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Singer Patchwork 7285Q Sewing & Quilting Machine Review


Nearly everyone wants to find the best kind of sewing machine meant for quilting, and it’s not really that difficult to find out why. Each time you’re serious about quilting, you might want to acquire a very useful object that can make the task much quicker and easier as well. But this isn’t always easier to do especially manually, which is the main reason why sewing machines and sergers were invented. These machines will make it so much simpler for you to acquire whatever it is you need, and get it finished right away.

The Singer 7285Q is perhaps the best kind of quilting and sewing machine for those who are looking for a top-notch machine to fit their needs. Singer’s line of sewing machines are always the best for quilting and patchwork, and it’s probably the best kind of working tool as well. The general look of the machine might seem basic, but there’s still some sort of actual quality to it.


The machine carries a very strong build, and is mighty impressive as well. You won’t have to go and find yet another machine at the store, since the Singer 7285Q can handle whatever it is that you want it to deal with. This is actually excellent for both newbie and expert sewers, and it’s highly cost-effective as well. The cost-effectiveness of a machine might not be one of the things you consider while searching for the perfect sewing machine, but it’s actually one of the more important aspects of it.


The 7285Q is a Singer Patchwork sewing and quilting machine that’s meant for both experienced and brand new quilters. It’s got loads of features including 100 kinds of built-in stitches, six types of completely automated single-step buttonholes, 15 types of quilting stitches, an automatic needle threader, a top drop-in bobbin, and an automatic stitch width and length. All of these features will ensure that you are set to build plenty of one-of-a-kind fabrics in no time at all. If sewing is still a brand new concept to you, then the ‘start’ and ‘stop’ push buttons, together with the electronic speed control that are both meant for use without the aid of a foot pedal will surely make you feel at ease with how the machine works. In regards to those who have had loads of sewing experience, creative elements such as programmable upside/downside needles, an extension table for handling bigger projects, and four variants of bonus quilting presser feet are all there to give you plenty of advancements in regards to building quilts and decorative topstitches.


The features that come with the 7285Q are:

An automatic needle threader – Perhaps the machine’s biggest timesaver in general. This is a feature that makes threading the eye of a needle both easy and fast.

Variable speed control – This feature lets you quickly adjust the maximum amount of sewing speed

Six types of fully automated singular-step buttonholes – This is a one-step process that builds the most balanced kinds of buttonholes in fabrics.

One endless buttonhole – You can build buttonholes that come with longer sides.

100 types of built-in stitches – In total, there are nine essential stitches, six types of quilting stitches, eight stretch stitches, seven buttonholes, and 61 decorative stitches.

Bonus quilting accessories – There’s a foot that measures 1/4, a walking foot that doubles as an even feed, a satin stitching foot, an embroidery foot, and a darning foot.


Programmable needle that goes downwards and upwards – You can program this needle to stop going up to the topmost position of the machine. This makes it quicker for you to take out that fabric from the machine. You can also program this needle to stop going to the downwards positioning, which is the best spot for appliqueing, pivoting, and quilting.


Automatic stitch width and length – The perfect setting for stitch width and length are set right away, but you can still override them to provide your project with a more personalized form of sewing.

The 7285Q also comes with its very own extension table, giving you a bigger space to work on (which is especially important since this is a quilting machine after all). You can also use the same area for home décor sewing, or even when you decide to handle a much bigger project apart from the previous two.

Canvas cover with extension table pocket – Make sure to keep your machine and table free from dirt and grime.

Eleven kinds of presser feet – This includes bonus quilting feet which could probably increase the amount of quilting and sewing possibilities that you may have.

A start and stop button – Remove the foot control, then click on that ‘Start’ button to get the machine working. You are still in complete control over the general speed of the machine – All you need to do is to slide the Speed Control Lever to the speed that you have chosen.

Heavy duty metal frame – The full rigid support can hold in all of the mechanisms in total alignment for full durability and skip-free sewing.


Horizontal threading – The best kind of quality stitches always start with the correct delivery. Putting in the spool of the thread in a horizontal positioning allows the machine’s feed to take in the thread more evenly. This also lessens the poor amount of stitching formation, and the possibility of the thread breaking into two.


Center Zigzag Taper – When you taper a piece of fabric and use the zigzag stitch, the stitch will taper towards the center of the fabric, and not to the right or left side. This particular feature is very important, especially when you’re in the process of appliqueing, since it gives you with a much more attractive look to it when you taper right into or out of the fabric, coming from a certain point.

Automatic presser foot pressure control – The amount of force that is placed into the fabric using the presser foot against the feed dogs has been automatically changed. You can sew from the lightest pieces of fabric tricots, up to the heaviest types of denim or leather without having to make a bunch of changes.

Automatic tension – This is a system that guarantees perfect quality stitches no matter what fabric type you use it for.

Automatic locking stitch function – This feature lets you tie off both utility and decorative stitches just by pushing an auto lock button found on the machine. There are three kinds of small tacking stitches that guarantee stitches and patterns, to stop the thread from unraveling too much.

Extra-high presser foot lifter – This could be a huge advantage when you plan to place several layers of thick fabrics beneath the presser foot.


There are also thirteen types of needle positions in the machine. You can change these in case you want to tackle on individual projects, including inserting cords, zippers, or topstitches. The stitches that you have purposely selected for your project can be assigned for a maximum length of over 7 millimeters. This builds attractive decorative stitches on delicate fabrics such as satin.


The machine’s free arm feature gives off the best kind of results and gives you quick and easy access to pant hems, collars, cuffs, and those other hard-to-reach areas. The automatic reverse function lets you push that conveniently-located button on the machine, allowing you to sew in reverse and bring in those stitches.

The 7285Q carries a maximum sewing speed that is capable of producing over 750 stitches per minute. This allows you to finish up those projects very quickly. You can place accessories right inside the removable sewing table, which is conveniently placed inside the machine.


You can quickly change loads of presser feet without the help of a screwdriver.

The standard accessories that come with the 7285Q include: A purpose foot, a buttonhole foot, a zipper foot, a blind hem foot, an overcasting foot, a gathering foot, a rolled hem and narrow foot, additional needles, a bobbin (15J), a spool pin felt, an auxiliary spool pin, a screwdriver, a darning plate, a lint brush, and a seam ripper. Other accessories include an extension table with canvas cover with its own exterior pocket, a power cord, a foot pedal, and an instruction manual.

There’s a limited 25-year warranty which includes over five years of electronic components, and a year-long adjustment.

Singer’s line of sewing machines come with an automatic needle threading feature, as well as a top drop-in bobbin. This could potentially stop any sticking from occurring, and it’s definitely one of the easiest machines to use overall. The 7285Q is well-liked by many people, and it’s highly appealing to so many individuals too.

The perfect sewing machine, which has been designed solely for quilting, must have the ability to provide the best quality beyond whatever it is that people are familiar with. The whole thing has to be completely versatile, so that it can work daily as the average sewing machine, but still be able to handle tasks like quilting.


  • Wonderfully smooth sewing
  • Has a needle down feature
  • Contains back-stitching feature
  • Comes with a walking foot and a quilting foot
  • Has its own extended table


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