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SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine Review


The Singer 9960 is a machine that contains at least 600 variants of stitching patterns. It’s also got an adjustable speed setting that allows the machine to produce around 850 stitches every minute. Because of this high production of stitches, you are able to finish up projects in a much more efficient and quicker way. The amount of stitch patterns that the 9960 carries is quite impressive, if we may say so. It’s twice the number of the next highest stitch varieties, found inside the units of plenty of other sewing machine reviews on the Internet right now.


The 9960 contains loads of features that can assist you with the same amount of efficiency mentioned earlier. With the help of an automated thread cutter, a tension control and needle threader, you can practically sew through your projects without the need to stop or cut off the thread, or even change the tension. It also has its own automatic bobbin winder which can come in handy before you tackle a major project. This feature has the ability to wind up that bobbin quickly, right back into the thread needed for your upcoming project.


This machine contains lots of features that can help you create your own clothes, or even open up your own clothing boutique. If you want to attach buttons to your search, you can pick from at least 13 types of buttonhole styles. You can affix these buttons with the help of a one-step operation that can be attached easily to any style you choose. The 9960 can use two needles in one go – A feature unique to most monogram machines. Each time you make clothes, you can connect one of the two needles to the machine to build uniform hemlines. You could also change up the stitch’s length and width manually on your projects, to attach the item style you’re building up.


These sewing machines are not meant to be portable – It’s got pretty big dimensions, and weigh a hefty 20 pounds. Its throat measures a good six inches, which is technically too small to be used for quilting as well as bigger projects. The machine boasts an LCD computer screen that can show you the available stitching patterns, alongside its length and width. The screen will also show more information regarding your current project, together with error messages in case you fail to use the machine correctly.


There are a couple of design features found on the machine that can help you with your project. Instead of just handling the machine using a foot controller (typical of the standard sewing machine), the Singer 9960 contains both a start and stop button. Whenever you use the machine’s hand controls, you can modify the stitching speed to match your own pacing.


The machine contains a bunch of smaller features that are sure to assist you in handling your sewing projects – One of them includes a drop-in bobbin feature. You just have to put in the bobbin right inside the machine, and leave a bit of thread right outside of the casing. This process is much easier to do as compared to using a standard bobbin, since you can see where the thread is going. A sewing light is also available to help you work on your project while staying in a dimly-lit area.


Aside from that, you can change the machine for some free-arm sewing by taking out a small portion of the working table. If you do so, you will be able to sew through those areas that are hard to reach, or move quickly through different types of fabrics. The machine also has its own set of adjustable feed dogs, so you can detach them if you want to sew in any direction you choose without restrictions whatsoever. This is a feature that’s excellent especially if you’re into quilting. The 9960 is equipped with an extension table in case you plan to work on bigger projects.


Despite it being one of the most user-friendly sewing machines out there, the Singer 9960 is accompanied by a huge assortment of accessories that can further assist you in completing your more advanced types of sewing projects. For instance, there are 19 forms of presser feet – And they’re also compatible with other types of presser feet from other machines. The 9960 has a needle set filled with needles of various sizes. Smaller needles that come with the set are suited for working with delicate fabrics, like cotton or silk. Meanwhile, bigger needles are meant for thicker fabrics like denim and leather. You are free to interchange the needle set in case they need replacing.


Apart from the needles and feet, sewing machines also have your usual standard tools for sewing projects and Singer sewing machine parts – Seam rippers, screwdrivers, spool caps, cleaning brushes, and the like. Both cleaning brushes and screwdrivers can help you maintain the quality of the machine itself, and prolong its life without taking it to the repair shop or maintenance.


The 9960 also has its own dust cover and a carrying case, to protect it from surrounding lint or dirt which can potentially damage the machine’s inner parts. You no longer have to bring it to the repair shop regularly.


Whenever you make an investment in a sewing machine like the Singer 9960 or even from other brands like the Singer 4411, the warranty is something you must consider. The 9960 contains three types of warranties made for each specific part of the machine itself. First, there’s a 25-year warranty for the machine’s head, the second is a five-year warranty for the motor, wiring, light assembly, switches, speed control and its accompanying electronic components, and a year-long warranty made for its rings, bulbs, attachments, belts, and adjustments.

Thanks to the many functions and attachments that come with the 9960, you could probably use a bit of help in learning how it works, in case you want to finish up specified tasks. The Singer 9960 includes an instruction manual – A digital version is also available in PDF format when you visit the official Singer website. The site also has an FAQ portion so you can get assistance in troubleshooting your machine. Unfortunately though, you won’t be able to find any videos online on how to use the 9960 properly – You just have to rely on community forums or the manual as a guide. You are free to call up or send an email to the Singer website for customer support.

The Singer 9960 carries an intuitive design, making it one of the best sewing machine options for rookie sewers, along with the Singer 2263. But at the same time, the 9960 is ready to be used by professionals too – They can easily take advantage of the machine’s most advanced features, which can help them complete intricate or large projects. The ability of the machine to make anything work for the sewer is one of the reasons why the Singer 9960 is one of the best sewing machines out on the market today. In between its accessories, tools, and customizable stitches, this is a machine that fits all of your wonderful sewing needs, and so much more.


The amount of stitching patterns inside the machine provided by the machine is already enough for to make it stand out amongst the competition. The 9960 is highly flexible and versatile, thanks to its plenty of incalculable features. The machine also has the ability to give error warnings audibly – You can activate and deactivate the audio at whatever time you want. Thanks to this Singer sewing machine, you no longer have to adjust the length and width of the stitches that you want for the project – The machine does it for you (another sewing machine with the same feature is the Janome Magnolia 7318). Perhaps what’s really important here is that the lights utilized by the machine itself are so much brighter as compared to other sewing machines encountered before.


The 9960 works finely without the aid of a foot pedal – Making it perfect if you have arm or leg problems; All of the necessary accessories already come with the machine. The 9960 can work through 600 stitches every minute, making it excellent for plenty of sewing types out there – No matter if you want to use it for basic stitching or decorative ones too. Sewing machines such as this one contain their own thread cutter. Apart from those features though, people will surely enjoy what this machine has to offer, since you can even get it to work and sew all by itself. You can work with this machine in low-lightened conditions, since the machine’s light is bright enough to decently illuminate a dark room. Singer has also been kind enough to fill a machine with thirteen types of buttonhole designs.

Pros: Can practically sew through anything. Motor is whisper-quiet. The machine can sew smoothly and create straightened stitches. So many stitching options, you’ll probably run out of options here. Lovely LCD background. Comes with an extension table.

Cons: Slightly loose bobbin cover comes off quite easily. No knee lifter available.

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