-in bobbin feature with the clear plastic casing and button to either start or stop the machine, those who are new to stitching will surely feel thankful that this machine existed.

singer 7258

Yet another great feature of the 7258 is the speed controller, which lets you use the machine easily without the aid of a foot pedal. This feature is excellent since it lets new users begin their projects at a slower and steadier pacing, right until they’re finally ready to move on to a higher speed. This machine is easy to use. Just push the start and stop buttons, and you’re good to go.

siner 7258 box

There are also plenty of resources and documentation that come with the machine’s box. All of them can be useful to enhance the beginner’s sewing skills. This is especially applicable with the Ready, Set, Sew! DVD. The DVD works as a wonderful guide that allows you to get to know how your machine works, right from its most basic features to advanced ones.

siner 7258 manual

If that’s still not enough, Singer has also included an instruction manual. The manual is fully detailed, and will surely answer all of your questions regarding the sewing machine. Those who want to have a bit of experience regarding the sewing machine’s usage, or the ones who are already experienced, will be able to review their skills with the help of a Quick Start guide. This guide promises to renew your interest in sewing, and will have you heading over to the machine in at least five minutes. According to some users, it has definitely lived up to its promise.

After browsing through the Quick Start guide, you will already learn how to stitch your very first piece of garment in less than five minutes. Those who have purchased the machine beforehand have reported that the needle passes through the fabric nicely, and that the machine barely makes any noise. The Singer 7258is affordable, but runs like a highly expensive machine. You can also try out the various types of decorative and straight stitches (over 100 in total), and they all look great in all kinds of fabric.

siner 7258 review

The machine’s sewing speed detector, together with its stop and start buttons have always captured the interest of most new users, since it’s a brand new feature in a sewing machine, especially in a Singer sewing machine. The placement of these two buttons are highly convenient, and the slider for the speed adjustment responds quickly, and is very consistent as well. This makes it the perfect sewing machinefor beginners, since they’ll be able to understand how it works right away, thanks to these features.

signer 7258 review

And now, let’s move on to the actual test – Is the 7258 perfect for stitching, sewing, and dressmaking? We’re glad to tell you that those who have tried out this machine did not encounter any problems when it comes to the threading, or any other type of performance issue. Every type of stitch came out very smoothly, and a lot of people were pleased with the outcome.

singer 7258

The needle also passes through denim and leather without any problem. People are already having fun testing out this machine, what more when it comes to actual stitching? If you’re a newbie who’s looking for her very first sewing machine to use, then this is perfect.

We also liked the machine’s solid frame, made from pure metal. Those sewing machines made with this type of material are usually  more pricier, such as the Singer 9960 and the Singer One Plus. The frame’s bulky size and weight is actually advantageous in keeping the fabric still as you use the machine, which can come in handy when you’re dealing with tougher, heavier fabrics.

singer stylist 7258 parts

Along with the Brother CS6000I, the 7258 is often the most recommended sewing machine for newbie dressmakers. The two models are also the top American sewing machines in the country right now. Both of them also carry the best kind of customer feedback, and experience. The 7258 carries more types of stitches, but has a weaker motor.

The machine has a top-notch stitching quality, with great motor performance and the perfect Singer sewing machine repair. It comes with its own heavy duty metal frame, and 100 additional stitches for the needle. Not only is the 7258 great to use, it’s very affordable too. This is perfect since it contains all  the features you need in a sewing machine. You can use this both in your own house and with your business.

When you compare this to other popular sewing machines out there, the 7258 still stands out among the competition. It’s the best choice when you’re still trying to find the perfect sewing machine, whether you want to give it as a gift or if you’re set to replace a previous machine.

singer stylist 7258 how to thread

The perfect placement of a stop and start button, together with an accompanying speed control slider, is starting to become a more common feature on plenty of modern sewing machines. When used together, you can sew without the assistance of a sewing pedal. All you need to do is to slide the speed control button to the setting of your choice (which can be anywhere between the maximum speed and slow). Push the stop or start button to begin your sewing.

singer stylist 7258 bobbin

Like most other modern sewing machines out there, the 7258 has its own metal carrying case, allowing you to bring the machine with you wherever you go. The machine itself is lightweight – Another one of its advantages. If you’re a student, you can bring it to fashion school to work on a dressmaking project, or take it to your couture business.

SINGER 725 Parts

The accompanying accessories can be found inside the flatbed’s arm. They already come with your purchase. These include four bobbins (with one already attached to the machine and three found inside the accessory package), a pack containing five needles, an auxiliary spool pin, three spool caps in different sizes, a spool pin felt disc, a seam ripper and a buttonhole opener, a brush for cleaning the machine, darning plates, and a screwdriver for maintenance and needle plate. The 7258 only uses class 15J for their bobbins.

singer 7258 accessories

The machine is accompanied by different types of presser feet, including the overcasting foot, the buttonhole foot, the satin stitch foot, the gathering foot, the general purpose foot, and the rolled hem foot. The most important type of foot for the sewing machine (darning foot and embroidery foot) are already included, so you can immediately try out monogramming or embroidery with a free hand.

Singer 7258

Machines that contain the option to remove its own feed dogs are actually allowed to perform embroidery lines and free-motion quilting. However, the right foot is still required for usage. Embroidery hoops are available to hold on to your fabric, which also helps you do any type of free motion stitching.
The 7258 has at least 100 different types of stitches, similar to the Singer 4423 model. This includes six styles of one-step buttonholes, so you’ll be certain that it can have loads and loads of options when creating big projects. There is also a set of built-in stitches. This can help you truly understand the various kinds of sewing you can do with the help of the machine. Product descriptions, normally found in DVDs, manuals and boxes, can help you figure out how the machine works, and teach you more about its features. The set of built-in stitches can also help you solve your dilemmas.

When purchasing your first sewing machine and picking the correct set of stitches for your clothes, there are plenty of things you have to think about first. Normally, this process takes plenty of time, and you really have to think carefully before making a final choice. That’s because after you have made your selection, you will no longer be able to include more kinds of sewing stitches. You’re stuck with whatever it is you have chosen. Accessories and operating buttons for the machine are expensive, but you can still learn to use the machine without them, or just purchase a cheaper counterpart. Built-in stitches are stuck forever with the machine, so you must choose wisely. If you are purchase a sewing machine that doesn’t come with your desired stitches, you cannot sew a line of your preferred fabric using the machine.

Good thing the 7258 comes with its own set of sewing stitches. Not only can these define the various kinds of sewing you’ll be doing, you canalso fix and stitch thousands of garments using the same sewing stitches. A product description is also available to figure out which stitch you’re using, but a diagram is already found at the side of the machine.

Pros: Has a nice build, and creates smooth and even stitches. It also operates quietly, so you won’t be bothered with too much noise. It has plenty of features, including the start and stop buttons, speed control, up and down buttons, and top loading. Perfect for those who are starting out.
Cons: Despite it being automatic, you still can’t adjust its presser foot pressure. The stitches only measure five millimeters, with a maximum of seven millimeters.

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