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SINGER Futura XL 400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review


Are you looking for a nice embroidery machine? One that really stands out from the crowd? We decided that our handheld sewing machine just wasn’t cutting it anymore. We had multiple choices to choose from – the popular Brother sewing machines, like the Brother PE770  and the Brother CS6000I, but after doing our research, we decided to go with the Singer Futura xl 400 for a variety of reasons. For starters, we really wanted a sewing machine that had an embroidery field that was bigger than the one we currently had. During this search, there were a large amount of sewing machines that we found, but many of them looked like they were for those individuals that were new to embroidery or sewing. Looking at the various comments and reviews in regards to the Futura xl 400, this machine had the features we had been looking for.



When it comes to this machine, there are so many pros – take a look:

Big Area

The XL-400 is a good sewing machine that brings out a bigger embroider area of 10x6 inches. There’s an option to go 20x12 inches by multi-hooping, which we find quite useful. We have tried to do a manual alignment, but we can’t get close to it, regardless of how long we try. The alignment tools with this machine makes it so that it is easy to align. This machine also has a nice deep throat, which makes it so that larger items can be rolled up underneath the sewing machine. The previous machine we had wasn’t anywhere near as deep, which made it hard to do something as easy as sew shirts or even embroider them.

Speed Controller

On the XL 400, there’s a speed controller. This speed controller makes it so that the speed at which you embroider can be slowed down from the maximum speed, which is a good idea. We were looking for something like this for when we are working with delicate fabric. For some fabric, we felt as if going at a speed of 350 stitches per minute was a bit too fast, so being able to slow the speed down is a major bonus.

No LCD Screen to Deal With

On this machine, you’re not going to find any fancy LCD screen, but to us, that isn’t a big deal. The stitch selector area has LED’s over each stitch and when you have the machine in embroidery mode, the LED’s act as the indicator for things. If you overthink this option, it may sound like a bad idea, as the LCD would only cost a little bit extra. You have to hook this machine to your computer every time you’re stitching something. The software you have on your PC is responsible for controlling the machine, instead of the machine being able to control itself.

The Embroidery Area

We feel the need to mention the embroidery area again. The large embroidery area is a major bonus. This just so happens to be one of the embroidery machines with the biggest embroidery area currently on the market. Due to the large embroidery area, you’ll be able to work with a large array of different types of fabrics, without having to put a lot of hassle into it. This includes, but are not limited to, bathrobes, tablecloths, curtains and so on. With those thoughts in mind, I tis fairly easy for many users to use this machine to run their own home-based business. Due to the wide embroidery area, you’ll no longer have to hassle with constantly rehooping in order to finish the project at hand.

Ease to Use

The computerized option could make it a tad bit harder to use than other models, especially if you’re not very computer savvy, but personally, we liked this option. The computerized version can be easier than manual adjustments, because you can control most of the functions through a quick swipe. Looking at reviews, we found many individuals that explained how easy it was after they got the hand of it – the machine really is easy to navigate through.

The multihooping capacity is another feature that helps embroidery projects. The work table has a large amount of room, so you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable while you’re working on your projects. Due to the bigger room, you can work with larger fabrics, easily. This way, you won’t have to hassle with repeatedly cutting through or rearranging fabrics. This options saves you time.


Despite it a, even with the big embroidery area, the machine alone is fairly compact, making it so that you can put it on almost any table you desire.

Other Features

There’s some other features on this machine that don’t really matter too much to us, but they may matter to some of you. There’s the auto-tension and the quick threading of the machine, which can come in handy. We also found that you can change out the feet of the needles, which is pretty cool.

Along with being able to use this machine as a sewing machine, you will also be able to use it as an embroidery machine, which is something we really did like about it. This machine comes with a total of 125 embroidery designs built-in, which in our eyes, is more than enough designs to work with. Can you imagine all of the different projects you can do with this many embroidery designs? If 125 embroidery designs aren’t enough for you, or if you simply have a particular design you would like to use for some reason, with this machine, you have the ability to upload more designs to this machine due to the USB compatibility. The first week we used this machine, we uploaded our own design with ease. 

Apart from all of these different embroidery designs, you also have 30 sewing stitches built in – this many sewing stitches will definitely add variety to the sewing features. There’s a wide array or free accessories that you can benefit from, like a pack of extra needles, satin stitch foot, several sizes and types of embroidery hoops, auxiliary spool pins, scissors, embroidery foot, USB cable, an all-purpose foot, thread spool net and the likes.

With the USB compatibility, when you use this, you will be able to personalize and edit your designs straight from your computer, then upload the designs to the machine with ease.

Look at the extra accessories that comes with this:



Like every sewing machine, regardless of how good it is, the XL-400 does have a couple of setbacks that we feel we need to mention. For example, looking at reviews, we find people that complaint about the built-in light being a bit on the dimmer side. This prevents them from using the machine during the night.  The computerized feature is another complaint with this machine – some people found it difficult to navigate through the different features on their PC, but personally, we didn’t have a problem with the lighting or the computer.

No Automatic Thread Cutter – On this machine, there is no automatic thread cutter, which is something we would really like.  For a machine that costs this much, we feel like that is a major oversight, because even out little $100 machine had this. It wasn’t until we got this machine that we realized just how important an automatic thread cutter was.

Using This Machine


When you first take this machine out of the box, if you’re like us, the first thing you’re going to realize is just how heavy it is. Luckily, we have a sturdy table to put this machine on, so we didn’t have a problem with the extra weight.

The embroidery module that came with this machine can easily be attached and once it attached, it is surprisingly sturdy.

After installing the software on our PC, our computer recognized the machine as soon as we hooked it up. We didn’t exactly keep up with the time when we unboxed it, but it was about 30 minutes from when we took it out of the box to when we were ready to do our first project.

Here’s a picture of the disc that comes with the machine:


Here’s a picture of the box:



If you are currently on the market for a good sewing machine, while there are many great machines out there that you could get, we highly recommend the Singer Futura xl 400 for all of the right reasons. Sure, it may have a couple of cons, like no automatic thread cutter and the lighting may be a bit on the dim side, but all in all, we believe this machine is well worth the price and wouldn’t want any other.

Singer     $500+

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