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Singer Sewing Machine Model 8280 Review



If we’re being honest here, if you’re a person who’s inexperienced or fairly new to sewing, then the Singer 8280 is the excellent choice. Not only is it easier to set up, it’s also very cheap – Costing at least $199 in online stores like eBay and Amazon. You can sew up buttons quickly and easily in only four steps. There are also eight stitches which you can use in your future sewing projects.


Because the 8280 is a machine used by rookies, you might attempt to start sewing everything you want without checking out the tension of the thread, or even its feed height – This is a mistake made by most inexperienced sewers. Since the thread gets jammed up eventually, or why the lower thread has managed to appear on the other side of the fabric, you will soon want to find out why stuff like this happens.


The 8280 is also a good sewing machine to use for practice, when you’re still trying to learn how a sewing machine works. This includes adjusting the tension, the various kinds of presser feet, the feed height, and so much more. There are so many brands and variants of sewing machines out there – Pick the one that you love the most with a reasonable price, especially if you’re still new to the wonderful world of sewing and dressmaking. And as you become an expert later on, you could upgrade that Singer sewing machine of yours and get one with more functions and parts.


The average Singer sewing machine model is very durable, and it’s one of the reasons why this brand is so popular. Other brand of sewing machines, such as the Juki TL2000Qi, have the tendency to become fiddly the more you use it – Especially in regards to placing the most simple attachments, including button holes and zipper feet. But with the 8280, everything just falls into place. This machine is highly intuitive – Everything is already placed where you expect them to be. This is actually true if you use this as both a newbie or someone who has had decades of experience in sewing, There aren’t too many additional features found here, so it’s not exactly capable of doing everything that a modernized sewing machine can do. This isn’t a computerized sewing machine either, however, this could be an advantage for some. No fancy stuff is found here, as compared to modern sewing machines.


Don’t expect it to deal with all sorts of fabric. If you plan on sewing through several layers of fabric, or a thick layer of denim or velvet, then you might want to switch to another machine for that.

Those who have tried the Singer 8280 for the first time were rightfully impressed with how smooth the machine ran – It definitely suited their needs, and is fit for someone who’s only learning how to sew for the first time. The machine’s foot pedal control is just right – Not too heavy and not too quick either.


The manual that comes with the machine can help you troubleshooting the machine, or how to solve common sewing machine problems such as thread jamming or bobbin jamming. It also teaches you the basics of learning how to operate a sewing machines, the various stitching patterns that come with the machine, and what kind of needles should you use for every fabric, etc. The manual can also guide you one step at a time through usage and setting up. Follow the instructions made specifically for threading and bobbins, so you can get the idea of how the machine works. The Singer 8280 is recommended for rookie users, and small DIY projects. It is not meant for quilting or heavy duty repairs.


The Singer 8280 is an easy-to-use sewing machine that has been created to give off excellent value for its home users. It’s super durable thanks to its brand name.


The machine includes eight built-in stitches, an automatic needle threader, and a four-step button holder. Stitches produced by the machine measure up to five millimeters. A front load bobbin is included in front of the machine. There’s a free-arm option for convenient sewing, and in case you want to work through those areas. Three needle positions are included inside the machine, along with a built-in storage casing.

The 8280 is very easy to use. It’s been conveniently made to give great value to most homeowners. It’s also got a highly durable build, especially considering its purpose.


The eight main stitches found inside the 8280 give you the chance to use the right stitching for your projects. It’s also a handy way to sew easily and produce better results. The eight stitches are: Six essential stitches, one decorative stitch, and one automated stitch. Also included is a one-step buttonhole sewing stitch option.


These sewing machines make picking the right kind of stitch for your project very easy – In fact, you can change the variant of stitch you will use in just one step. The stitches all have durable seams that can work on all sorts of fabric, beginning from cotton, denim, woven, and knit.

This machine doesn’t even provide you with too much guesswork – Instead, they create the best and most professional-looking results available. Sewing up buttons is a simple one-step process which could provide you with the best kind of results each and every time you do it. Every side of the buttonhole can be sewn in one direction, resulting in lovely buttonholes.


The 8280 gives you lots of easy threading options that could save plenty of time when it comes to sewing. It makes picking the right stitch for your project a really easy process, and you can even change them all in just one step.

This machine is the type to provide you with the most durable types of seams, made for pretty much all sorts of fabric – This includes denim, woven fabrics, knit fabrics, or cotton.

Despite it being a machine for rookies, the Singer 8280 has a rather heavy build – Created specifically for heavy-duty usage. Another sewing machine with the exact same purpose is the Singer 2263. The machine keeps still, ensuring skip-free sewing. Its sturdy support can hold all of the mechanism in perfect alignment for durability and accurate sewing. And not only that, the free-arm system gives you easy access to collars, cuffs, pant hems, as well as other hard-to-reach areas or smaller areas that other sewing machines cannot access.


Standard accessories with the Singer 8280 include an all-purpose presser foot, a zipper foot, a button sewing foot, a buttonhole foot, an oil bottle for lubrication and maintenance, an L-screwdriver, a seam ripper, a brush, three types of bobbins, a darning plate, a spool holder, and a seam guide.

There are also optional accessories made for the machine – Also known as the six accessories that you have to get in stores: Satin stitch foot, a blind hem foot, an overcasting foot, a quilting and straight stitching foot, and lastly, a hemmer foot.


Pros: Excellent value for the machine, good values, perfect for rookies or inexperienced sewers, simple and easy to use, produces top quality stitches,

Cons: No carry case, Cannot be used by professional tailors or dressmakers.

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